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Luckyscent Parfums Raffy


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  1. D.D. Jackson says:

    I just ran into this brand a couple of days ago.

    Anyone have any experieces with the line or their two scents I now have on my sniff list: Encens Epice and Notte Di Luna? Neither seems to have been reviewed here.

    SOTD: Le Labo, Another 13; Zena likes it A LOT. Me too.

    • Robin says:

      Sorry, the only one I remember is the only one I reviewed:

      Have not tried anything new from this line in ages, maybe even since I wrote that.

      • D.D. Jackson says:

        Thank you, Robin.

        I haven’t read that review; I’ll have to zip over later tonight. I’m making the dogs chicken soup right now.

        The Labo Rose was recmmended to me the first time I wrote to a “Lazy Poll” asking for help. Then I saw a few more referenced here and there.

        … so I just got them all lol :D

        Mostly I’ve been underwhelmed, but it’s been good for me to begin to see the sorts of question to ask and different reactions I have for when I start to sniff “seriously” …which is to say while taking notes.

  2. Omega says:

    Would like to sniff this. Have only tried Chocolat from this line, which I didn’t find gourmand at all and was thinking it would be. Always looking for a carnation scent to try though.

    • Robin says:

      I love carnation too.

      • pyramus says:

        A really good carnation scent makes me go kind of weak in the knees, so I am going to have to order a sample of this when Luckyscent gets it (which I assume they will).

  3. imapirate says:

    I have Il Profumo Vanille Bourbon which I really like. I think it has some orchid in it, which makes it a bit more interesting, but it’s fairly bourbon-y. Not boozy. Not complex, but I remember liking it in the summer more than winter for some reason. The Chocolate Frais is okay, but there a certainly better cocoa scents.
    The Black Dianthus sounds interesting, but I bet it’s the licorice that will be the dominant note.

  4. kindcrow says:

    I saw “Dianthus,” and perked up — I love carnation. I saw “black licorice” and cringed.

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