Tauer Perfumes Advent 2013

Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes is holding 24 days of giveaways for Advent again this year. Why? Because...

It is this time of the year again: Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays, a time to look back to 2013, and to look forward into 2014.

Now Smell This is pleased to host the prize draw for December 1st. Today's winner gets a Tauer Explorer Set, with three 15 ml travel sprays (the winner picks the fragrances). And there will be other prizes every single day for the rest of Advent; just check the Advent calendar page every day to find out how and where to enter.

For a chance to win the December 1st prize, leave a quick comment below telling us your favorite holiday (this holiday, or any other holiday) smell. The very simple rules:

  1. Be sure to use the “Post a comment” box; do not reply to another comment! All replies to comments will be deleted.
  2. Anybody, anywhere, can enter, so long as I have permission to use the email address in your reader account to contact you. If the email address in your reader account is incorrect, you might want to fix it.
  3. If you are the winner and you fail to send me your mailing details within a couple weeks, we'll have to pick another winner.

We'll be accepting comments through tomorrow morning (2 December, around 8 11-am-ish Eastern US time), at which point a winner will be chosen at random. I will announce the winner later in the day. Good luck everyone!

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  1. Deva says:

    OMG! This is a wonderful opportunity! Thank you so much and thanks to Tauer Perfumes as well. I just ordered and received the 5 sample Discovery Set and would LOVE to win the Explorer Set. My favorite holiday is New Years as I find it very optimistic and reviving!
    Ramona :)

  2. johanob says:

    Hi Robin and everybody!
    Hmmm…favorite holiday smell…I live in south africa,and its full on summer over here now.My Christmas is always filled with the smells of gorgeously prepared foods,mostly the smoky sweetness of a summer afternoon barbeque outside.December is also our rainy season,and on boxing day it is rare NOT to have rain…but the smell of wet earth…wet leaves and summer blooms linger long after the rain has subsided.Christmas also smells of suntan lotion and sticky sweet watermelon to quench our thirst on a hot summers’ day…

  3. D.D. Jackson says:

    Robin, What are you doing posting things so early???

    My favorite scent of the day, so why not for the holidays, is Dzing :)

    …I hope I win; I can use a few more samples :P

    Hava great day…

  4. rubyshards says:

    Juicy giveaway! My favourite holiday smell- kitchen wise- is the combination of dark chocolate plus cinnamon plus orange- likely coming straight from my favourite mousse! As far as scents go, Hypnotic poison by Dior is my absolute choice for winter perfumes- thus covering the holiday season too. Thanks for the chance to win this set!

  5. rivercitylizzy says:

    My favorite holiday scent is freshly grated nutmeg–whether in the sour cream cookies that are a family tradition this time of year, or the eggnog I make from scratch just for the winter holidays, the smell of nutmeg immediately cheers me up and makes the season “merry and bright!”

  6. Insense says:

    Wearing HdP 1725 Casanova haha…for today’s holiday it was my pick.
    Never had thought of a fave for a holiday. I’ll remember the coincidence of you asking when i was performing as Casanova. And next holiday I’ll pick it again.
    …oh, wait…next holiday is Christmas…I’ll have to make an exception and wear another, maybe? You tell me :)

  7. relleric says:

    I love the smell of fresh evergreen around the Christmas holidays. Thanks as always for all the giveaways! :)

  8. sjas1962 says:

    Cinnamon!…warm cinnamon brings back a lot of memories!

  9. amberforever says:

    Satsuma peel thrown onto a log fire, definitely.

  10. poodle says:

    I love the smell of holiday baking and cooking. I also love the smell of evergreens and those clove studded oranges that my aunt used to make.

  11. solocha says:

    My favourite smell associated with Christmas is the smell of frankincence and myrrh in church.

  12. Vlada says:

    Pine tree and pumpkin pie…
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. pinkpeppercorn says:

    It has to be the smell of mulled wine at Christmas markets for me :) The feeling of holding on to a warm mug of mulled wine in crisp cold weather brings back fond memories of spending such times with loved ones. Especially precious now that I am no longer living in Europe. Perfume wise my favourite scent is Coromandel, it lingers beautifully in scarves.

    Thank you for organising the giveaway :)

  14. Rappleyea says:

    My favorite holiday smell is definitely the smell of balsam Christmas trees. That smell instantly takes me back to childhood. And hovering in second place is the sulfurous smell of sparklers on the Fourth of July. ;-)

    You have my permission to use the email address associated with my account.

    Thank you Andy!

  15. erycina says:

    My favourite holiday smell is cinnamon at Christmas.

  16. yash says:

    Yay! Andy’s Advent Calendar is back! My favourite holiday smell would be cardammon used heavily in desserts during Diwali( Indian Lights festival).

  17. Gennyleigh says:

    First day of the Tauer Advent Calendar! hooray! My favorite holiday is Halloween which I associate with burning leaves and woodsmoke.

  18. ringthing says:

    Andy Tauer is the most generous perfumer on the planet, I look forward to this every year! My favorite holiday is my wedding anniversary and the scent of my marriage is Coco. Thanks, Andy and Robin :-)

  19. cjj88 says:

    I love the advent calander:) My favorite scent of this time of year was always the smell of my grandmother making gnocchi. From the smell of potatoes cooking to the aroma of the sauce simmering with the tiniest touch of cinnamon. I can still smell it and she’s been gone for almost 30 years. Thanks for the draw and good luck everyone!

  20. nancyjones says:

    Love the new fragrance. Happy Dec. 1st!

  21. AromaX says:

    Love the tradition when the December Holidays season is opened with Andy’s Advent Calender!

    My personal favorite scent of this period of time is bonfire with woods and smoke. Gives the warm and cosy feeling I associate with Xmas time. Oranges and spice would be another one related to the same Holiday feelings.

  22. Parfumblog says:

    My fave holiday scent is Guerlain L’ Instant Magic Elixir.

  23. dx9f says:

    favorite holiday is midsummer.

  24. Simone says:

    My favorite holiday smell is cranberries, pumpkin and sweet potatoes mixed with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves which is really popular at the Thanksgiving Day (U.S.) meal!

  25. dlane1953 says:

    My favorite holiday is Christmas; I love the scent of spices and evergreens and crisp cold nighttime air.

  26. stephenhough says:

    Mince pies, just about to burn, rescued from the oven, crispy pastry, gooey, chewy inside.

  27. Bandit says:

    It has to be the smell of a fireplace stoked with lots of aromatic woods…

    Happy holidays!

  28. Woodgirl says:

    My favorite holiday smell after all these years is still the smell of a fresh evergreen brought inside at Christmas. We were poor as all getout, but my parents always made sure we had a tree – usually a small misshapen one- but they all smelled wonderful. Thanks for the draw.

  29. lucasai says:

    Yay, Tauer Perfumes Advent Calendar has started!
    I was sure you’ll be holding a December 1st draw. My blog is a stop for one of the later days too!

    My favorite holiday scent is not an actual perfume but a smell of gingerbread cookies in the oven.
    They fill the house with a delicious aroma of spices: cinnamon and clove that I love in winter.

    You can use my email address!

  30. bevfred says:

    There are so many wonderful Christmas smells. Fir tree, orange, cinnamon, candles, incense. This post made me realize OK, slow down, enjoy.

  31. carcosa says:

    My favorite holiday smell, for any holiday, are spices. Holidays are best when they have their own cuisine, and I love how spices can be emblematic of it. Thanksgiving spices smell just a touch different than Christmas spices, way different from the spices and flavors of Easter.
    I want to set out to give more holidays their own special meals in my house, and each one will have their own special spices. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  32. zuzu says:

    was waiting for this calendar! thanks for opportunity:)
    i like to smell hermes hiris during holidays on myself…

  33. TallulahRose says:

    Mmmm, my favourite holiday for scent alone is Christmas. The smell of a fir tree, of Christmas cookies baking, and of the goose roasting. As soon as I put on my Fendi Theorema, with its spicy orange, I am right into Christmas.

    Thank you Andy for yet another wonderful Advent calendar to look forward to!

  34. debulition says:

    My favourite smell at this time of year is the smell of mulled wine. :)

  35. Eva K. says:

    Schön, dass der Adventskalender wieder da ist!!!

  36. Nomeda says:

    My favorite holidays fragrance is Puredistance Antonia ))
    Hello Andy :)

  37. dambas says:

    It is still possible to find the smell of roasted chestnuts in the streets of my town during my favourite holiday-Christmas. I love it. If you ask about perfumes, I love to wear Orange Star or LP No.9 in the Christmas season.

  38. forrest says:

    My favorite holiday smell is cinnamon, closely followed by the scent of a fresh Christmas tree…mmm, pine needles.

  39. yvashche says:

    My favorite holiday smell is Pumpkin Spice. I would wear it as a perfume if I could.

  40. dollydagger says:

    My favorite Christmas scent is pine. Since we don’t use a real tree anymore, I use candles to scent the house. It doesn’t feel like Christmas unless that pine tree scent is there.

    Thanks for hosting the draw!

  41. pipscariad says:

    It’s wonderful that you are doing the advent calendar again this year!

    My favourite holiday smell for the festive season is the Christmas tree – coming down in the morning to the smell of pine, and switching on the lights is wonderful.

  42. RusticDove says:

    Oh it’s time for the Tauer Advent Calendar again – squeee! Andy is so generous to do this. There are many scents to love this time of year – citrus & spice pomanders, cookies baking, etc. But my I think my favorite would be the wonderful pine-y, fresh green smell of the Christmas tree. I just wish I could still find balsams, but the firs are good too. And I started a little tradition a few years ago of wearing Wazamba while decorating the tree(s) and house for Christmas. :-)

  43. addictedtoscent says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    I love the smell of pine tree and tobacco during the holiday season!

  44. murOtar says:

    It’s a really nice idea from one of the best houses in the modern art-perfumery. Andy Tauer creates real masterpieces. Thanks for that.

  45. austenfan says:

    My favourite smell is the smell of baking. Lovely to see the advent calendar again. You can use my email address.

  46. olenska says:

    Thanks for this draw. My favorite scent for Yule: the composite aroma that greets the nose when you first open the box in which all the holiday candles have been stored away. Pine, bayberry, cinnamon, apple, beeswax, paraffin.

  47. Gardeniagirl says:

    Wonderful giveaway!
    My favourite holiday smell is gingerbread baking in the oven, that is truly christmas. And the smell of christmas tree – lovely!

  48. ami says:

    Advent and Andy’s advent calendar is back, so wonderful, thanks for the opportunity for both of you!
    My favourite Xmas scents are the Xmas tree, the burning candles and the cookies baking, especially the cinnamon cent. can’t wait to smell them again :)

  49. berglund says:

    Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday, and it has so many wonderful scents associated with it; fir, orange and cinnamon, nutmeg, anything baking in the oven, and so many more. Thank you for this wonderful drawing!

  50. gintaras says:

    My favorite holiday scent is Memoir Man Amouage.

  51. burner says:

    My favourite aroma of Christmas is the slight hint of spice that somehow magically appears on Christmas eve!

  52. Krisztina says:

    My favourite scent is the kitchen and the evergreens. My favourite fragrance is Annick Goutal’s Nuit Etoilee.
    And many thanks for the gifts :)

  53. friede says:

    My favorite holiday scent is citrus and spice, though I spend a lot of time with cookies baking in the house!

  54. Xenia-Mikhailov says:

    My favorite holiday is Easter so I like all the smells of spring – melting snow, first flowers, candles…
    Have a happy holiday season and thank you :)!

  55. FeralJasmine says:

    I love all the traditional holidays that I grew up with, but since moving to an area where Day of the Dead is celebrated, I’ve come to love that one too. A day to celebrate the people you loved who have died is a great way to keep them in memory.
    Sure, you can use my email address!

  56. stinker_kit says:

    I love the smell of all the greens associated with this time of the year. Pine, fir, cut magnolia leaves and even the green sharpness of fresh cut holly and boxwood. Good luck everyone!

  57. spiker says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Please enter me in the drawing.

    My favorite Christmas smell is that of the new Christmas tree, just brought in from the cold and ready for decorating.

  58. Leramoon says:

    Christmas and New Year is probably the most favorite holidays, and I love the holidays joyful anticipation for something fabulous and certainly better … and as better be naive optimist and as since I really want to test a new fragrance Tauer PHI – une rose de Kandahar, I’m already mentally in a positive and confident that this fragrance will be my favourite in these days…

  59. joplinbaby says:

    Christmas has the most beautiful smells. This aura of Cinnamon, caramel, red wine, smoke from the fire place, coffee and fresh baked cakes, the family reunion, the aunt that comes in a cloud of “youth dew”, the stories that they bring with them, the laughs in the other room and the same jokes year after year, all this takes over the place, making this time of year the most cozy and beautiful holiday ever.

  60. angel1974 says:

    My favourite holiday is Christmas:-) , love thhe sent of it, leaves, snow if we are lucky and all the different food scents, the cheese and wine! The best time of the year!

  61. Allyen says:

    My favourite smell is the smell of the fresh snow on a Christmas night. The air seems full of miracles… :)
    Enjoy your holidays

  62. MaKo says:

    I love the Christmas smells of pine tree and freshly baked cakes.
    Thanks for the draw!

  63. cnora85 says:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. My sisters and I gather for our traditional feast (and don’t have to shop for gifts!), and talk, talk, talk. The smell of the roasting turkey and pies baking can’t be beat.

    [I'd be glad to have my e-mail address used.]

  64. Sapphire says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the turkey roasting. Followed by the new live evergreen wreath we just got from the Boy Scouts. Thank you for having the drawing!!

  65. gica67 says:

    Thanks Andy for the wonderfull idea of the advent calendar !
    I am very kenn on your great fragrances and in particular “Incense rosee” and “Air de la nuit maroquen ” are absolutly my favourite ! My favourite holiday is in a quite place with nature around me … a fireplace on …. soft music… a good book and scent of amber , incense around me …… holiday is every situtions that is able to bring to my heart a sensation of peace and relax… and this is my wishes to everyone that will read my post !

  66. tenebrae says:

    L’odeur favorite de n’importe quelles vacances est celle de mon lit je crois, car je dors durant de très longues nuits ! J’aurais besoin de parfumer l’oreiller, ce concours tombe donc à point…

    Favorite smell of any holiday is the one of my bed I suppose, because I sleep for very long nights during this period time ! I need sometimes to flavor the pillow, so this advent calendar is timely…

  67. pamplemousse says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the scent of cookies baking. Sugar cookies, cinnamon snaps, snickerdoodles…I love them all!

  68. nancysg says:

    When we bring the freshly cut tree inside to be decorated, the smell of fresh pine is the start of the Christmas season.

  69. petruccijc says:

    Pumpkin pie!


  70. dannysmom says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I’ve been reading your blog for a while (I am fragrance obsessed), but this is the first time I’ve posted.

    My favorite holiday smell is probably the Christmas tree, but it’s hard to pick just one smell. I have two young children, and we just went to pick out our tree yesterday. That amazing smell makes me think of this season, and I love how you can smell it whenever you walk into the house.

  71. orchlon says:

    Hello giuys at NST and Tauer perfumes. I am from Mongolia and I celebrate our new year usually in February, according to the lunar calendar. This is known internationally as “Chinese new year” which is a misnomer since many Asian nations celebrate it. My favorite holiday smell is the smell of “buuz” which is a sort of a steamed dumpling that we eat during this holiday. If you come to Mongolia during this time of the year, you will smell this meal everywhere since all families cook them for their guests. Thank you.

  72. Diorella says:

    Love the Advent Calendar ! Especially love a fragrant one ;-) Favorite holiday scent? The childhood memory of balsam fir intermingled with the foil-wrapped chocolates that hung on the tree. An eastern European tradition carried over to midwestern household.

  73. YourSound says:

    This is a great opportunity! My favorite holiday smell comes from the tree that You bring into Your home, which mixes up with all the spices and delicious meals prepared those days. While normally preferring kind of minimal perfumes, I love that natural xmas potpourri. Have a great 1st December everybody!

  74. Cynthia says:

    I love the classic holiday candle smell of orange peel and spices. My Nest holiday candles are burning with that scent as I type.

  75. sirena1854 says:

    Holiday season smells like chocolate and tangerines to me… It’s lovely! And my fav holiday is new year’s eve!

  76. Bella2010 says:

    My fave is the smell of a Christmas tree. Thanks for the first chance!

  77. hinez says:

    Frasier firs accented by the melancholy of deciduous trees,frigid skin warmed by a lovers touch,the wisps of a snowfall and the spring that lies beyond

  78. Favorite? Balsam Fir says “Christmas Tree” to me… any of the conifers but especially Balsam Fir. And orange or blood orange or mandarine, and sweet spices. and just a hint of smoke…there has to be a fire in the fire place. Andy thank you for this contest… I didn’t KNOW you did ‘travel sizes’ and am off to find them on your website. your fullsized bottles aren’t good for traveling…I *need* a travel size ;) BLISS!

  79. Abyss says:

    Hurrah, it’s time for Andy’s Advent Calendar again!
    My favourite holiday smells are all the Christmas smells mingling together – cold air, oranges, traditional spices, Christmas trees,…

    Big thanks for doing this, Andy and Robin.

  80. bakusov says:

    Hello, Andy!
    I am Elizabeth Bakusov.
    Thank you for this calendar, great idea!
    My favorite holiday scent is “Wrappings” by Clinique, for me it is the celebration’s scent.
    I give my permission to use my email address, sure!

  81. Katalin says:

    My favorite Christmas smell the scent of gingerbread …. :)

  82. Alma_matters says:

    My favourite holiday smell is that of mulled wine (with cinnamon, nutmeg and whatnot).
    Have a happy holiday season and thanks for the opprtunity!

  83. 50_Roses says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the smell of the Christmas stollen that I make every year baking in the oven. Thanks so much for this draw!

  84. lilydale aka Natalie says:

    Much as I love the gunpowder tang of Fourth of July fireworks, I’ve got to go with Christmas for its all-star lineup of fabulous smells: balsam fir, warm gingerbread, stollen baking, even the briny pong of Christmas Eve octopus and the inimitable eau de crumbling play-doh ornaments made 40 years ago in preschool! And this might be stretching the concept of “smell,” but I’m also going to count the gentle tingle of champagne bubbles on your nose while you take sip…

  85. Sajini says:

    Sweet! My new favorite smell for the winter holidays is vintage Caron Nuit de Noel. I also burn frankincense like a little fiend this time of year. Ok to use my email. Thanks for the chance to win.

  86. ADAMbergris says:

    Excitement! Thanks to everyone involved for the opportunity. My favourite holiday is Christmas and as it happens during summer here in the Southern hemisphere the scent I most associate with it is sun-warmed eucalyptus…

  87. Vetiveria says:

    Thank you Andy and NST for the draw.

    My favorite holiday smell is a barbecue on the 4th of July. Also, the smell of a full trick-or-treat pillowcase bag on Halloween is magical.

  88. c1951md says:

    A smell I love most at Christmas is the smell of my grandmother’s rum cookies baking!!!

  89. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite holiday smell is gingerbread. My grandmother would make it every year. Brings back memories of spending time with my family.

  90. aylino says:

    My favorite holiday smell is L’Air du Desert Marocaine :-) But I have it, so my three choices would be different if I’ll be so lucky! Thanks for the draw. Best.

  91. Milly says:

    The scents of cinnamon and hazelnut coffee are my favorite around this time!

  92. juicejones says:

    Two really. Diamond’s Dept. Store smelled of Bayberry from pots hidden in the lights. Elegant yet melancholy.
    Burnt sparklers on the 4th still intoxicate. Thanks for this opportunity.

  93. tora says:

    How Fun and Generous!! I adore Tauer fragrances!!

    My favorite Christmas smell is probable the smell of pine and fir.
    coming in a close second would be the pomander balls of orange and clove with orris root powder.

  94. Perfumart says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the one that comes out from my mother’s kitchen, at Christmas, with its typical Portuguese foods: cod fritters, French toast (we call “rabanadas”), lots of cinnamon on the desserts and egg creams venting of the Cookwares.

  95. peacecat30 says:

    I love the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree filling our home at Christmas time.

  96. annsmith says:

    love love new years. the scent of cold crisp air is so uplifting.

  97. kkumma says:

    I’m not really a holiday person, but I surely am a scent person. The most festive and ravishing scent is the candles they burn in church in Greece. The little church in the middle of an small alley in Athens. Every time I visit Athens (and that’s quite a lot) there is at least once a little gathering of people burning candles and blessing and sharing their bread or something like that. The scent of the candles, coffee and the greasy (but so delicious!) fumes from the gyro pita place around the corner. That’s what holiday, vacation and love smell to me!

  98. marta melo says:

    Meu feriado favorito é o meu aniversário pois é um dia só meu, em que faço uma revisão de minha vida e projetos para o futuro. Geralmente viajo, ou passeio só. Assisto uma missa em uma igreja onde nunca entrei, visito locais onde nunca fui e só depois comemoro com amigos. Isso está sempre associado ao cheiro de chuva e de terra molhado pois é o mês de agosto no nordeste do Brasil quando estamos saindo do inverno!

  99. CC says:

    My favorite smell is the spicy tea blend pervading my kitchen during Christmas afternoons…accompanied by some nice sweet as pain d’epices and cinnamon biscuits

  100. Goodman says:

    Thats nice, especially for the start of the christmas period. I have received the 5 sample set from Andy recently. His scents are excellent, but it takes some time to really understand they are special.
    This is a wonderful opportunity to explore more of the Tauer line.
    With this set I am sure not to loose myself in The Air du Désert Marocain.
    Best wishes for everybody.

  101. Lucy says:

    This was so much fun last year! Thank you for doing it again.

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I get the same food, family, and fun and Christmas, but because it is always a four-day weekend, it makes for easier travel plans. Christmas is in the middle of the week this year and my husband’s company is only giving the one day off of work. That means I have to figure out how to travel six hours each way on Christmas day and still spend time with mom and dad. I’m going to be exhausted.

    Oh dear, my page didn’t load properly. After reading everyone else’s answers, I realize I missed the word “smell” and the rest of the post. The answer is pine. I love the smell of the fresh cut pine trees. Sorry, Robin.

  102. FearsMice says:

    Happy Holiday Weekend, everyone!

    My favorite Thanksgiving smell is that of sage in the dressing as it bakes, and for Christmas it’s the sharp fresh smell of the citrus I peel to make ambrosia.

  103. phurstclass says:

    Chanel No 5 in Portugal. Her name was Lucinda, the love of my life.

  104. DKLA says:

    My favorite smells for the holiday season would be: Cocoa, sipping on a spicy tea or black tea during a cold day, baking cinnamon muffins, and the refreshing first breath of the cold, morning air when you step outside (pine, wet grass, etc.).

  105. hajusuuri says:

    What a generous draw and a fitting start to the Advent. My favorite holiday scent, and really practically year round, is Vanilla!

  106. Regina says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite holiday scent is the pine scent when you walk into a house with a Christmas tree inside it. A fragrance I will always associate with Christmas is Calvin Klein Euphoria, because of the time I was gifted one of those Sephora fragrance sampler sets (I know many of you have probably gotten one too from a well-meaning relative who knew you were “into perfume”) and wore that all day. I think it’s a pretty xmassy perfume!

  107. LCT says:

    I love the smell of mulled cider and pumpkin pie. The smell of a turkey in the oven is pretty wonderful too :)

  108. C.H. says:

    Oh, wonderful! We put up our Christmas tree yesterday and now the house smells like a forest of fir trees, definitely my favorite holiday scent.

  109. sylvia says:

    What a lovely idea! Thank you Andy!

    My favourite holiday smell, without a doubt, takes me back to a trip to North Africa. In the evening we would sit outside in the warm air, drinking wine and having a wonderful time…and the air was heavy with the scent of jasmine. Absolutely beautiful!

    Ever since I have loved jasmine as an ingredient in my perfumes.

    Holiday memories :)

  110. allisonbrice says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I love Tauer L’Air and have worn it during the winter season and on Christmas for many years. It really shines and blooms in chilly weather. However, cold weather is now a thing of the past for me, and I’ll need to rethink my seasonal fragrances a little bit. I have a tiny sample of “Noel au Balcon” by Etat Libre d’Orange that might work a little better. Where I live, it’s popular to go to the seashore on New Year’s Eve, for cleansing and renewal. So I’ll wear my favorite marine fragrance, Ecume de Rose by Parfums de Rosine or maybe my tiny sample of Sel Marin by Heeley.

  111. Fontana says:

    My thanks to you Robin for this wonderful draw; the first in Andy’s Advent calendar.

    To me the holiday is the combined aroma of a freshly cut pine tree besides the crackling fireplace as the apple/cinnamon pie bakes in the oven.

  112. irisfreak says:

    I have a garden, so by Thanksgiving I have dried rosemary, thyme and lavender hanging in the kitchen as I prepare the big feast. Those scents mingled with the smell of turkey drippings from the oven make this day my favorite to celebrate.

  113. dominika says:

    My favourite is the scent of the Christmas tree :)

  114. Coumarin says:

    I think the smell of a Christmas tree can’t be beat, but only a live one. Candles don’t do it justice.

    Every year, I say thank you Andy! :)

  115. obscura says:

    I’m so excited for Andy’s advent! My favorite holiday scent is the smell of mulling spices in red wine (gluhwein is a treat I brought back with me from my European travels). Such a heavenly scent! Please enter me in the draw!

  116. AnnieA says:

    Evergreen and when I moved to Vancouver the roasting chestnut stands.

  117. perfumedwaves says:

    The scent of the Xmas tree,of open fires and Xmas cake baking in the oven would be my favorite smells for the winter holidays.And thank you Andy!

  118. ijoezel says:

    i do hope i win this awesome giveaway! my favorite holiday is Christmas. simply because we have a huge feast every year. my favorite holiday smell is the barbecue we’re cooking outside.

  119. silvrolive says:

    My favorite holiday smell is that of sufganiot- yeasty sweet dough fried lightly in oil, dusted with powdered sugar, and filled with tangy raspberry jam.

  120. aswalls2000 says:

    Favorite holiday smell is definitely the fresh green scent of the Christmas tree when you first bring it into the house and it fills up your space. Nothing like it! Thanks to Tauer Perfumes for the giveaway.

  121. d.zahradka says:

    My favorite hollidaysmell ist the warm smell of pines and fresh air from the mediterranien sea…the smell of fresh bread and fresh fruits…and btw i like this Advent Calendar Advantage:-)

  122. ololiuqui says:

    Thanks for this draw and the opportunity to win this great prize.
    I love Christmas the snow the smell of fire and near forest.The smell of pine trees.It will be difficult to choose one fragrance because I like to use many different and I tend to prefer perfumes suitable for the colder months.So most of my favourite fragrances are in rotation in the winter.I would love to have a explorer set with L’air du Desert Marocain and Une Rose de Kandahar for this holliday.

  123. frieMo says:

    I suppose it’s just clean cold air, but the smell of freshly fallen snow is one of my favorite smelles I associate with christmas holidays.

  124. Tativa says:

    Roasting chestnuts and baking cookies of course! Though the church incense is nice when we have to go there.

    Thank you so much for this draw. I saw Marge from Nature’s Gift talk about it, but haven’t ever had the chance to smell a Tauer perfume, so this give away is perfect!

  125. Alice says:

    I love all the smells of Winter and Christmas! Start with a log fire, add cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, orange and balsam; the mixture is wonderful!

    Best wishes to all during this Advent season. Thanks to Andy and all the hosts for the daily gifts you give us reminding us how blessed we are every day through the holiday season.

  126. magmat412 says:

    My favorite scents during the holidays is the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in holiday baking. My daughter and I also love the scent of paperwhites – something always makes me think of the holidays when I smell these flowers!
    I am overjoyed to hear of this giveaway- my new favorite Tauer fragrance is Phi-une rose de Kandahar- heaven!!

  127. jepster says:

    OOhh! I have been waiting for this! Thanks Andy (and Robin) for another year with the Advent Calendar….so generous and in the spirit of the season. My favorite holiday smell is the cold green of pine trees in the snow. But, fresh baked sugar cookies is a close second!

  128. Janet says:

    My favorite smell is cinnamon. The pastries cooking, the candles, ingot cider…

    Happy holidays!

  129. missionista says:

    Thank you, Andy Tauer, for such a generous series of Advent giveaways (again).

    My favorite scent is the smell of my mom’s stuffing on Thanksgiving–butter, onions, celery and apples sauteed together with rosemary, thyme, marjoram and lots and lots of sage (and bread). Heaven!

    But the smell of pine trees at Christmas is a close second choice.

  130. AnnE says:

    I’ve had so much fun reading this post, thank you, Robin and Andy! My favorite holiday is Halloween, and I love the smell of dying leaves being blown around in the damp wind, mixed with wood smoke, candle wax, and pumpkin. I just thought of a perfume-layering experiment: Like This with Seville a l’Aube. Any suggestions on what to add for a touch of smoke? (No incense.)

    I also, like so many, adore the smell of a freshly cut pine tree just brought into the house for Christmas. Two perfumes which always remind me of Christmas are Aqaba and 24 Faubourg. My first sniff of the latter immediately said to me ” new cashmere sweater at Christmastime.”

  131. vdentata says:

    Happy Holidays, all! My favorite holiday scent is pomander – fresh orange, clove, cinnamon and whatever other spices in the cupboard that might be good to roll it in, such as star anise.

  132. Tonygohkl says:

    Yeah it’s time for my favorite holiday of the year!! My fav scent is the smell of pine trees. And does the smell of Turkey counts?

    Thanks for the draw! Good luck everybody!

  133. marcopietro says:

    Christmas scent for my nose is “vin brulè”, when I feel in the air that characteristic aroma of mulled wine rich in spices and orange zest I immediately visualize the snow and the Christmas decorations.
    Thank you Andy for the opportunity to enjoy your fragrances!

  134. Peronel says:

    My favorite holiday is Bonfire Night, a UK holiday held on 5 November. And the smell that I associate with that holiday? Hundreds of bonfires burning and smoking across the hillsides, crisp frosty air, jacket potatoes baking in the fire embers, vats of mulled wine heating and releasing their fruity, spicy aromas …

  135. fatmig says:

    Wow! Any Tauer is the best! Thanks for the opportunity

  136. carlosrafael says:

    My favorite holiday scent is pine. The smell of pine trees and the Xmas season are synonyms to me. Pine tree scents plus some spices in the background, like allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon just make my Xmas.

  137. ckarays says:

    Fresh pine, hands down. happy holidays!

  138. cdaleb says:

    This is amazingly great.
    I have always enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day. Perfect holiday to let you know spring is right around the corner. The daffodils, hyacinths and plum trees are blooming, simply smelling so wonderful. You can actually smell the green in the air from the newly sprouted grass and leaves. Just so refreshing. Only holiday where it is appropriate to drink green beer too and in a weird way, I enjoy the smell of as well. Ha Ha.

  139. audesko1 says:

    I love thanksgiving with cinnamon and spice smell!

  140. gaai says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the smell of being outside on a really, really cold early morning with fresh snow and the wind blowing. That clean crisp scent.
    And then going inside the house, smelling the frankincense and myrrh incense burning while sipping on some hot cocoa with marshmallows.

  141. escritora says:

    My favorite Christmas smell is smell of baking yeast-cake.
    Thank you!

  142. rosetherapy says:

    My favorite holiday smell (and taste!) is eggnog. Yum!

  143. lauraT says:

    Thank you Andy and NST for the draw! I look forward to Andy’s Advent Calendar every year.

    So many lovely scents have been mentioned here, and I do truly love them all! The scent of cinnamon, pine, cookies baking in the oven…. all of these and many more remind me of my childhood, and a happier, more innocent time. <3

  144. jenmeade says:

    Entering for sure! And you may use my email, of course.

  145. frd. says:

    Favorite season is now. Always.

  146. ckw@denota.com says:

    This is my first time to comment on a blog; couldn’t resist because I LOVE Andy Tauer. Christmas brings fond memories of celebrating with my family when I was young- best memories, however, are the ones with my daughters when they were young. Singing, decorating, cooking, etc. I am drawn to pine, cinnamon, frankincense and myrrh. Spiced tea, too.

  147. mhek says:

    Vanila and of course insense.
    I live in middle east.

  148. RUZAN says:

    Adore church smells, particularly incense and myrrhe… :)

  149. Dubaiscents says:

    I love the smell the wood burning stove at my parents’ house at Christmas time. Yay for Andy’s advent calendar!

  150. yukiej says:

    My favorite holiday smells right now are the winter spices-cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and all mixed with molasses :) I am not sure if molasses has a smell, but it sure ties everything together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Joley says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the smell of cinnamon and cardamom.

    You have my permission to use the email address associated with my account.

    Thank you and thank Andy!

  152. Chris says:

    The Advent Calendar is back! Thanks to you and Andy for hosting.
    There are so many smells of Christmas which such wonderful and powerful associations. Cinnamon for Mom, Wool and Smoke for Dad, Coffee and Cookies for the Grandparents, and Fir for the whole family. Happy Advent Everyone!

  153. eswift83 says:

    Thank you for hosting and thanks, Andy, for the draw! My favorite Christmas scent is the fresh evergreen scent filling the house. Cinnamon sticks and orange rind simmering on the stove is a close second. :)

  154. Cymbaline says:

    My favorite holiday smell is…me! Winter goes splendidly with all my favorite “base-heavy” scents, and since it is also the season to socialize they get plenty of wear-time. Speaking of “favorite” perfumes: I have drained my sample of PHI Une Rose de Kandahar and love it so much that I can’t bear to be without it so I really ‘need’ to win. ;)

  155. Milena2424 says:

    I have always enjoyed the smell of tangerine which foretells the Christmas arrival ! !

  156. prism says:

    while i don’t exactly like Christmas (more because it’s so bitterly cold and dark outside), i do love the smells. the food and drinks.

    i also took to wearing Ambre Narguile around this season cause it smells like Christmas to me. i can’t help it, it just smells like Christmas :)

  157. zorka says:

    My favorite holiday smell is orange & clove pomander. Thank you!

  158. Fernando says:

    Holidays often have fantastic cooking smells: a goose in the oven, lobster shells being cooked to make broth, bread baking. But for Advent surely the smell of candles is in the lead, growing slowly from one to four candles in anticipation of the great event to come.

    Andy’s Advent tradition is something really special; thank you for hosting, and thanks to Andy for doing it every year.

  159. Tatiana says:

    I love that Andy Tauer does this year after year at Christmas time. Happy Holidays to all. You have my permission to use my email.

  160. wildchild says:

    Coffee and toast on Christmas day morning, ready to start the day

  161. lmktacwa says:

    Season’s Greetings Andy! I hope you are well! I have not checked back to your site for a while. I wonder if you are still making soaps. I have only a sliver left of the soaps I received as gifts and I love it so dearly I don’t want to use the last bit. The scent is as strong as the day you made it, I’m sure! I am happy to enjoy and share the daily advent of the Christmas season with you in this lovely little contest.
    Cheers to you on this day, and here is to many, many more!! (and soap!) ;)
    Lisa Kasper

  162. janhunter says:

    This time of year, its the vanilla and cinnamon from the cakes and breads. Cherry Vodka/Whiskey for sharing, with friends and relations.

  163. Toyboy says:

    My favorite holiday is definitely Halloween! I love all the spices and pumpkin that autumn provides. I would also like to thank Tauer Perfumes for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. Happy holidays to all!

  164. egabbert says:

    Favorite holiday smells: pine, woodsmoke, pomanders, eggnog, pumpkin pie, onions and celery and sage sauteeing in butter in the morning (the smell of stuffing being made). Happy holidays!

  165. rosiegreen62 says:

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and my favorite scents are roasting turkey, homemade pumpkin pie and the fresh scent of clementine’s as you peel them and the oil perfumes the air. Thank you for your generosity in hosting this annual Advent Calendar. I look forward to it all year.

  166. therabbitsflower says:

    Yay, I get excited for Andy’s advent calendar every year! My favorite holiday smells are pine trees and the way a kitchen smells on Thanksgiving with lots of different dishes being cooked.

  167. mstea1234 says:

    For many years my favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. It was the day of family, food, festivity; the holiday of the most incredible, delectable, smells. The smell of all the ingredients that defined the day; plain spices combined to become the exotic, vegetables sautéing wafting above and then out of the kitchen almost competing for their place among all of the other scents; oysters frying waiting to combined into a cornbread based stuffing of almost indescribable tastiness; turkeys being submerged in vats of peanut oil, the smell of the sweet potato pies, cakes of all varieties co-mingled to manifest a sweetness that is the genesis of my love of all gourmands of any quality. But perhaps, the sweetest of all was the individual sents of loved ones as they came and went; but alas I speak of Thanksgivings of yesteryear; but the day still ushers in the holiday that is of great spiritual significance in my life, Christmas. Recently I have been wearing Bond No 9 Manhattan mixed w/ various scents like Chopard’s Casmir, Bond’s I Love NY for Her, and based on Robin’s review I purchased Riahanna’s Roguee

  168. igorowchik says:

    One of my favorite holiday smells the cranberry sauce that my mom makes for Thanksgiving. I usually put extra when I eat my turkey on Thanksgiving. It also reminds me of the season and the snowy weather to come in December and January. That’s also the time I start drinking lots of hot chocolate on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  169. jirish says:

    My favorite holiday scent is Christmas tree, which is why I can never go artificial.

  170. mobrantley says:

    It’s nutmeg. From the fruitcake cookies to the egg nog, nothing smells like Christmas to me more than nutmeg.

  171. Dalmajen says:

    What a lovely giveaway! My favorite time of the year is Christmas! I love all the wonderful spice smells, that I use for my special Christmas cake. Also, the wonderful vanilla, and assorted scented candle scents. Good luck everyone, and Merry Christmas!

  172. Vicki PW says:

    Andy thank you for this generous draw :-). My favorite holiday smell is the combination of everything from my mother’s holiday open houses; the smell of white wine, candles, puff pastry and even the mingled fragrances of guests. Somebody was always smoking a pipe too. Nice memories.

  173. Sandy1121 says:

    Alas, within my about 30 years of journey in the realm of scents I’ve never had the chance to try any perfume from Andy Tauer – although once I changed some words through the internet.

    I’m curious, that’s all. To the extreme.

  174. Connie says:

    Every 4th of July my family spends about a week in Coudersport, PA- very much middle of nowhere. And there’s one festival called The Barkpeeler’s Convention that takes as its theme the CCC and forestry. It smells of fire, new sawdust, kettle corn, and meadows. And the best biscuits in the world baking on an old stove.

  175. Slaapmuts says:

    Perfumewise it is Fille en Aiguilles, to me nothing else says December! more than this. For other things, I lovelovelove oranges studded with cloves. That smell is so utterly seasonal and delicious.

    I wish everyone a great and loving season!

  176. timNovak says:

    My favorite Christmas smell is balsam fir and beech woodsmoke from an open fire mixed with traces of spiced red wine and cinnamon and tonka from Christmas cookies… and the cold air that is not a smell on its own, but somehow changes the overall impression completely.

  177. jaki says:

    Where I go on holiday in Cornwall, England there is a field full of ferns that leads down to cliffs and a small cove.
    When the weather is warm and windy, the breeze blows off the sea bringing with it a fresh saltiness gathering the scent of the ferns on its way as I sit on the grass , gazing out acoss the ocean.

  178. Kevin5 says:

    My favorite smell is Myrrh. I love to burn incense around this time, and anything with myrrh smells amazing. It really has something serene about it…

  179. phanie says:

    Hello, I have been wearing Zeta over the last couple of weeks
    and enjoy it a lot
    Would love to try the new “Phi Une rose de Kandahar”
    Thank you for the draw : )

  180. Stephan says:

    My favorite beach holiday smell is that of tropical, night blooming flowers, or ‘Manoumalia’ and ‘Le Maroc pour Elle’ for that matter.
    Happy holidays.

  181. MaggieQ says:

    Hello everyone! I grew up literally next door to a catholic church which had a very distinct smell around Christmas. It was a mix of evergreen trees, smoke, incense burning, flowers left at the altar plus an aura of cold stone. Pretty amazing and unforgettable to me. Always comes to my mind at holiday season.

    Thank you Andy for the Advent Calendar!

  182. mough says:

    My favorite smell has to be Christmas tree, but I’m surrounded by a pine forest, so you’d think it wouldn’t be that special. But there is something about a tree IN a house that’s fabulous, the smell. As for perfume, I just discovered Nuit de Noel and it’s my favorite Xmas day scent.
    What a lovely idea, a perfume advent calendar! Andy Tauer rules!

  183. Sujaan says:

    Love the Tauer advent calendar! My favorite holiday smell is by far the Christmas tree but I also love the smells of egg nog with nutmeg, gingerbread baking, and saffron rice.

  184. rosepotpie says:

    I love the spicy scents of cloves and cinnamon that are around this time of year! (and not just from my hot spiced apple cider with bourbon). ;)

  185. Devon81 says:

    This is my favorite time of year so I have a lot of favorite related scents, two of which are church incense and the citrusy-clove perfume of a pomander. I hope this is what Heaven smells like. Thank you for the draw! Andy is such a kind and generous man.

  186. Marjorie Rose says:

    Yay for the Advent Calendar!
    I’m a Christmas girl–love the whole month of December, when it’s done right! :)

  187. jazmin says:

    My favorite is cinnamon, clove, orange, cardamom, honey and gingerbread.

  188. Gerda says:

    Holiday smell – roses in the garden!!!

  189. Blimunda says:

    I love the smell of woodsmoke from my father’s fireplace. And Malle’s Noir Epices. And a fab campari cocktail. x You have permission to use the email address form my profile. x

  190. frauzorro says:

    cumin – incense – cinnamon -jasmin
    while strolling through narrow streets and markets in middle east

  191. Ajda says:

    What a wonderful opportunity, thank you! My favourite holiday smell is the smell of mulled wine.

  192. pss says:

    Sugar cookies, fresh from the oven!

  193. I love the smells around Halloween- leaves, bonfires ,steaming cups of tea…

  194. zed says:

    The smell of incense is one of my favorites in this time of the year. Warm, secretive, elegant.

  195. skye says:

    I love Christmas and the smell of pine and snow (eucalyptus or peppermint). Thanks Andy!

  196. finanna says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway& advent calendar!

    My favourite holiday is Christmas and I love most the smell of gingerbread dough. I was making a batch yesterday and the smell of syrup, butter, cloves, ginger, allspice and cinnamon warming up in the saucepan was so wonderful that I couldn’t resist throwing in a little bit of vanilla seeds. It was the best batch ever (it’s a miracle that I didn’t eat it before baking):)

  197. PremierT says:

    I love the Tauer advent calendar! Glad to participate in this one. My favourite holiday is Christmas and my favourite smell a wood burning fire. Happy December 1st to all :)

  198. lilyboy says:

    thanks andy & robin

    pine smell!! pine/balsam, pine/cedar, polo green (as an ambience spray) and so on :))

  199. Bejoux says:

    Hi what a great way to start the holiday season! My favourite smell of Xmas is the smell of cinnamon spice cookies baking – it reminds me of my mother and my sister who were both great bakers! The smell used to fill the house and make everything seem warm and cosy.

    Best wishes to you all – especially Andy!

    Bee xx

  200. Scentiment says:

    Hi, this is a great giveaway and you can use my email. My favorite holiday scent is the smell of freshly cut pine trees. Thanks!

  201. elvanui says:

    Great! I’d love to win a Tauer present at last:)! Me too, my favourite holiday smell is my Granny Bunny’s gingerbread baking in the oven at Advent time. It is the most delicious cardamom-ginger-cinnamon-orange peel scent, mingled with the caramelly-slightly burnt honey… Hmmm. It’s almost that time again, can’t wait!:)
    Thank You for the chance guys. Have a happy First Sunday!

  202. kal says:

    Last Easter Holiday we went to the Maldives islands. During that time I put on Tauer’s Incense Extrême throughout the vacation. The smell of Incense Extrême combined with the sea, beach pebbles, sand, wind and sun were wonderful, and my favorite holiday smells

  203. sirius2005 says:

    Midsummer is favourite. And St. Johns eve on the 23. June is celabrated by a big bonfire. Tauers Lonestar Memories brings good memories of that time:)

  204. Xeryuz says:

    A as Aldehyde: is an organic compound containing a formyl group. This functional group, with the structure R-CHO, consists of a carbonyl center (a carbon double bonded to oxygen) bonded to hydrogen and an R group, which is any generic alkyl or side chain. Aldehydes are common in organic chemistry. Many fragrances are aldehydes.

  205. My favorite holiday is Christmas. It is a time where all the family gets together and the house is filled with such wonderful smells .i.e. roasted turkey, sweet potato pies baking in the oven and the fresh scent of pine from the Christmas tree.

  206. Taffy says:

    One of my favorite holiday smells is the combination of the foods cooking on Thanksgiving.

  207. Sydscents says:

    I love incense scents, so Christmas and Advent are particularly fragrant times!

  208. ether says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the smell of smoke lingering in clothes and hair after watching the easter fire on easter eve.

  209. rodelinda says:

    Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love the smell of a roaring fire and a pine tree. Thanks for the drawing!

  210. Greedygirl says:

    My favorite holiday smells are the smell of the Christmas Tree mixed with the smells of homemade breads & holiday goodies being prepared . One smell brings me right back to my childhood. The scent of Juniper! When I was little we had a juniper tree every year . I thought it was wonderful. My favorite Tauer is Incense Rose.

  211. Dixie says:

    My favorite holiday smells are cinnamon and apples!

  212. PFaustin says:

    My favorite holiday is Christmas and the smell of balsam.

  213. hotlanta linda says:

    cranberry and cinnamon!! Christmas and Easter :-) :-)

  214. Mujo says:

    My favorite smell during Christmas time is the pine scent of a Christmas tree. During Spring time I love the scent of awakening flowers and blossom trees. During Summer time I just adore the fresh scent of the sea.

    Thank you for having this wonderful draw!

  215. Margo says:

    My favourite smell for this time of year is sweet vermouth. The rich cherry aroma is so evocative of my Yule-tide cooking.

  216. trl13 says:

    Favorite holiday smell of Christmas is fresh cut Noble fir brought inside from the snow. I ordered a Tauer Discovery set with a sample of the new PHI. My new favorite.

  217. horizon says:

    Christmas, because of its hopefulness and expectation. Sure, people get frenzied this time of year, but once the gifts are wrapped and family has arrived, we live in hopefulness, joy and the warmth of laughter and love. It’s a time to gather and celebrate a year of ups and downs, to toast a year full of laughter and sadness, and allows us to celebrate those things that made us stronger throughout the year. Cheers to you all for a happy and healthy Christmas season, wherever you are!

  218. Bronyraur says:

    What a generous draw, thank you NST and Tauer! My favorite holiday smell is that of sage and chestnuts, along with sauteed celery and onions. The turkey stuffing. These smells remind me of my mother, who always enlisted me to taste the dressing prior to stuffing the turkey to make sure it was spiced just right.

  219. Bear says:

    My favourite Christmas aroma is anise biscotti twice-baking in the oven.

  220. horizon says:

    My favorite holiday smell is fresh cut Christmas tree.

  221. margaro says:

    I know this is not a very perfumery smell but; my best memories started where I was born, Cuba, I left when I was 13 years old in 1967 and to this day we still keep the traditional Christmas Eve holiday, all families and extended family get together on that evening and we have the traditional roasted pork, black beans and yuccas, we always try to keep one gift for Dec 6 to celebrate the night the 3 kings found baby Jesus. The smell of the roasted pork was the one constant thing throughout the years.

  222. Wordbird says:

    Ooooh, so many lovely smells mentioned here!
    I love all the cooking smells and spicy, warm, woody perfumes that we associate with this time of year, so I’m going to mention something else that I also find reminds me of happy holidays: hot wax.
    Leg wax, no! Candles, yes! But also ski wax. I hot wax my own skis and my favourite holidays have almost all involved skiing. So, hot wax for me is the smell of carefree fun in the snow with people I love. What could be more festive? :-)

  223. Hermesfan says:

    For me it´s forest, needles, pine associated with Christmas. Thanks!

  224. nozknoz says:

    Hard to choose one favorite holiday smell from among so many, but I do make it a tradition to wear Caron Nuit de Noël on Christmas eve.

  225. taleofahare says:

    Rockefeller Center; the smell of the tree, street vendors, the ice rink, wrapping paper and the smell of cold…if that makes sense ;). Balsam firs and pine needles whist hiking in the Catskills many years ago. Nowadays, fresh xmas tree and woodsmoke from fireplace.

  226. courant says:

    A pukeko in a ponga tree

  227. tcsbymail says:

    My favorite holiday scents: nutmeg, cardamon, vanilla, orange, and pine.

  228. Su8anL says:

    My favourite holiday scent is pine or evergreen tree sap.

  229. Stephen says:

    Favourite holiday, Easter! Favourite smell? My mum’s hazelnut Easter cookies! Thanks for the draw!

  230. katsura says:

    My favorite holiday scent is cinnamon, although I enjoy it all year-round.

  231. hildegunn says:

    My favourite holiday is Easter- and not for religious reasons- but because spring has arrived and the whole world is full of new hope. Christmas is really lovely too, but I’m definitely a spring sort of person. Favourite Christmas holiday scent would be Serge Lutens’ Arabie or Fille en Aiguilles.

  232. tgoheen says:

    There are so many scents associated with Christmas that I love, but one that I especially hold dear is that of the corn masa that goes into all the tamales made here in Texas around this time of year. I wish I could find a perfume that smelled like a fresh, warm corn tortilla.

  233. jjlook says:

    The smell of clean, cold air and lately the smoky bonfire addition of Patch 24…

  234. Betty_Kinkade says:

    Oh, what fun! My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I love wearing Nuit de Noel (the newfangled version — I’ve never hunted down the vintage). My email address is correct as is. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, NST. Happy holidays to everyone — you smell great!

  235. LloydLlewellyn says:

    My favourite holiday smell is lebkuchen, German spice cakes, they smell of cinnamon and clove and everything nice. Especially the chocolate-covered ones, I always smell them briefly before devouring them.
    Thanks for the draw!

  236. siili says:

    My favourite smell is from our midsummer festivities and the sauna that is an essential part of it. These combine the smell of burning wood and fresh birch used to make a vasta.

  237. wefadetogray says:

    Thanks for this wonderfully generous draw. I guess my favorite Christamas scent is a mix of coffee, spices, condensed milk, and alcohol filling up the house when my mom made a traditional drink in my country. Loads of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg!
    Thanks again :)

  238. jwpianoboe says:

    Thanks for the drawing. Peppermint is one of my favorites for this holiday.

  239. marosian says:

    Lovely contest, Im so excited to participate! My favorite holiday scent is Myrrhe, the smoky mysterious spicey smell always brings back memories of cold nights being stuffed into church pews.

  240. meganinstmaxime says:

    Thanks for the brilliant draw. I went on a family ski holiday this year and my new favourite holiday smell is definitely mulled wine with the aroma of cloves and spices, happily sipped after a day in the snow.

  241. moochebo says:

    My favorite smell at Christmas is cooking the Pavlova, it is basically our Christmas cake in our family. Thanks Andy for the draw, please use my email.

  242. Ginny M says:

    Cinnamon, cinnamon and cinnamon…with a little nutmeg thrown in for good measure. One of the things that makes the holiday season sufferable! Great draw, thanks much, and yes, my email is the one to use!

  243. Morrigan says:

    I love the Autumn days best, the smell of falling leaves from maple trees, the fresh, cool taste of pine sap from the forest trees where I grew up, so Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. My family tries to be together then, and it takes hours to prepare, partake, and clean up after a wonderful turkey dinner. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves remain special scents to me, and I cook with them often. Fall fragrances include: SL Arabie, Magie Noir, Mauboussin. Thanks for the chance to try scents from a house I have not tried before.

  244. Denoula says:

    I don’t know if this counts, but I adore the smells of my late summer holiday in the Mediterranean area. Hot fig trees and over-ripe figs, pine trees, sea breeze, sun cream, charcoal grills, melons and, if it rains, a powerfully fresh herbal scent. Heady stuff!

  245. sseldo says:

    This is a great event, so glad this is happening! My favorite holiday being Halloween, there is nothing quite like smell of freshly fallen leaves in my hometown. Brings back fond memories every time I visit in the fall.

  246. Jewel says:

    Incense is my favourite. Use my email :-)

  247. Happylily says:

    I love Christmas and the smell of pine, that I used to decorate since I was a child with colorful balls, stars, lights and everything shiny. It makes me feel happy and in peace…

  248. pigasus27 says:

    USA Independence Day. It’s summer, it’s green, and everyone is sharing laughter over a waffle cone filled with iced cream. It’s perfect! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  249. Merlin says:

    I love the whole spicy Christmas-clove and cinnamon scent. I like warm cosy and sweet over the winter pine green scents. I made pomanders one year and they smelled gooooooood!

  250. Dink says:

    Spices and burning fires for winter holidays and Easter lilies for the Easter holiday. Yes, you have my permission to use my email. Thank you, Andy, for always being so generous with your giveaway.

  251. kisnatek says:

    My favourite holiday smell is Jeux de Peau of Serge Lutens. Smells like cookies and milk and winter spice. Can’t stop sniffing my wrist!

  252. kaja says:

    I was lucky enough to try Andy Tauer’s beautiful new perfume Ingrid at an event a couple of weeks ago. The combination of citrus and warm spices in the top notes (a sort of pomander effect) immediately brings to mind the holiday season for me. If I win, I’ll definitely be asking for Ingrid as one of the perfumes!

  253. E K says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the air on Halloween night. To me, Halloween nights smell of frost tinged earth, trees, and the last of summers flowers. And, you know, candy, but that’s less important.

  254. kathybirdtribe says:

    Hi NST and Andy T thank you so much for this opportunity.

    My favourite holiday smell is connected to a festival in the Basque country and it involves the smell of charcoal, fresh sardines, salty sea air rough red wine red onions and sun lotion – it is the memory evoked that I love so much of a holiday a special celebration of the bounty of the sea in an unpretentious setting, and makes my mouth water every time…

    thanks, Kathy

  255. alexP2 says:

    The smell of my favourite holiday-Christmas is like oranges, spices, cinnamon, fir and panettone. You have my permission to use my email

  256. vanessa says:

    Such a lovely and generous offer. My favourite smells for this time of year are pine needles, and hot sand and seawater. It’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere; we have a funny mix of Christmas traditions :)

  257. PekeFan says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the convergence of fresh, balsam evergreen with crisp night air, which I remember from childhood trips to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

    You can use my email address.

  258. ceciliat says:

    Another very generous giveaway — thanks so much! I love the holiday scents of cinnamon and other spices, along with balsam fir. They always bring such great memories. (And you have my permission to use my email.)

  259. moringa says:

    Smell of the christmas tree, gingerbread, mulled wine. <3 Sweet memories.

  260. daisyabow says:

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and my favorite holiday smell is sage, particularly paired with roasted turkey and roasted butternut squash. Yes, you can use my email! Thank you and Andy for the draw!

  261. thomkallor says:

    ohh nice….I am in the US and you have my correct e-mail….I think my favorite-est holiday smell would be gingerbread! :)

  262. homero says:

    Our next holiday will be Christmas. I love the smell of roasted turkey,
    It reminds me of my childhood.

  263. M.A.S says:

    How generous! Thanks to you both. My favorite holiday smell is the pine of the tree mixed with the smells in the kitchen, from turkey to fresh baked cookies. I’m in the US and you can use my email. :)

  264. Whoo Hoo ! Andy’s Advent time again :) Thanks again Andy for your generous spirit every year, (XOXO), and thanks Robin for hosting the number one draw !

    I live in the US, and you have permission to use the email address in my account to contact me.

    In years past, my answer would have been different, but I’ve fallen in love with my Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser. The Frasier Fir scent is so authentic, so clean…just beautiful. The visuals and memories it invokes are priceless ! In truth, all of the Thymes reed diffuser scents are lovely, but for THIS time of year, this is my fav !

    Happy Holidays, everyone !!

  265. prebordao says:

    Today I’m smelling chocolate, flour and eggs. That is what I’m cooking today a chocolate cake.

  266. fubar1963 says:

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for this! My favorite holiday smell would be candied almonds. My family will put them in the stuffing, the salad and the cranberries. It’s also a favorite flavor of mine as well!

  267. scentfromabove says:

    The smell of the Christmas trees and the cold, crisp air are my absolute favorite of the season. Thanks for the awesome opportunity and good luck to everyone! -Scentfromabove

  268. White Rose says:

    My favorite smell has to be pine. Balsam pine, which seems to be the strongest. I save some of our balsam Christmas tree needles and make a holiday potpourri out of them. I also love the smell of spices during the season. Ginger, and cloves and orange.

  269. JadedNose says:

    Thank you Andy!!

    My favorite holiday smell is pine– when the Christmas tree has just been brought into the house and is still redolent of the outdoors. Mother Nature is a wonderful perfumer!

    Happy Holidays from California!


  270. annemarie says:

    Summer holiday smells – eucalypts, and the beach. Thanks for the draw!

  271. detva says:

    My new favorite Holiday smell is the smell of Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole. Had it for the first time this Thanksgiving and just loved it!

  272. DresdenDoll says:

    My favourite Christmas smell is by far my Mum’s stuffing!! That stuff would seriously be my last meal if I had to choose. Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

  273. CM says:

    My favorite holiday scent is pine and snow. We always had spicy pine candles around and it always reminds me of Christmas. Thanks for the draw!

  274. foxbins says:

    My favorite holiday smell is that of pine. Trees, wreaths, candles. So evocative of Christmas. Thanks, NST, and Tauer for the giveaway.

  275. rasmom says:

    Tauer freebies? Whoa, this site is so gonna crash!

    Favorite scent – woodsmoke while shoveling fresh snow….I’m dreaming…If not by Christmas then by New Year’s night…

  276. thesmellyvagabond says:

    My favourite Christmas smell is mince pie! You may use my email :)

    Thanks for the draw!

  277. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I think of all the warm, homey, “pumpkin pie” scents – cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, yummy!

  278. lisaashby says:

    What a fun start to Andy’s advent giveaway! My favorite scent is pumpkin in the fall. For me, it signifies the change of seasons and I use it throughout my home during the fall season.

  279. kassandra says:

    Lent and Easter – an austere holiday. For me, in Australia, Easter smells of smoke and dry grass, incense, dust and the ozone scent of night time vigils under a full moon.

  280. sherapop says:

    I can’t believe that another year has already passed. Thank you for this generous holiday give-away, Andy!

    My favorite holiday smell is peppermint. ;-)

  281. amfortas says:

    frankincense and myrrh

  282. pelle says:

    I am a bit lazy on my favourite holiday, the last four years I have been wearing Caron Nuit de Noel (vintage PdT) on Christmas Eve. But it is such a pleasant tradition and now this is the smell of Christmas to me.


  283. Lise says:

    My favourite holiday scent is the smell of gingerbread and clementines.

  284. gabelikata says:

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great present!
    My favourite holiday smell (and taste) is vanilla with a hint of ginger and cinnamon. This mix can be added to cookies but I love to add it lo my cafe latte too. And my favourite holiday perfume for Christmas is Noel au Balcon by Etat Libre D’Orange.

  285. Mary Carol says:

    So nice that Now Smell This gets Andy Tauer’s advent draw for Dec. 1! My favorite holiday smell is a Christmas one. It is the smell of evergreens; everything from wreaths and decorative branches to Christmas trees. I sniff them all whenever I encounter them, given the opportunity! I was at a large greenhouse yesterday, and this wondeful scent was everywhere.

  286. idl says:

    My favourite holiday is Christmas, and my favourite smell from that is the spices in our christmas pudding.

    Thanks for hosting Andy’s advent calendar again!

  287. hellebore says:

    Like so many others my favourite holiday smell is that of the Christmas tree and I also love the scent of spices and the smell of really cold weather.

  288. macska says:

    My favourite holiday scent are spices – cloves, star anise and vanilla. Gingerbread and vanilla cookies. And incense and pine and snow, of course… something like CdG Zagorsk :)

  289. orkidguy says:

    My favorite holiday smell is that of Easter: both the lily and the baking buns. Both my Grandmother and my mother would have the house filled with the smell of baking and would always have a lily or two on a couple of tables around the house.

  290. HemlockSillage says:

    I love the smell of baking at Christmas–dressing (sage), pumpkin pie, and wassail. Lots of cinnamon, clove and ginger. We had a taste of it last week at Thanksgiving :D

    Thanks Robin and Andy for the lovely Advent drawing. Of course you guys have my permission to use my email to contact me. Be well.

  291. Eva S says:

    My favorite holiday is Christmas and my favorite smell are all the spices- cinnamon, nutmeg,cloves, saffron…
    Thanks Andy and Robin for this draw!

  292. scentmaster says:

    Christmas and cold weather…warm cinnamon and honey…
    Ambre Narguile, of course!

    Good luck everyone!

  293. One of my favorite things about the Holiday season is the smells that come with it! I love the smell of pine close to christmas but my favorite is definitely a combination of orange, clove and just a hint of cinnamon. I’ll diffuse them in my house during the cold, long nights and it just feels so warm and comforting! Yum!

  294. vinery says:

    How wonderful of Andy to run the Advent Calendar again. And thank you, Robin, for hosting it. My favorite holiday smell is roasting turkey as we await a special dinner.

  295. trixiesweet says:

    My favorite smell for Christmas is, predictably, cinnamon, orange peel and other spices. Oh, and honey – which is used in traditional Christmas sweets over here.
    You can use my email.
    Thank you both for the give away!

  296. ncmyers says:

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I’m a fan of the smell of sage and melted butter. Awesome draw, thanks!

  297. This is so fun! My favorite holiday smell is pine trees! My favorite holiday perfume is currently a tie between Organza Indecence and Tea for Two. Love Andy’s Advent Calendar!

  298. kt says:

    Loving the advent calendar!!

    My favourite holiday smells are of Christmas trees and satsumas.

  299. Braidscent says:

    My favourite holiday scents are those wafting from the kitchen whilst making the first truly seasonal recipe of the Christmas season – cranberry and orange relish. The smells of tart and citrus fruits jostling for position with cinnamon, cloves and ruby port is the sign that the last day of work has arrived, all presents are wrapped, decorations are up, and that I can relax (which is usually cooking) ………. possibly with a spray of Kenzo Jungle x

  300. Santemon says:

    Living in the souther hemisphere my favourite holiday smell is the mix of sea brine and suntan lotion that’s such a feature of Christmas on the beach. Absolutely fine to use my email!

  301. Lindaloo says:

    Favourite Christmas smell since childhood: the living room slowly filling with the scent of frosty fir as our tree “relaxed” from the cold outdoors waiting to be decorated.
    Thanks for hosting this draw ans, of course, thanks to Andy for his generosity. (And yikes! — it’s December 1st already!)

  302. Dr Lemur says:

    Cinnamon and spice and everything nice. :)

  303. zeram1 says:

    My favorite holiday smell would be eggnog with a pinch/dash of freshly grated nutmeg.

  304. CobraRose says:

    Incense on Easter!

  305. Lotta says:

    Midsummer would be My favourite holiday, but it doesnt smell much except birch and grass :)
    The Christmas scents are too good to be True though, mulled wine, ginger bread and saffron buns.. Yum!

  306. issy says:

    Wow, another Tauer Advent treat! Yay! There are so many smells to love at Christmas – alpine trees, spices, port, wood smoke, incense, the sharpness of the cold air, oranges, mulled cider – loved the Satsuma peel thrown onto a log fire idea -must try that! Thanks to you Robin and Andy for this wonderful tradition!

  307. Colognissimo says:

    What a treat from Andy Tauer!

    My favourite Christmas smell would definitely have to be the Chrismas tree with the burning candles – there was even a time when my mother made the candles herself from real beeswax, so together with the piney smell from the tree itself you also got a slight smell of honey coming from the candles!

  308. jubo says:

    My favourite memory of Christmas is the scent of Oranges freshly studded with cloves.

  309. kate says:

    Vintage Amber Solaire on clothes you’ve worn on a great summer holiday.

  310. PeachesDoyle says:

    The smell of Christmas trees, hands down. Please do use the email associated with my account. Thanks to Andy and NST!

  311. Kathryn says:

    My favorite holiday smell is of fresh-cut balsam fir, with real bayberry candles a close second.

  312. Dusan says:

    Hi, Andy and Robin, and thanks for this wonderful opportunity! My favorite holiday smells are the smells of the Xmas tree, incense and, of course, hot raki.

  313. jackie b says:

    I love Christmas, such a good excuse to catch up with friends and family, the wonderful kitchen smells and scented candles.

  314. lugg says:

    I would have to say a combination of pipe tobacco smoke and amber and the faint smell of orange cinnamon spiced tea

    ***Wishing you all at Tauer and most wonderful Holiday Season !

  315. calypso_ says:

    A wonderful idea this Tauer advent calendar! My favourite holiday is christmas, and i love all smells that brings christmas in to my mind. Cinnamon, oranges, carnations, gingerbread, cypress and hyacinth and so on. But if I had to pick a perfume that is my favourite at christmas, it had to be Boucheron by Boucheron.

  316. gisela says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite Christmas smell is fir tree with bees wax candles.

  317. Lia says:

    Would love a Tauer tester set!

    My favorite holiday smells…too many to list all…but I think it would be the promise of the delights of the season when we bring our Christmas tree in and do a leveling cut on the trunk…the smell of the pine is heavenly…

  318. Sharon says:

    My favorite holiday smell would have to be gingerbread in the oven! Thank you for the chance to win a Tauer Explorer set!

  319. cobbie says:

    Bonfire fire night is my fave holiday smell. :)

  320. perthgirl says:

    Christmas to me is the smell of the beach, and bbq’s, and the evening air fragrant with star jasmine and gardenia, and that plasticky smell of my little Christmas tree that comes out of storage every year :-)

  321. rwbbp says:

    I like the smell of air perfumed with frankincense, and dapper gentlemen perfumed in sandalwood!

  322. womo531 says:

    My favorite Christmas smell is pine needles mixed with apple/pumpkin pie, cinnamon and Chinese home cooking =)

  323. Marsha says:

    Hmmmm. The smell of making fruitcake. Sugary, cinammon, nutmeg, and bourbon. Mixing it, baking it, eating it.

  324. dmarcus1260 says:

    My favorite holiday smell is Easter Sunday in the Sierra Nevada foothills (Gold Country) on a warm spring day. That is the time of the year when the smell of poison oak (yes poison oak), blue oak trees, wildflowers, digger pines and wild grass permeates the air with new growth. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies in my stomach.

  325. bookwyrmsmith says:

    I love the smell of Christmas morning when my Mom pulls hot cinnamon rolls that were made from scratch that morning from the oven and the yeasty -cinnamon aroma fills the house.
    Thanks for the draw!

  326. LaurenW says:

    I love the Advent Calendar. Makes December nice and cheery.

    My favorite holiday smell is the fresh-cut, white pine Christmas tree. We make sure to cut it and bring it in close to Christmas, so we can smell the pine as we brush past it or place gifts under it.

    Thanks for the generous drawing.

  327. Janice says:

    My favorite holiday scent is the smell of lemon yeast bread baking at Christmas. Thanks for the drawing!

  328. ingeborg says:

    I love the preparations before Christmas and Christmas with all its days off work. The smell of cinnamon, ginger, oranges and the Christmas tree (usually a fir tree), just the thing to get me in the mood. I will be wearing Une rose chypre, Coromandel or SL Five o’clock au gingembre during the festivities of Christmas. Thank you to Andy Tauer for this wonderful Advent calendar!

  329. Mos' Beth says:

    I love the Northwest Christmas smell of Noble and Douglas Fir, and oranges spiked with cloves, and cider and cinnamon heating on the stove, all mixed together!
    (And I would be so happy to win the Tauer sample set.)

  330. mihaela says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the smell of fresh snow early in the morning. Thanks for the draw!

  331. sacre bleu says:

    My favorite holiday is Pentecost: Wild Spirit! Fav holiday aroma? Turkey and stuffing in the oven. Thanks for your and Mr. Tauer’s generosity.

  332. Nightingale says:

    My favorite holiday smell is on Halloween. Walking around the neighborhood trailing my children as they trick or treat smells like cold, fresh fall; crisp and clean. (and then the smell of Reese’s peanut butter cups follows!)

  333. Judy says:

    Hope everyone is having a relaxing evening! My favorite smell is probably homemade bread baking – like my Mom used to make! Thanks for the opportunity!

  334. leathermountain says:

    Right now it would be Hannukah! Can I count my birthday? Actually I might go with my wife’s birthday, since it’s at such a lovely time of year.

  335. TF says:

    My favorite Christmas scent is orange and clove (like those little decorative pomanders one can make) as well as the almond anise cookies I bake with my family!

  336. jill_waffle says:

    There are so many wonderful holiday smells but my favorite is probably marzipan!

  337. Tamada619 says:

    Thank you Andy and everybody involved for hosting such a fun series. Good luck everybody!
    Since it is cold outside, it makes me more certain that my favorite smells of any holiday are focused on the winter where the boozy smell of nice cognac/brandy next to the smoke of the fireplace and fresh cut woods are very comforting. Even better is when the smell of apple cinnamon, vanilla buttered pie that mixes in from the kitchen.
    Winter is coming!

  338. cath says:

    Oh, what a generous giveaway. I was introduced to Tauer perfumes by a wonderful friend, and am very sad that they are not available in my country of residence.
    My favorite holiday used to be Christmas, that is until I moved to Japan, where it is only a commercial event, with no warmth whatsoever.
    I remember the smell of gibier marinating in red wine, the wine and juniper berries in the gibier sauce, the sour smell of cranberries, hmmm. That’s the smell of Christmas to me.

  339. Squirrely says:

    Love the Tauer annual giveaway event! My favorite holiday scent is mulled cider.

  340. merlyn says:

    Since my boys were little we have escaped to the woods every summer to camp. The fire is the life of the camp for cooking, warmth, a place to come together and talk and sing. When we come home our clothes still smell of woodsmoke for days. For all of us the smell of woodsmoke is the smell of relaxing in good company. The perfect holiday.

  341. mariekel says:

    The confluence of smells of Guy Fawkes Night in Islington, London, is a poignant and potent memory: wafts of cider and gunpowder from the fireworks, the smell of cold damp wool from coats and mittens, and the smoky woody conflagrance of the massive bonfire, all swirling around restaurant smells from the nearby High Street.

  342. princessofPA says:

    I love the smells of Christmas!! Pine and snow in the air, the fireplace at my sisters house, the scent of brown sugar and cinnamon from the Moravian sugar cakes baking in the oven.
    Thank you Andy for another year of your wonderful Advent giveaways!!!

  343. missylulu says:

    Growing up, we always used to make ornaments where we would stick cloves into clementines or oranges, and I think that is my favorite holiday scent. Thanks so much for your lovely giveaway opportunities, as always!

  344. vitaman says:

    My favorite Holiday smell (at least this year) is the new Cire Trudon candle called appropriately enough Bethlehem. The scent of Tonka Bean with Amber and Sandalwood and Cardamon is as fabulous as the antiqued silver glass holder.

  345. Lil says:

    Thank you for hosting again! What a delightful tradition. Hard to pick a favorite among the beautiful smells of the holiday season, but I love making clove-studded oranges, so that’s up there, tied for first with thurifer incense.

  346. madlc says:

    My favourite holiday smell is a house filled with turkey cooking in the oven, the smell of a fresh pine tree decorated with sparkling lights and the icy freshness of the outdoors when you let some fresh air in as guests arrive to celebrate the season!

  347. Nezophyte says:

    The scent of Weihrauch-Myrrhe piped from a smoker or woodsmoke in the cold outdoor air have been favorites for sure and for a long time, but the most favorite now must be the remembered smell of last year’s Christmas tree, which was so fresh and so surprising. It had such a strong odor—not of sanctity but of tart citrus fruit—that we suspected it of being a lemon tree in disguise that had smuggled itself in among the winter trees, gathering intelligence on the inhospitable season of hospitality.

  348. romaayden says:

    I am a summer person 4th of July is my fav holiday wearing Le Labo iris 39 happy holidays all

  349. djron91 says:

    My favorite holiday smell for this season is cinnamon and spices – or basically the Cire Trudon Melchior candle ! You have permission to use my email address that is on file

  350. Oakland Fresca says:

    Whoohoo… got in on this whirl just under the wire. Very best!

  351. pyramus says:

    A fair while ago, I used to manage a bookstore, and every Christmas we would have an open house for all our patrons: every year I would make mulled red wine flavoured with stick cinnamon, a bit of brown sugar, and an orange studded with cloves. The smell of that wine in a bookstore is a wonderful, wonderful thing and a very happy memory from a very happy time of my life.

  352. R_H_M says:

    Thank you, just thank you.

    Favorite holiday smells…..cedar, balsam, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla & incense during Midnight Mass.

  353. fazalcheema says:

    my favorite holiday smell is cedar because it reminds me of forests

  354. froggy says:

    hello! happy to get the invitation for Kind Andy’s advent calender this year again! my fav smell is alwaysa candle, when its burnt,
    and it is also christmas smell, special. lots of candles to burn and blow. love that :)

  355. dianne.s says:

    Kia Ora. I live in New Zealand and it is summer here. My favourite Christmas smells are the smell of a real pine tree combined with the smell of fresh fruit for our Christmas breakfast. Warm fresh strawberries and raspberries in particular.

  356. wanhao says:

    I’d say Winter Delice is my favorite Christmas scent.. that & gingerbread;)

  357. karenmarie says:

    Thank you Andy and Robin for this wonderful opportunity. My favorite holiday is Christmas. The smell of bayberry wafts through my home with scented candles along with fresh green wreaths that smell divine. You may use my e-mail. Merry Christmas.

  358. AnaWondering says:

    what a fun opportunity! my favorite holiday scent is freshly baked christmas cookies (in particular, my mom’s pecan shortbread cookies with tart, raspberry jam filling) cliche? maybe, but the smell makes me feel warm and cozy, and as excited as if I were a little kid again!

  359. mdrigotas says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday….deep frying a turkey on the driveway with friends and my dad sipping scotch. Hope I win.

  360. rickyrebarco says:

    I’m excited about this. My favorite holiday scent is spicy pumpkin pie, cinnamon and cloves and the smoke from a wood fire.

  361. spiderplant says:

    I like the smell of a boozy spice cake. Also, freshly cut spruce.

  362. Anark says:


  363. tussah says:

    My favorite holiday smell is bayberry. When I was a child we sold bayberry and pine scented candles at Christmas to raise money for the school. The bayberry one was always so good. I realize now that it was real bayberry and that is why so many holiday candles now just don’t compare.

  364. ponyboi says:

    Mine would have to be the smell of pine. Nothing gets me more in the holiday mood.

  365. halimeade says:

    My favorite holiday scents are fresh pine branches and cinnamon brooms. When the grocery store starts to smell like both these things, then you know it is the holidays : )

  366. nurStress says:

    Sure it is the scent of mandarin, mulled wine and fir needles!

  367. chrysographes says:

    For Christmas I love noble fir & grand fir; but my really favourite HOLIDAY is summer solstice and the resin scent of (shore) rose foliage along with its sweet sweet dog rose fragrance. At the beach…. with a wind down the inlet….ahhh….

  368. carrieg says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for doing this and for the great site. It’s always such a pleasure to read your words.
    I love the warm spicy smell of pumpkin pie… at Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

    Happy holidays to you!


  369. DaveStPaul says:

    Fav holiday smell? So many! I really like the smell of firecracker smoke on the 4th of July.

    Thanks very much for the Advent giveaway.

  370. eliza says:

    Every Christmas there is an old hotel in downtown Seattle that has a festival of Christmas trees. I love walking through the hotel in such a beautiful environment, looking at the lights and, especially, smelling the beautiful trees. It has been one of my holiday traditions for years.

  371. rin_nd says:

    Thank you for a great opportunity! Winter holidays are my favorite for indoor scent, baking cookies for Christmas, eggnog with nutmeg, turkey for Thanksgiving, but July 4th makes me think of the outdoors and the beach, bonfires and fresh air and is probably my favorite.

  372. songeuse says:

    Thanks to Andy for having this generous series of drawings again, and to NST for hosting! My favorite holiday scent is the smell of Christmas trees. You have permission to use my email.

  373. betsy says:

    My favorite holiday smell is pine and champagne)
    Happy holidays to all
    and thanks for the chance to try Andy`s fragrances!

  374. Elena says:

    I just dug out my bins of Christmas decorations today and put them up around the house, so I’m going to say Balsam Fir for Christmas. Gorgeous stuff.

  375. Dagney says:

    My favorite holiday smell – cinnamon. Thanks!

  376. RVB says:

    My favorite holiday smell is the scent of oranges with cloves and mulled wine.Thanks for the draw!

  377. tefportland says:

    Thanks for the chance to win samples of Andy’s fabulous perfumes! A favorite smell at christmastime is the scent of fresh cut fir trees – although I never buy a live tree!

  378. helenviolette says:

    My favorite holiday smell- that’s a toughie, there are so many! I will go with the smell of Christmas candles in a warm cozy house. Thanks for the draw Robin and Andy!

  379. -40below says:

    Christmas is the best holiday, we try to make it last all December, and i love the smell of chain saw and freshly cut wood.

  380. shinnard says:

    My favorite holiday smell is frankincense.

    Thank you Andy!

  381. Tati says:

    I am super excited to have a chance to win a sample! My favorite holiday scents have to be frasier fir, roses, allspice, incense, ambergris and cinnamon – I make my own natural perfumes and these are some of the combinations I use during the holidays:) thanks for the opportunity!!!

  382. gpier says:

    My favorite holiday smell would have to be Mexican wedding cookies, with their powder sugar, butter and walnut they smell of christmas to me.

  383. datura5750 says:

    The smell of a pine tree inside, magic!

  384. samberg says:

    This is easy: pumpkin all the way!

    Thanks for the draw.

  385. d3m0lici0n says:

    My favorite holiday is Xmas, I just finished putting the xmas tree. My favorite smells are the candles that I use to scent my house, mostly with cinnamon and or clove. Thanks Andy and NST!

  386. L says:

    That’s easy – I love the smell of pine, so it has to be the Christmas tree. Gingerbread is a close second.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  387. bluepinegrove says:

    Gingerbread! It goes with everything else I love about the holidays.

  388. jan v says:

    Thank you for another Advent Calendar!

    Not really a holiday, but the scent of creosote soaked piers at the shore in summer is a favorite of mine. This scent carried by breezes skimming over the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean transports me to carefree summer days of my adolescence. Love it!

  389. Laurels says:

    My favorite holiday scents are cranberries simmering on the stove, and pine boughs (if I can’t have a whole tree).

  390. lekkerruik says:

    Oooooh, what a wonderful gift! I’m gutted that Tauer can no longer ship to South Africa :( I have a FB of Carillon and would have had one of Une Rose Chypree if not for Switzerland’s new postal regulations.

  391. Denise says:

    Thank you Andy and NST! This annual Advent giveaway has become one of my favorite ways of ringing in the holiday season!

    Wow, so many wonderful holiday scents to choose from! I love the smell of woodsmoke that starts before Halloween and continues up through New Year’s … Balsam fir, and those warm cinnamon almonds they sell in the mall for the Christmas season … the first whiffs of blooming flowers and spring rains around Easter …

    And of course, you can use my email address.

  392. subtlefem says:

    After 2 hours of trying to log in, (because I persist) and now logged in with the pw that NST sent thru the email, (not my own). I will finally say that my favorite holiday is wind whipped hair on a beach with apples and roses and ouds, the smell of fresh and the smell of caresses and breath with kisses. Whatever holiday you chose. This is a progress in the works…
    peace and thank you Andy and Robin

  393. My favorite holiday is Christmas. So many smells I love, pine, incense, sugar cookies.

  394. yaygie says:

    favourite holiday smell: eggnog, cinnamon.

  395. markeesi says:

    My favorite smell of the holiday is the smell of traditional Finnish Christmas foods such as ham and carrot casserole, which is made of carrots and rice.

  396. Safran says:

    My favorite holiday smell is that of olive oil, rosemary and garlic in a frying pan (with a bit of pasta added ;o)), combined with a salty breeze from the ocean and a sniff of white wine with a light elderflower scent. If you would have asked me in summer, it would probably be all the nice spices around x-mas. But now I am longing for the warmer days and the scents that come with them. Thank you for the generous draw!

  397. maitreyi1978 says:

    Hello! My favorite Holiday smell is the blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves that I associate with Christmas. Thanks.

  398. birdy says:

    My favorite holiday smell: fresh FIR!

  399. srt33 says:

    Wow, this is such an amazing and generous giveaway. I didn’t think I could be more proud of owning a bottle of LDDM, but know that I see the types of giveaways Andy Tauer does, really happy to have purchased his products.

    My favorite smell of the holidays is my Mom’s bread pudding, which she makes around Thanksgiving and Christmas. So delicious!!!

  400. mqldn says:

    My favourite holiday was to Puglia in the summer: the smell of pine and fig trees in the heat was totally fantastic and unforgettable.

  401. asiyakei says:

    My favourite holiday scent is peppermint – it just smells so clean to me!

  402. Milla P says:

    How wonderful! You are never too old to have an Advent calendar! I love the smell of the cookies we bake in Austria for Christmas – living now abroad I miss all the traditions a lot. My favorite cookies are made with a lot of vanilla. Another smell I love is mulled wine – cinnamon, clove, orange slices, red wine and of course I love myrrh – on the last day of the year it was tradition to put some myrrh on the hot stove – to chase away the bad spirits from the house. Thanks for the great opportunity to join in and from now on it will be always the first thing I will do when I start my computer – check out the Advent calendar!

  403. oiseaubleu says:

    My favorite Christmas smell comes from the home of my sister in law. She always has cookie scented candles burning and the smell mingles with whatever she’s been cooking, making her home feel even more cozy than usual. I miss the years before she decided to get an artificial tree because the added evergreen scent of the live tree made her home even more festive. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  404. sophiew says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! Favorite holiday scent: definitely ginger :) Gingerbread… so heavenly!

  405. rosemarygypsy says:

    Favorite holiday scent? Chocolate!

  406. mivesci says:

    thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
    My favourite holiday is San Lorenzo here in Italy on August 10th, the night of the falling stars. Usually you stay up all night staring at the sky, often by the sea, so the smell I associate to this holiday is a combination of seasalt and the perfume of mediterranean scrub.

  407. carolm says:

    My favourite holiday is Christmas. I will wear something warm, comforting and also relaxing after all the cooking. Shalimar would be my choice.

  408. body67 says:

    my favourite festive holiday scent? the smell of the fresh, green, piney christmas tree. unbeatable.

  409. pinksea says:

    My favorite holiday smell since childhood is the scent of the traditional bayberry candle. Thanks Tauer and NST!

  410. CD says:


    I think my favorite holiday smell would be attached to any holiday with turkey as the main course. Growing up, we had all the family dinners at our house, so I associate the smell of turkey cooking away slowly, with that of the happiness of seeing my family, and all the fun that brings.

    Cheers for the opportunity!

  411. liana says:

    My favorite holiday scent would be spices especially cinnamon!
    Thanks for the draw :)

  412. sllat says:

    My favorite holiday smell is that combination of special baking spices: mace, cloves, cardamom, anise, etc. I like to make pfeffernusse from scratch for Christmas and only do it this time of year.
    Yes, you may use my email address and thank you for hosting such a wonderful draw! Happy Holidays!

  413. rlsk says:

    I love Mother’s Day. The smell of lily of the valley is my favorite scent.

  414. crichey89 says:

    Christmas is my favorite holiday, not just Christmas Eve/day but the whole holiday season. My favorite smell of this time is the smell of a real Christmas tree filling the house.

  415. orl says:

    I love the smell of “almond soup”, which we make with hot milk and marzipan until we get a thin cream.

    You may use my email address. Thank you

  416. bastet says:

    I do a lot of baking around the Christmas and New Years holidays and my favorite smell is cookies in the oven. The holiday tree is a close second, though. I also seem to wear Chanel Egoiste more than any other scent at this time of year.

  417. dongo.bongo says:

    Thank you for the opportunity, Robin. I love the smell of the desserts during christmas.

  418. Karin says:

    Favorite holiday smell – Christmas tree!

  419. ockeghem says:

    I agree — pine trees are my favorite!