Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight ~ new fragrance

Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight

Country pop star Taylor Swift has launched  Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight, a new limited edition flanker* to this year's Taylor by Taylor Swift fragrance.

A lovely new fragrance crafted of crisp fruits and soft florals, kissed by tender woods to give off a beautiful, radiant halo. Take it home today in this one-of-a-kind collectible music box from Taylor Swift fragrances.

The notes feature lychee, tangerine, magnolia, peony, hydrangea, vanilla orchid, sandalwood, apricot, cashmere musk and woods.

Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight is available now at Macy's, $65 for 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

* Or, more likely just the original Taylor by Taylor Swift fragrance in a collector bottle packaged in a music box. Macy's says "new fragrance", but the notes are identical.

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  1. prism says:

    still waiting on a celeb fragrance that is as easily pleasing like Hilary Duff’s With Love… or any fragrance really

    • Robin says:

      That was a great scent! Hilary Duff appears to have disappeared from perfume. I do think Rihanna Rogue is darned good, but it hasn’t been a great year for celebrity fragrance.

  2. AnnieA says:

    I like Adam Levine and AL for Her. Bought a bottle of the latter and it is a cozy sweater of a scent.

    • Robin says:

      Yeah, I really should have tried harder to get samples of those, people really seemed to like them.

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