Helvetica The Perfume ~ new fragrance

Helvetica The Perfume

Oakland-based "Creative Collective" Guts & Glory has launched Helvetica The Perfume, a new "fragrance" inspired by the ubiquitous font of the same name:

In 1957, Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann set out to create a new sans-serif typeface for the Swiss design market. Their goal: to create a highly legible and completely neutral expression of the Modernist design movement to which they belonged. This typeface was to have no intrinsic meaning, allowing the content to convey the message.

Helvetica has gone on to become arguably the most ubiquitous and widely used typeface in history.

It is in this spirit that we have created the ultimate Modernist perfume – a scent distilled down to only the purest and most essential elements to allow you, the content, to convey your message with the utmost clarity. Air. Water. You.

Guts & Glory Helvetica The Perfume is 60 ml of distilled water in a numbered limited edition bottle with 24k gold printing, $62. 

(via helvetica-the-perfume.myshopify, found via @archmemory at Twitter)

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  1. TheSnailsPajamas says:

    Seriously now…is this a lighthearted (well, not that $62 is that lighthearted) joke or a one born every minute thing….

    • Robin says:

      A lighthearted waste of $62, maybe? I don’t know. There are some serious font freaks out there who might like to own it just for the bottle (and hey, that’s all there is). For that matter, I watched all 80 minutes of this (and actually enjoyed it):


  2. Omega says:

    Air. Water. Boring. Not feelin the bottle either.

    • Robin says:

      The bottle is very helvetica-ish. Not likely you’ll feel it if you don’t feel love for helvetica.

  3. KateReed says:

    So…it’s really just water? Why?

    • Robin says:

      Because the point of Helvetica was that you didn’t notice it, as a font. It stayed out of the way. Sorry, best explanation I can give!

  4. Bejoux says:

    So what does comic sans smell like?? Could it be raspberry macaroons – I happily nominate Tentations de Nina on the ad blurb alone.

  5. Kaye says:

    Well, it made me laugh! Not hard enough to buy it, though… which seems to be the case with a lot of joke products. Sure, it’s funny when you first see it, but will it be funny every time you see it on your dresser thereafter? (On the plus side you CAN display this prominently without worrying about ruining the perfume!)

    • Robin says:

      Exactly. It can live on the windowsill for all the difference it makes.

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