RuPaul Glamazon ~ new fragrance

RuPaul Glamazon

Drag queen and model RuPaul has launched Glamazon, a new "extremely unisexy" limited edition perfume and cosmetics collection.

Glamazon is for women and men of all ages and preferences who share one thing in common: They are not afraid to be fierce. For me, glamour should be accessible to all, I am committed to helping the world look and smell more beautiful. — RuPaul

Per RuPaul, the top note is charisma, the mid notes are uniqueness + nerve, and the base note is talent. Plus a splash of wig water. 

RuPaul Glamazon is available now at Colorevolution, $40 for some unknown quantity and concentration.

(first quote and fragrance notes via RuPaul at Twitter, second quote via newnownext , additional information via colorevolution)

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  1. engelwurz says:

    After watching Drag Race after 6 seasons (including All Stars), the same thing over and over again gets dull.

    • Robin says:

      Never seen it!

      • engelwurz says:

        Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent is the criteria to be a contestant on Drag Race.
        RuPaul is a genuine style icon to some people and unlike style icons like Dita von Teese, she/he (referring to both the character and the actor) has personality and actually has a career (besides drag, Rupaul is an executive producer etc). RuPaul having a perfume makes more sense than a lot of the celebrity releases.
        RuPaul released an album and a magazine didn’t review it but wanted RuPaul to write a comedic thing, rather than treating his album as an album. So, even though I understand the comedy of the notes, I don’t know why this can’t be like a normal perfume release.
        This isn’t as important to me as this comment is making it seem.

  2. Marjorie Rose says:

    Good to have such helpful fragrance notes to give us a sense of what it might smell like! ;)

    • Robin says:

      Guessing this is as informative as any, LOL…nobody is going to buy this because it’s perfume genius, right?

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Yeah, I had the same thought about it being about as helpful as any list of notes!

        And of course I assume that RuPaul was intimately involved in the development of this scent, that rhe has always been drawn to fragrance, and did you know? This scent will smell different on different people!?

      • eaudemale says:

        As soon as you spray it, you will feel the charisma, not anykind of charisma, but the proud one grown during Gay Pride Weekend. The mid notes will follow and stay linear during the fragrance development, uniqueness will develop from you body chemistry and nerve will come on and off for hours, the talent note is always there, some might smell it and some others not as much, like an imaginary flower. The wig splash is no where to be felt, it might be a marketing strategy.

        There, I just reviewed the fragrance.

        • eaudemale says:

          BTW, Glamazon can only be purchased through, guess where… Amazon.

          • Oakland Fresca says:


    • Dilana says:

      “Wig water” sounds like it would smell like wet nylon.

      • Robin says:

        One can hope. Would beat another boring fruity floral.

        • monkeytoe says:

          Wig Water would make a great name for a niche perfume house.

          • Marjorie Rose says:


  3. Querelle 3 says:

    I bet it’s going to be a fruity floral, yet again, with tons of patchouli and a generous dose of shinny vanilla, the wig water filtered through hairspray and all that wrapped in a cloud of talent. I’m sold!

  4. Omega says:

    Didn’t know Ru was still around, interesting.

    Wig water sounds like sweaty panty hose..or something….pass.

  5. nozknoz says:

    Ha, and I was guessing that you had added the part about wig water!

    This trend of fantasy notes does not bother me in the least – the notes are almost always a complete fantasy anyway. Might as well dispense with the pretense of blue orchids, wild berries, dewdrops, etc.

    • Robin says:

      Hey, didn’t even need to make any of this up!

  6. I’m surprised no ones reviewed this. Well the notes are Cinnamon, Pink Pepper, Moroccan Rose, Tonka Bean, Red Cedar and Amber.
    It’s very spicy and smells similar to Tom Fords Tobbaco Vanille but a bit spicier. Honestly you must give this a whiff.

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