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  1. Omega says:

    Old Spice man:). Some of the lines were funny, some not..but ya gotta love OSM:D. Hehehe.

    • Robin says:

      And I do love him…wish they’d keep doing more for the US. I don’t like their newer ads at all.

  2. Jordan River says:

    Ha, these have me wearing the (excellent) deodorant as will as channelling the wisdom of my grandfathers via a slash or two in the morning. Happy it is cologne because then I can apply something niche before leaving the house.

    • Robin says:

      My son wears the deodorant too, but in Matterhorn something that doesn’t smell at all like the original.

  3. Omega says:

    My husband can’t wear OS or the deodorant..he said it caused major burning on his arm pits and it’s never happened with any other product but OS, LOL.

  4. debbie says:

    We have had the original Old Spice for years and the new variety for past 6 or so months – haven’t seen this add on Aust tv yet. And while I can’t speak for the rest of Australian men-it is true that the male members in my family take spiders outside to the garden!

    • Robin says:

      Oh, thanks for the clarification…that must be why they’re advertising now then, the new scents.

      And interesting! My husband does that too sometimes, but not always.

    • annemarie says:

      Yep, that’s what I have trained my son to do.

      I remember giving Old Spice to my second boyfriend in about 1982. I like the look of the new ones though!

    • engelwurz says:

      I don’t get why people kill spiders. I don’t take them out to the garden though. That would require getting close to them. I’ve heard people share horror stories about how they killed a spider and lil babies went everywhere. Yeah, I’d rather just let it scurry away. I even once took a shower while a spider was chilling in there.

      • engelwurz says:

        But I live in the US; I wasn’t showering with some Australian monster spider.

        • annemarie says:

          It’s the smaller spiders that tend to be the more dangerous. Red backs, funnel webs … they are not monsters, they are often quite tiny.

        • debbie says:

          Its the monster, hairy spiders that we put outside-I could not kill anything that big and harmless (although i do think they can bite)

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