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Yohji Yamamoto Essential (2013 reissue) ~ fragrance review

Yohji Yamamoto Essential

Excuses, excuses. I’ve recently returned to school for a year-long course (I’d forgotten what “homework” meant). This week I have the dreaded yearly physical exam to look forward to — so humiliating! I just started giving private tours of a new special exhibit at the museum where I volunteer. Oh, I’m also helping to plan a Day of the Dead event and wrapping up painting the outside of my house before Seattle’s six-month rainy season commences. And I’ve been frantically making jams, jellies, sauces and juice from quince; my quince tree produced so much fruit its branches are touching the ground (the yard smells sensational; my ripe quinces produce an aroma I’ll describe as “apples-on-steroids meet ripe pineapples”).

I’m not asking for pity, just patience. This week’s review will be short ’n sweet; but maybe that’s a good thing…

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