Comme des Garcons + Monocle Scent Three: Sugi ~ new fragrance

Comme des Garçons + Monocle Scent Three: Sugi

Comme des Garçons will launch their third fragrance in collaboration with Monocle magazine, Scent Three: Sugi. Scent One: Hinoki launched in 2008, followed by Scent Two: Laurel in 2009.

Sugi – also known as Japanese cedar – is popular as an ornamental plant in Japan and has a delicate, clean and energising fragrance...It’s a refreshing unisex scent that’s light but sophisticated, beginning with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and pepper from Madagascar, followed by iris from Florence and cedar from Virginia, and finished with pine and Haitian vetiver.

Scent Three: Sugi was developed by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu, who also developed the first two Monocle fragrances.

Comme des Garçons + Monocle Scent Three: Sugi is available for pre-order at Monocle’s web store, and is £65 for 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

(via monocle, hat tip to Sedwin!)

Update: see a review of Comme des Garçons + Monocle Scent Three: Sugi.

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  1. engelwurz says:

    Most of their fragrances really are not strikingly different from each other so “Sugi – also known as Japanese cedar” made me lose a bit of interest. But it might be good as an everyday scent so I’ll give it a try.

    • Robin says:

      I really liked the 2 previous Monocle scents so looking forward to this one too…although it’s true that they tend to stick with woods & incense.

      • engelwurz says:

        When people ask which CdG perfumes they should try, people always recommend the Incense series, specifically Kyoto and Avignon, and usually don’t recommend Hinoki. I would recommend Hinoki above the Incense series and it is what I hoped Kyoto (which I don’t like) would be like.
        I am looking for something along the lines of what is being described but I’m already considering 2 Man, Wonderwood, and Hinoki.

        • Robin says:

          I would bet that fewer people have tried the Monocle scents, though not sure why that should be. Hinoki was fabulous, and Laurel was really lovely too.

          • Merlin says:

            i own my three favourites from the incense range, and tried the other two several times as well. For some reason the monocle scents seemed less distinct: this may be because the actual scents are less distinctive, but probably has more to do with the fact that Monocle: Hinoki and Monocle: Laurel (as names and as concepts) don’t resonate strongly.

            The idea of an incense from India, from Russia, France, etc connects with all sorts of associations I already have – ones about exotic locations, cultures and spirituality. ‘Monocle’ doesn’t have any immediate olfactory connection, and is somehow a little detached – as if I’m looking through something – instead of directly at the object. Also, many people aren’t likely to have definite associations with ‘laurel’ or ‘hinoki’.

            Anyway, that a theory!

          • Robin says:

            Maybe that’s it — the lack of backstory. And I don’t know Monocle magazine at all.

  2. morgana says:

    Oh, I want to try this, too! For now, I can say that the packaging looks great.

    • Robin says:

      Agree, I like the way they’ve packaged the Monocle scents.

      • morgana says:

        Yes, and this one — yellow and opaque bottle — seems (from the photo) more unique than the other two.

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