Michel Germain Sexual Noir & Sexual Steel Pour Homme ~ new fragrances

Michel Germain Sexual Noir

Michel Germain has launched two new fragrances, Sexual Noir and Sexual Steel Pour Homme.

Sexual Noir (shown) ~ the feminine counterpart to last year's Sexual Noir Pour Homme. "Sexual Noir, The mysteriously playful cocktail of sophisticated and intriguingly sensuous femininity. Playfully succulent mandarin and sweet strawberries flow into a sophisticated palette of mysterious patchouli, pink orchid, and deceptively innocent pink sweet pea flower. Ever-present feminine aphrodisiacs enfold classic vetivert and inviting, warm notes of vanilla and amber." In 75 and 125 ml Eau de Parfum. ($70-90)

Sexual Steel Pour Homme ~ "Sexual Steel. Turns a man into a masterpiece. Infused with masculine aphrodisiacs, Sexual Steel is an intensely charismatic melding of virility. A cool, sharp opening of fresh ginger and velvety smooth bergamot gives way to magnetic lavender spiked with crushed black pepper. This intensely virile fragrance dries to a seductive mix of metal accord, masculine leather, and musk." In 75 and 125 ml Eau de Toilette. ($62-80)

Michel Germain Sexual Noir and Sexual Steel Pour Homme can be found now at Macy's.

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  1. olenska says:

    “Sexual Steel” sounds vaguely Zoolanderesque.

  2. Daisy says:

    Pour Homme…. and it’s pink with a pretty bow….. okay, here we know guys who say “pffft! who cares?” but I think the more mainstream dudes aren’t going to be fully supportive of pink with bows.

    sexual virility, steel, cocktail, virile (a second time), seductive….they aren’t going for subtle , I’m just surprised it isn’t blue and warns men to seek professional help if the sillage lasts more than 4 hours…..

    • Daisy says:

      Ohhh I see …that one pictured is the ladies version….well, okay then

      • Robin says:

        LOL…but DYING to see a fragrance called “Sexual Steel” in a pink bottle with a bow, wouldn’t that be fun!

        And you will not be surprised to hear that Sexual Steel is blue, and has no bow :-)

  3. songeuse says:

    And the random accents over the word “sexual” on the bottle… guess that makes it more exotic? lol

  4. beautifulotus says:

    “Turns a man into a Masterpiece.”…. Really? I may conduct my own study… Is there a woman alive that could turn down being witness to that kind of epic transformation??

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