Bunch o’ limited edition collector bottles 2013, part 10

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is “special” (or not, as the case may be), and some of these may not be available in the US.

Cartier Declaration limited editions

From Cartier, Déclaration d'un Soir Place Vendôme (above left) and Déclaration Place Vendôme (above right), both in 100 ml Eau de Toilette, at Selfridges in the UK. See also: Cartier Baiser Volé d’Amour


Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Jewel Charm

From Bvlgari, Mon Jasmin Noir Jewel Charm: "Mon Jasmin Noir Jewel Charm, designed to fit comfortably in the wearer’s hand is adorned with asubtle jasmine pattern as precious and as graceful as lace. An elegant black organza ribbon encircling the neck has become a BVLGARI symbol of femininity." $48 at Lord & Taylor.


Dsquared He Wood Special Edition

From DSquared2, He Wood in a special edition with a wooden cap made of Canadian Red Alder wood. €89 at Douglas in Germany.


Houbigant Quelques Fleurs limited edition flacons

From Houbigant, limited edition bottles for Quelques Fleurs (left) and Quelques Fleurs Royale (right). These are 2012 designs, in 100 ml Extrait; 30 bottles of each was made, and there is also another bottle (not shown) for Quelques Fleurs Royale. (via houbigant-parfum)

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  1. lucasai says:

    That Dsquared2 looks heavy! Still a wooden cap on my Carner Barcelona D600 looks much better :)

    • Robin says:

      It does look heavy. I did not know those CB bottles were solid wood caps — nice.

      • lucasai says:

        Yes, Carber Barcelona caps are made from wood. On the box of my D600 there’s written “This bottle cap is made from wood from sustainably managed European forests”

  2. Dilana says:

    Neiman Marcus is listing some of those fabulous Lallique bottles on clearance. The juice is the Lion.

    • relleric says:

      I saw the Encre Noir EDP for about half off the last time I looked for it at NM.com, not sure it is still available…

    • Robin says:

      Oh, good to know — thanks!

  3. Merlin says:

    The black organza ribbon strikes me as staid rather than elegant! The Houbigant bottles are pretty but I think those flower shaped lids make the design a little too fussy.

    • Robin says:

      I do like the design on that Bvlgari bottle though – too bad that scent does not work for me.

      • Omega says:

        You took the words from my mouth! Like the bottle but the juice left me hangin.

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