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  1. peter says:

    Remember Thelma and Louise? I wish this commercial ended the same way.

  2. Oakland Fresca says:

    Wow. Sexy YOUNG man with a beard. Unusual. And targeting young men.. .curiouser and curiouser…I’m guessing that is supposed to be an old diesel Mercedes. If you two, Peter and Kevin, are any indication of its appeal success… I guess that it is not so successful.. “n’est-ce pas?”

  3. Thalia says:

    Beards have become a hot hipster trend. Half the young men in my office suddenly have luxuriant beards!

    • Robin says:

      The trend has not yet reached my small town :-)

      • Rick says:

        Be thankful for small mercies.

  4. Oakland Fresca says:

    It is a relief after decades of smooth-faced, smooth-chested, baby manscapes having been the gold standard from couture to camp. I loathe the cultivated 5 o’clock shadow, but luxuriant beards are fun to look at. From Adonis to Zeus!

  5. Omega says:

    Glad she found a sugar daddy who needs to shave.

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