Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle ~ new fragrance

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle

Elizabeth Arden has launched Green Tea Honeysuckle, the latest in their series of flankers to their popular 1999 fragrance, Green Tea. Green Tea Honeysuckle follows recent efforts Green Tea Lavender (2010), Green Tea Camellia (2011) and Green Tea Cherry Blossom (2012).

Happy · Youthful · Feminine.

Blooming with youthful femininity, Green Tea Honeysuckle evokes nostalgic childhood memories of summer days spent sipping the sweet nectar from honeysuckle blossoms

The notes include lemon, tangerine, boysenberry, honeysuckle, ylang ylang, jasmine, neroli, green tea, musk, peach, ambrette and white birch.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette

(via sears.ca, additional information cosmeticsmag)

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  1. littlecooling says:

    This could actually be an interesting flanker :)

  2. prism says:

    i like Green Tea. i always equate it to Green tea lemonade, but as a perfume.

  3. Marjorie Rose says:

    I don’t think I’ve tried any of these, but green tea and honeysuckle notes sound appealing to me in this moment. Less sure about the boysenberry and musk, though!

    • Robin says:

      It’s more appealing to me than last year’s cherry blossom.

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        I’ve yet to find a cherry blossom scent that did anything for me.

        • AnnieA says:

          Cherry blossom perfumes, or perfume attempts, always have that generic Red Candy smell (if that makes any sense).

        • AmyT says:

          Most give me headaches.

  4. mals86 says:

    I smelled the Green Tea Honeysuckle this past Saturday, and found it very pretty and light, and also nothing groundbreaking. If, like me, you don’t enjoy traditional colognes and would rather wear a very light floral in summer’s heat, this one would probably do the trick for you very nicely. (After all, nobody complains about colognes not being innovative.) It’s inexpensive, it’s very floral, it doesn’t smell sugary or dumb, and it is to my mind much nicer than the original Green Tea.

    That said, I’m probably not going to buy it. I’m stocked up on my light summer florals.

    • Robin says:

      Excellent to know, thanks!

    • AnnieA says:

      Is it as nice as Demeter’s Honeysuckle? It *has* to be more long lasting — anything would be!

  5. AmyT says:

    I really like the Green Tea Lavender for summer. It’s light and completely un-sweet.

  6. hajusuuri says:

    This sounds like something I may like. If I do, I will wait until a GWP event to do so.

  7. maggiecat says:

    This sounds as if it would be worth a try – I like tea scents and adore honeysuckle. The others in this line, however, have not been “me.”

  8. Poppie says:

    Love the Green Tea series — most by well known noses, like Flores-Roux and Calice Becker … anyone know who developed GT Honeysuckle?

    • Poppie says:

      Sorry, no, not Calice Becker. I rechecked and here are the noses I could find for Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Series
      1999 Green Tea, 2000 Iced Green Tea, and 2001 Spiced Green Tea were all by Francis Kurkdjian.
      2005 Green Tea Summer, 2009 GT Exotic, 2008 GT Lotus and 2007 GT Tropical were all by Rodriqo Flores-Roux. 2006 GT Intense and 2007 GT Revitalize were by R. Flores-Roux and Claude Dir.
      I couldn’t find any info on the noses for GT Lavender 2010, which is my hot day, sleepless night favorite, or GT Camillia 2011, or 2012 GT Cherry Blossom.
      In my opinion they are all good summer ‘office scents’ pleasant, fresh, but not overwhelming in any way. They always bring them out in the spring.

  9. miss kitty v. says:

    I will happily pick this up when it hits Ross and goes for $15. :)

    • Poppie says:

      I’ve found most of the Elizabeth Ardens on sale at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls about a year after release. They have been good blind buys for me (except for Red Door which was way too pungent on my skin) and they have been appreciated gifts to people. Somehow EA seems to hit that ‘non-offensive’ and ‘pleasant enough’ range as a giftable to non-perfumistas.

    • Lucy says:

      Ha ha. I just looked this up because I found it today for $10 at T.J. Maxx.

  10. elvanui says:

    I will sample this if I get the chance. I quite liked this scent in my younger years, though never had it, and this flanker sounds quite nice. Honeysuckle is one of my favourite smells in nature, there is a small park in front of our estate and it’s full of it. on early summer nights the scent wafting upwards to the loggia is utter bliss. I’d like to have it even just as a room spray!
    The bottles are hideous though:(.

    • Poppie says:

      Yes, the bottles are all the same utilitarian shape, they differ only in a narrow range of pastel graphics. Quality of the spritzer nozzle has gone down since the first came out in 1999. Wow, almost 24 years for this line.

      • Poppie says:

        Typo — 12 years, not 24.

  11. eminere says:

    Why not!

  12. cleo777 says:

    I like Green Tea. A cute boy I used to date said it smelled “fresh”. So there ya go! :)

  13. missme says:

    I’m brand new here and this is my first posting, I admittedly barely know my way around some of the terminology here and could only what flanker means ( scent suitable to layer with others?) I wouldn’t dream of reviewing anything, I’m here to learn more than anything,

    Of all the EA Green teas I tried , this is the one that works for me.
    I don’t really wear much perfume and the two bottles I have is Jean- Paul Gaultier’s Le Male and Chanel N5.
    For the last year or so I been looking for something to wear during the day. The summers are hot and crazy humid where I live and I just got tired of that damp mildewy smell that comes from exposure to constant humidity.
    I want something to spray and blend but not so strong I have a cloud around me.
    The search began with the Tocca series, which have a longevity of about 2 hrs on me. Not nearly good enough for a $70 bottle.
    To add insult to injury, the bottles albeit gorg are completely impractical to carry.
    This lead me to the EA selection at TJ. Max and at prices I was willing to take chance’s with.
    The green tea was too prickly to my nose and slightest hint of citron/lemon etiher smells like pine sol or urine to me.
    The Lotus flower is also prickly and a too perfumey for me but still better.
    I abhor almond scents and most cherry blossom’s so I gave it a wide birth. I couldn’t find the Camellia but imagine it’d appeal to me depending on how subtle it is.
    The Honeysuckle however calms down to a smooth creamy pleasantness. A hint of sweet but nothing sugary about it. It does not last as long as I’d hoped, about 3hrs but at this price point and neat bottle, I can take it with me and reapply trough out the day.
    This is it.
    I found my summer scent!
    Thanks for a great site!

    • Robin says:

      Hey, thanks for joining in, and we love to read reviews, so do always feel free! And so glad you found your summer scent.

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