Bvlgari Man Extreme ~ new fragrance

Eric Bana for Bvlgari Man Extreme

Bvlgari has launched Bvlgari Man Extreme, a new stronger version of 2010's Bvlgari Man. Bvlgari Man Extreme is fronted by actor Eric Bana.

Bvlgari Man Extreme was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who also made the original Bvlgari Man. The notes include pink grapefruit, bergamot, cactus, freesia, cardamom, amber, vetiver, benzoin and woods.

Bvlgari Man Extreme is available in 60 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.


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  1. pigoletto says:

    Huh, cactus. Now I really want some cactus candy!

  2. Dusan says:

    I truly hated the original. Hope this will be an improvement.

  3. jonr951 says:

    Eric Bana? Ok, I’m in! Haha! : )

    • elvanui says:

      Me too:)! He looks gorrrgeous in the ad… Dind’t like the original one either btw…

    • Robin says:

      That’s why they paid him all that money :-)

    • LaMaroc says:


  4. thenoseknows says:

    I ADORE THE ORIGINAL! Wear ir ALLLLLL The Time! ;-) It’s one of my Best Friends Fragrance wise…

  5. AnnieA says:

    Do people truly want Extreme Men? They sound quite unrestful.

  6. eminere says:

    Not sure why this warranted a flanker. Nor is Eric Bana persuasive much.

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