Etro Rajasthan ~ new fragrance

Etro Rajasthan

Italian brand Etro will launch Rajasthan, their latest fragrance, in March.

Rajasthan merges the fresh fragrance of a winter lemon flower, with damask rose and mimosa, whilst amber and white musk are contrasted with pink pepper, labdanum and acacia.

Etro Rajasthan will be available in an enamelled paisley bottle, £112 for 100 ml, concentration unknown.

(via fashionmonitor, additional information via MakeUp4All at FB)

Update: see a review of Etro Rajasthan.

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  1. lucasai says:

    Sounds interesting. The combination of notes make me think this might be a good perfume for early spring.

  2. Merlin says:

    Etro usually releases a smaller size – but then this one seems to have a different type of bottle so perhaps its not meant to be part of the same collection as the rest?

    • Robin says:

      They do usually do a 50 ml…we’ll have to wait and see, I’m sure there will be more info about this scent next month.

      But also true that they might only be doing one size because of the bottle. And I want that bottle!

      • ringthing says:

        That bottle is gorgeous, and I’m fond of many Etro scents.

        • Robin says:

          So far, I’m really only fond of Shaal Nur, but hope springs eternal :-)

  3. AnnE says:

    Sounds very wearable, and I’m a huge fan of their Gomma. Nice bottle doesn’t hurt, either.

  4. maggiecat says:

    I haven’t tried any Etro scents yet, but may have to get started. This bottle is gorgeous, and the scent sounds promising as well. I love lemon notes in floral scents!

  5. katrin says:

    I just want the bottle!

  6. sllat says:

    Aren’t acacia and mimosa the same thing?

    • Robin says:

      Usually. Given the way they’re listed here, it’s possible they’re talking about a acacia as a wood note, but I couldn’t say for sure.

  7. Colin says:

    Tried this at the Etro shop in Soho two weeks ago along with a $1900 paisley jacket. I liked them both, but not enough to bite. It’s pretty, with the florals balanced well by the amber/musk, but it’s no Shaal Nur.

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