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  1. shellyw says:

    I have read Turin’s book twice as well as Burr’s book about his theory. I am glad you posted this article as I will book mark it and read when I am awake and can fully focus on it. Both the books required full attention and no radio in the background as I read. They left me hoping for Mr. Turin’s theory though. I love learning the science angle of perfumes. Again, Thanks for the post

    • Robin says:

      The science is over my head…I’m just waiting for them to finally decide which it is, shape or vibration :-)

  2. OhLily says:

    Time to call my pops. I need some help understanding this one, I won’t lie!

    He got his doctorate in organic chem, so I’m fascinated to hear his take on this. While I was growing up he’d offer his opinion of the day’s fragrance as I walked by while getting ready. His ‘opinion’ would consist of one of two phrases, either “That one.” or “No, not that one.” When my mom and I finally asked him if he could be more specific about what he liked because she was searching for a new perfume(and I was on the other side of the country), he explained if it contained any chemical he’d smelled in his lab it was a “No, not that one.”

    God, I love him. This inquiry will tickle him no end – hope I can follow along to the conclusion, lol!

    • Robin says:

      Sorry for the late reply, missed this one somehow. But hope your pops explained it, & maybe some day he could call and explain it to me :-)

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