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Amouage Gold Woman ~ fragrance review

Amouage Gold Woman

For more than a month now, a 1950s nude-pink organza coat has hung at a vintage clothing store downtown. It has a smocked top, gathered sleeves with French cuffs, and an open front designed to waft over full skirts. I imagine the coat resting lightly on the bare shoulders of a woman going to the opera on a summer night. Her rhinestone earrings glitter above the organza’s satiny finish, and the click of her heels on the theater’s marble floors punctuates the coat’s swish against her evening gown.

The coat is priced to move at less than $20. So why hasn’t anyone bought it? I think it’s simply too special for most people to imagine integrating into their lives. They remember their fat couch at home in front of the TV and the afternoon they just spent pushing a shopping cart through Costco or enduring eight hours in a bland cubicle, and they forego the coat for yoga pants. I wonder if Amouage Gold Woman faces the same obstacle? Even hardcore Amouage lovers tend to gloss over Gold in favor of some of Amouage’s warmer, spicier, more incensey fragrances.

This review is a cry for glamour and an entreaty to give Gold Woman a square sampling…

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By Kilian Water Calligraphy and Bamboo Harmony ~ fragrance reviews

By Kilian recently launched its Asian Tales perfume collection; the debut fragrances, Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy, were developed by perfumer Calice Becker, who used iconic symbols of Asian art and culture as inspiration — bamboo/tea and calligraphy/water lily (why not lotus, Ms Becker?) I was looking forward to this new collection and hoping it was truly an ‘Asian-infused’ line and not a line geared toward Asian consumers (who, we are told by marketers, prefer modern, super-light, non-perfume perfumes).

Water Calligraphy

(grapefruit, reseda blossom, water lily, jasmine, magnolia, cardamom, vetiver)

Water Calligraphy begins with sweet citrus and mignonette (fleeting, alas); within seconds of application, a water lily-jasmine-magnolia accord appears (accent on sheer, sugary jasmine). In the quickly arriving heart of the fragrance, Water Calligraphy piles on the aquatics and it reminds me of Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey (all those fresh, watery floral notes). Water Calligraphy is all about clear, clean aquatic notes mixing with white florals…

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