Lazy weekend poll ~ whispering to Santa (or the gift-giving entity of your choice), 2012 edition

christmas cactus

Our fifth annual holiday gift poll (see 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011). Here are the three questions:

What is the fragrance-related gift you’d most like to receive this year?

Let’s say you were going to ask for just one unsniffed fragrance this year, what would it be?

Are you giving any fragrance items for gifts this year, and if so, what?

My answers:

Parfum d'Empire Azemour Les Orangers. I can't believe I haven't bought this yet.

Hard pick, but I might take a chance on Arquiste Boutonniere no. 7.

A few scented things for nieces, by request, from Lush and Victoria's Secret.

Note: top image is christmas cactus [cropped] by Chris Erwin at flickr; some rights reserved.

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  1. friede says:

    My wish list: Anima Dulcis, Chanel Beige, Boadicea Intense, Seville a L’Aube

    My blind-buy: probably Boutonniere no. 7 or Paper Passion (for reference)

    Giving: I am plotting to give a set of samples to my brother’s fiancee to help her find a wedding fragrance that will be memorable but not set off her sensitivities (I did the same thing for my sister the day before her wedding, and now she wears En Passant religiously!) I’m pretty sure I’ll get my mom the Beautiful solid (she’s a devoted wearer of the perfume, but the Little Old Ladies are becoming more smell-sensitive)

  2. lucasai says:

    Hello perfume friends! Are you doing well? How was your week?
    These are my quiet Santa whispers:

    I would love to be gifted with Parfum d’Empire Iskander. It’s my favourite scent in the line, but I started collecting my Parfum d’Empire with Eau de Gloire which is very autumn suitable. I wouldn’t mind a bottle of Comme des Garcons Kyoto as well (+many many more)

    I would take a risk and ask for either Ann Gerard Cuir de Nacree or maybe Liquid Night by A Lab On Fire.

    Yes, my dad will be getting another bottle of aftershave splash. After I gave him one three years ago now he requests another one each year. Mum will be getting a face-cream or a bag, don’t know yet.

    • Robin says:

      I could live with a bottle of Kyoto!

      • Merlin says:

        Robin do you think Dzongkha is very close to any of the comme de Garcons incenses. Also, do you think it is a waste if one already has Encre Noir (no peony or iris but plenty vetiver)?

        • Robin says:

          No, not very close at all, and Encre Noire isn’t close to any of them either, including the Kyoto.

          • Merlin says:


    • nozknoz says:

      Lucas, I got more done than I expected this week, so I count it as an especially good week. Pd’E is such a great line, isn’t it!

      • lucasai says:

        I’m glad to hear this week was effective Nozknoz! Yes, Parfum d’Empire is wonderful, I love almost the entire line. I’m curious about limited Musc Tonkin, I should have my decant soon.

        • dolcesarah says:

          I want that one Lucas

          • lucasai says:

            I’m noticing that we all want to try it. I’ll be sure to share my impressions when it arrives – hopefully I’ll have it next week.

    • poodle says:

      I’m happy to see you’ve found an incense you like.

      • lucasai says:

        I’m happy too. And my mum likes it also so we might buy a bottle and use it together.

    • Ari says:

      I would love an A Lab on Fire this year too, but it’s WWDIPIS! Haven’t tried Liquid Night or any others yet.

      • lucasai says:

        I had a sample of WWDIPIS! It’s lovely, but too powdery and feminine for a guy to wear.

    • Ann C says:

      Cuir de Nacre is gorgeous! I have a decant, but will probably use it up and then get a full bottle.

      • lucasai says:

        I’ve heard a lot of people like it. Unfortunately I don’t have any local (or even close from abroad) access to it.

  3. 50_Roses says:

    I would love a bottle of Amouage Dia Woman. I have balked at buying it because of the price, but it is such a wonderful fragrance.

    I have not had very good luck with unsniffed purchases, but if I were to receive it as a gift, I would take a chance on Aftelier Wild Roses.

    Yes, my husband is getting a bottle of AG Ninfeo Mio.

    • Robin says:

      Lucky husband!

    • nozknoz says:

      50 Roses, I agree with you on Dia. I bought the lovely solids compact because it was a lot less expensive (and discounted), but solids stay so close to the skin, and I’d really enjoy spending time in a cloud of Dia!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Santa:

    Please use your magic to finally bring my Ormonde Jayne Tolu to me! And also some Borneo 1834 if you are feeling particularly generous.

    My unsniffed choice would be Musc Tonkin.

    I’m going to get some Knize Ten for my boyfriend since he has asked for a refill! :-)

    • Robin says:

      Musc Tonkin is another I’d really like to smell.

    • nozknoz says:

      Musc Tonkin is definitely on my list, too!

  5. Abyss says:

    Since clearing my wish list earlier this year I’ve been feeling pretty content. However, if Santa absolutely insisted on giving me some perfume then I’d love a bottle of L’Eau d’Hiver. I wouldn’t say no to some Bois des Îles parfum or Patchouli 24 either.

    I’d love to finally try SL La Myrrhe and De Bachmakov so they would be my unsniffed choices.

    No plans for any scented gift giving yet but that might still change.

    • Robin says:

      Clearing your wishlist?!? Does not compute…

      • Abyss says:

        Ha! I probably should have clarified that it was my absolutely-must-own-a-FB list. I have another one which has probably a good 30 or so things that I wouldn’t mind owning & might buy a small amount of & once my sample runs out & I find a good deal.

    • nozknoz says:

      SL La Myrrhe and de Bachmakov are must sniffs!

      • Abyss says:

        I was really hoping that the rumours about La Myrrhe being this year’s limited export were true, but it looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and pay for a sample after all.

      • hajusuuri says:

        I was so turned of by the latest TDC offerings that I almost decided not to try any TDC during my Barneys sniffa. I’m glad I got over that because De Bachmakov and un parfum des sens et bois were really really good!

  6. Titian Red says:

    I would love a bottle of Bell’Antonio from Hilde Soliani

    Unsniffed I’d go for Myrrhiad Eau de Parfum by Huitieme Art

    Gifts include Chanel Allure Sport, Roberto Cavalli, JPG Classique all of which I feel very safe giving but a friend is getting a decant of Soivohle Fig Amarette

    • nozknoz says:

      Bell’Antonio is on my list to sample. I like Myrrhiad but I think I like Indochine better – need to spend more time with both of them.

  7. platinum14 says:

    I would love a bottle of Cuir de Russie or, if Santa is feeling generous, i would gladly accept a bottle of Tobacco Vanille or of Black Violet. I would also point out to Santa that I am still waiting for a bottle of Vega and for that limited edition crystal bottle of Hommage à l’Homme… They were on my list last year.

    As for my unsniffed selection, I would probably ask for Timbuktu or a bottle of Louxor de Lalique, if only for the gorgeous bottle.

    My brother in law loves his Lush stuff, so he will probably get a basket of that. Dad loves aftershave so that’s what he’ll get. Mom got a bottle of Amazone 15 yr ago because she loves it, and she might have used it twice, so bath products are a better choice for her.

    • mals86 says:

      Oh, HEY, Santa! (hands on hips) Vega was on MY list last year, too! Where is it, what gives???

      • Robin says:

        Yeah, Santa wasn’t much help to me last year either.

    • nozknoz says:

      I think Mrs. Santa must be hoarding the Vega! ;-)

  8. farouche says:

    Although I’ve already gifted myself with Diptyque’s Volutes EDP in order to get the 4 sample set of Mona di Orio fragrances from Lucky Scent, I wouldn’t mind if Santa brought me a bottle of Parfumerie Generale Iris Oriental, Hermes L’Ambree des Merveilles, or YOSH Ginger Ciao.
    Unsniffed, I’d like Donna Karan Chaos.
    Unlike her mother, my younger daughter is true to one fragrance, her beloved Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, so I might buy a back-up for her :)

    • nozknoz says:

      I’m curious, Farouche, if you also tried Volutes EdT or went straight for the EdP? I’m still trying to decide…

      • farouche says:

        Hi Nozknoz, I did try them both, and although I preferred the spicier and longer lasting EDP, I also really like the brighter EDT and bought decants of both. I drained the EDP first, and went for the full bottle :)
        I’m sure that the EDT decant will also get used but I don’t plan on buying a FB.

    • farouche says:

      Just bought Omnia Crystalline shower gel for my daughter :)

  9. Rappleyea says:

    Dear Santa,
    I have been so good this year that I am boring! :-(
    Therefore, would you please bring me La Vie del Profumo’s sample set? As an unsniffed gift, I would request his Sharif.
    Thank you very much, Santa. Cookies are gluten free btw.

    I introduced a good friend to SSS Fig Tree last Christmas and she loved it. So her gift this year will be more Fig Tree – either perfume or body butter.

    • nozknoz says:

      Love Via del Profumo!

      • Rappleyea says:

        I have absolutely no business spending that money on myself after having to buy a new set of tires, but I know I’m going to cave! And they’re very generous “samples” – 5 mls. decants actually!

        • nozknoz says:

          I’m so glad I don’t drive! ;-)

        • nozknoz says:

          Also meant to add, the samples are great! His perfumes are so intense (though close to the skin, as naturals are), one can get a lot of enjoyment from the samples.

  10. Anne from Makeupwoot says:

    I’m hoping for a new 100 ml bottle of Angel.

    • Robin says:

      Hope you’ll get it!

    • Sandi says:

      Tell Santa to check Evilbay. I got mine for about 1/2 of retail last spring.

  11. moore says:

    Fragrance-related gift: soaps;

    Unsniffed fragrance: Mitsouko;

    Are you giving any fragrance items for gifts this year, and if so, what? No, I already gave recently.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, you must smell Mitsouko in any case!

      • moore says:

        I know it’s a heresy to love perfumes the way I love, to love chypres and have never tried Mitsouko. But I can’t find it here. I’ll ask Santa to bring me from North Pole, lol.

        • Robin says:

          Hey, there are plenty of classics I’ve never tried! So it goes.

          • moore says:

            Lol. That’s true! But you already know so many good fragrances that one or other classic won’t make difference to your knowledge.

  12. donix says:

    I would like to get L’Heure Bleue or Nahema. And another portion of Insolence EDP – here in UK it’s on some crazy sale £23 instead od £41, haha.
    Unsnifffed – I’d go for Musc Ravageur ( for the love of Maurice Roucel) or Tonka Imperiale (eh, Guerlain! What have you done to me?!?)
    My mom is getting Dune, my boyfriend Antaeus and my dad probably sth from Chanel too.

  13. perfumebottles says:

    Dear Santa, I haven’t been a good girl this year, but I’d still love something from Guerlain’s Les Parisiennes range, either Mon Precieux Nectar or L’Heure de Nuit.

    Unsnifffed gift: Another vote for Musc Tonkin.

    Fragrance gifts for others? Oh, if only. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who wants a fragrance item as a gift :(

    • nozknoz says:

      It sounds like Musc Tonkin is ideal for not good girls. :-)

  14. Eva S says:

    I would like a bottle of Amouage Interlude Woman, but there’s no chance of that! :-)
    If I could wish for an unsniffed bottle it would be Arquiste Bouttoniere or Alexandre.
    None in my family is very fond of scents, so no fragrance gifts.

    • nozknoz says:

      Boutonniere sounds so tempting!

      • hajusuuri says:

        I had me a Henri Bendel and Barneys sniffa yesterday and got to smell Arquiste Boutonniere at Barneys. Nice! …and they were sold out!!! I wasn’t going to buy though because I just bought myself the travel spray set of FM Portrait of a Lady.

  15. rosiegreen62 says:

    I would like a bottle of OJ Tolu and a vintage bottle of #19 and since we are wishing here, a bottle of Czech & Speake Dark Rose.

    My unsniffed bottle would be Seville L’Aube or SL La Myrrhe.

    No plans for scented gifts this year, handmade presents only.

    • nozknoz says:

      La Myrrhe and Seville a l’Aube are in my all time top ten (which includes about 100 perfumes in reality).

      • Rappleyea says:

        Oh dear… I’ve never smelled La Myrrh and I LOVE myrrh! You’ve officially pushed me over the edge! A stone for your enabler’s pin! :-D

  16. mals86 says:

    My one unsniffed is Silences EdP Sublime. I can’t imagine that I won’t at least like it, and possibly I’ll love it.

    Other than that – well, I just did some ebay shopping for myself, and I bought a mostly-full bottle of Black Cashmere and one of what appears to be 1960s Coty Chypre parfum de toilette, which I CANNOT WAIT to receive in the mail…

    • Ari says:

      Ooh, congratulations on your Black Cashmere, Mals!

      • mals86 says:

        I really like it!

        Forgot to answer #3: Not giving anything scented, but did assist in the locating and purchase of a bottle of my daughter’s boyfriend’s fragrance: True Religion for men, a really pleasant aromatic fougere. I’m always pleased when teenagers pick something they like instead of wearing what everybody else wears…

    • nozknoz says:

      I’m voting for you as Scented Santa, Mals!

    • Robin says:

      In the PdT no less — score! Congrats.

  17. mutzi says:

    I would love to receive Baiser Vole parfum and have dropped several hints.

    My unsniffed would be the Ann Gerard Discovery Collection and Séville à l’Aube.

    I’ve bought our three great-nieces Chance, Dot, and Hello Kitty. I would love to find a decant of Dinvine L’homme infini for SO.

    • nozknoz says:

      I love discovery sets, and that Anne Gerard one is so chic, as well as having such lovely perfumes.

  18. C.H. says:

    So my answers to the first two are the same: I’ve been giving Santa a good nudge in the ribs about the Ormonde Jayne sample set. Thanks Monday Mailers for that suggestion! Very excited.

    Meanwhile, just as sort of stocking stuffers, I’m thinking of giving some girlfriends either the Ineke or Tocca sample set. I’ve actually only sniffed the Ineke Floral Curiosities Anthropologie line so perhaps I need to try the main set myself first (twist my arm!), but if the Anthro line is any indication, I feel like either of those would be a fairly easily accessible treat for the non-perfume hound. Tocca’s a little less exciting since all the people in question are in major cities, so they could just hit Sephora, but I feel like it’s still nice to have a set on your bathroom counter to try on at your leisure (especially for one non-shopper in the bunch, who also happens to have a strong preference for very light, easy perfumes). Maybe? Thoughts on this matter most welcome!

    • Robin says:

      Completely agree on either. The “regular” Ineke line is not at all “difficult” or esoteric, I think they’re nicer than the Toccas but the Toccas are very popular and easier to find, so there’s that in their favor.

      • C.H. says:

        Ah, great to know these seem workable for the purpose! Thanks Robin. Maybe I’ll get the Inekes for the ones who’ll like the ‘niche’ factor, and Tocca for the one who goes for pretty but highly accessible perfumes. (I’ve succeeded in getting her to come perfume-hunting with me only once, and of the dozen or so Jo Malones we sniffed, Wild Bluebells was her favorite; she rejected all the Diptyques. I’m taking my cue from that!)

    • The “main” Ineke sample set is so reasonably priced, and the scents so varied but good, that I can’t imagine passing it up if you think your giftee actually will enjoy perfume. The Tocca scents are lovely for people who might be less adventuresome (not that any of the Inekes are diffiicult!) but I think more money for less juice and less excitement. I do own that little Tocca coffret of minis, but I think you are talking about the sample set? I’d go with the Inekes – and get a set for yourself!

      • C.H. says:

        Ah, thanks for the vote for Inekes, Unseencenser! The Toccas I’m thinking of are the sample set of six that Sephora currently has for $18, so price-wise it’s even a little cheaper than the Inekes, but I’m interested to know you have a strong preference for the latter. I had been on the fence as I was a little underwhelmed by the Anthro line, but it sounds like I really should give the main set a chance! Oh darn; I guess if I must… ;)

  19. ladymurasaki says:

    I’m with you on Arquiste Boutonniere no. 7, Robin. But having said that, I never blind buy, so would not even consider taking a chance. I tried Lady Day by Maria Candida Gentile and was bitterly disappointed by it. It’s acrid green juice to my nose… no gardenia anywhere. Ah, well. They can’t all be winners, I suppose.

    As for what I want for Christmas, I accidentally found out that I’ll be getting a bottle of Iris Ganach for Christmas! I’ll have to act all surprised come Christmas morning :) I made the discovery after making frantic calls to department stores to see if anyone had a bottle left to sell. My daugther saw me doing this and blurted out that her papa had already bought a bottle and it’s somehwere in his office! He might have been the who had bought the “last bottle” in Selfridges. lol

    Now for gift giving… I’ll be giving friends Jo Malone scented candles and a bottle of Bronze Goddess for my sister. I’m hoping the scent might evoke memories of our childhood in SoCal. Beach, sand, sun tan lotion and oranges…

    • Ari says:

      Best husband EVER! And it’s being discontinued, too… you lucky lady! ;)

    • nozknoz says:

      Maria Candida Gentile is an interesting line but agree it’s not one to buy unsniffed. I like Exultat (the one Denyse reviewed on Grain de Musc) but did not care for Sideris.

    • Robin says:


      (and I gave up blind buying seeing as how I’m not good at it)

    • Rappleyea says:

      Oh wow! What a considerate sweetie your husband is! I would have given him points just for giving you any perfume at all, but a discontinued glory like Iris Ganache… I’m impressed!

    • ladymurasaki says:

      I know, he’s lovely. I knew that he liked Iris Ganache when I tried it on and was thinking about buying a bottle… for nearly 3 months. He probably thought he’d get me a bottle before it sold out. When I called Selfridges the woman on the phone said that the last bottle had sold a few weeks ago.

  20. Nile Goddess says:

    I’d like a large flacon of vintage Hypnotic Poison 1st edition.

    Unsniffed – Seville a l’Aube

    Not sure I’d buy fragrance this Christmas. I’m going through a rebellious phase atm – I dislike everything. Hopefully it’ll pass.

    • nozknoz says:

      An original Poison bottle would look great under the Christmas tree!

  21. Ari says:

    I am hoping to bring fragrant gifts this year to the Johns Hopkins psychiatric ward at which I was treated two years ago. I remember that it was very hard for many patients to be away from their families on Christmas (fortunately, Chanukah was early that year), so I wanted to bring them some perfume stocking-stuffers to cheer them up a little. The complication is that they are not allowed to have any glass containers (potential for self-injury), so the bottles need to be plastic or aluminum. So far I’ve got a bottle of CSP Vanille Abricot, and I think I’ll get a lot of B&BW mini body splashes and maybe some Lush solid perfumes. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I would greatly appreciate them!

    • mals86 says:

      Pacifica solids? I like those B&BW body mists, too, in certain scents (you know I love me some Dark Kiss), and I think they’re in plastic bottles.

      Such a wonderful holiday idea, Ari! You are blessed to be a blessing.

      • Aparatchick says:

        I’ll second the Pacifica solids. At $9 they are a bargain. Plenty of very nice scents.

        And a big MWAH! smooch to you for doing that.

    • solanace says:

      So sweet, Ari!

    • nozknoz says:

      Great idea, Ari, and I really appreciated your amazing post on The Non-Blond!

      • Ari says:

        Thank you so much, nozknoz, I’m so happy you liked it! I was out-of-this-world excited when Gaia asked me- I’ve been reading The Non Blonde since 7th grade!!

        • alyssa says:

          *chokes on tea* I’m not sure how Gaia would feel about that, but I now feel completely ancient… ;-)

          • Robin says:

            LOL — ditto!! But then, I *am* ancient.

        • nozknoz says:

          It always seems to me like no coincidence that Gaia named after a goddess!

    • Ari says:

      Thank you so much for all of the replies, everyone! The Pacifica solids are perfect- I’d get them all By Kilian solids if I could, but the Pacifica price point is far more feasible! :D

      • alyssa says:

        I love this idea, Ari. Do you know I worked at a psych ward for a couple of years?

        • Ari says:

          No, I didn’t, Alyssa! You are a very special lady- that seems like it would be very tough work. The impression that I got from many of the nurses there were that sometimes it was rewarding, but usually it was not.

    • Robin says:

      Can’t think of anything more reasonably priced than the Lush & Pacifica solids. There’s a box of 9 Pacifica solids for $65, but don’t know if you want that many.

      • Ari says:

        Oooh, I hadn’t noticed that set! I know I’ve tried lots of Toccas, but somehow I only ever remember Stella.

    • Yes, solids – Tocca’s too – and samples!

      Good for you!

    • Annikky says:

      What a lovely thing to do! I’ve got no additional ideas on perfume, but some body products might also be nice? I am specifically thinking about Lush shower gels, as I have enjoyed them a lot lately (Flying Fox and Twilight, mostly). They are not cheap, but the small bottles might be OK. My personal experience is that with shower gels people don’t mind so much if the scent isn’t 100% to their taste – which makes them an easier gifting option than perfume.

    • Rappleyea says:

      Ari, I know the SSS purse sprays come in beautiful aluminum containers, and while they are more expensive than some of your other suggestions, Laurie may be willing to work with you on price since it’s for such a good cause. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask her. If you haven’t dealt with her personally, she is lovely! Blessings to you.

    • Merlin says:

      It’s really nice, when in an institution, to have little luxury products. And even when it is hard to appreciate anything of beauty, the sense that there are people who care is still uplifting.

      One idea I had was maybe to get plastic vials and decant perfume into them. I’m not sure if its a good idea though because without much perfume experience, one can base a judgment too much on the packaging…

  22. PetronellaCJ says:

    A good friend of mine will act as Santa and bring back a bottle of Floris Mahon Leather from London just in time for Christmas.

    For the unsniffed I’d like anything from Vero Profumo.

    I might be tempted to get some scented toiletries to my teenage boys and sneak in some surprise bath accessories into the grownups’ bathroom at home as well :).

  23. My birthday was this past week and I already got the thing I was MOST wanting on my perfume wishlist, which was Nez à Nez’s Amber à Sade.

    So if I had to choose something else from my wishlist, I think it would one of the following: Cartier’s Baiser Volé in extrait, Guerlain’s Encens Mythique d’Orient, Tauer’s Rose Vermeille, or Tauer’s Incense Rosé.

    If I had to choose something to get unsniffed, maybe I’ve already chosen that – I ordered a 15mL of Soivohle’s Rosa sur Reuse and Lilas et Narcissus, which is on a closeout sale, plus with her Thanksgiving weekend coupon, it came out to a ridiculously amazing price. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m so excited to try them. I’m also dying to try Guerlain’s L’Heure de Nuit and those new LUSH scents.

    This year, I’m not really planning on getting any fragrant gifts. Although that could change, I guess.

    • Robin says:

      A very happy belated birthday to you!

    • Calypso says:

      That Nez a Nez is also on my wishlist, but then I smelled their recent one (I think it’s recent), Vanithe–have you tried it?–and now I can’t decide which one I’d want more!

      • I haven’t tried Vanithe! I ran into this line for the first time while on my honeymoon and I really loved Bal Musque and Ambre a Sade. I would love to try the rest of the line at some point soon.

    • Merlin says:

      Hope you had a good birthday week!

  24. sweetgrass says:

    If Santa was feeling generous.. I’d like a bottle (or a large-ish decant) of any one of the following: Timbuktu, Cuir Venenum, Volutes EDP, Philosykos EDP, Tobacco Vanille, Cuir Fetiche, Idole EDP, CDG Kyoto or Ouarazazate, or Niki de Saint Phalle. Or I’d like a sample set from Ormonde Jayne or Sonoma Scent Studio.

    Unsniffed, I’d take a chance on Arquiste Infanta en Flor, DSH Pandora, or something from SSS (there are several I would take a chance on there)

    No definite plans for scented gifts just yet. I don’t actually know what I’m getting anyone yet, come to think of it. I saw the Juniper Ridge room sprays in the holiday gift post, and I thought of my parents because they love going to the mountains on vacations (vacations when I was a kid were almost always to Colorado). Not sure if they would actually use them, though.

    • nozknoz says:

      That’s a great wish list. Cuir Venenum is a great leather that doesn’t get mentioned as often as it deserves.

      • sweetgrass says:

        I know.. it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It definitely passed my after-the-sample test. I’ve been thinking about it since I ran out.

    • Ari says:

      I have been wanting to try Idole ever since Luca Turin described it as a more complex Safran Troublant! Weirdly, a little store near me has some Lubins, but only Vetiver, Gin Fizz, and Black Jade.

      • Idole’s been on my to-buy list for a while. Odd how rare it is.

      • sweetgrass says:

        Huh.. I hadn’t actually linked Idole and Safran Troublant together before, but I got out my samples and smelled them side by side, and I get it. Idole doesn’t quite have the creamy quality of Safran Troublant or the rose, but the sugar cane (I think that’s what it is) note in Idole does bring in some of the sweetness that ST has.

        Gin Fizz is a fun one. The opening is very true to its name. I’m saving that one for spring/summer.

        I’m wanting to try the new Lubins that just came out. From the list of notes on Luckyscent, they kind of sound like they’re going to be siblings (or at least cousins) to Idole (but I may also be thinking that because the bottles look pretty much like the Idole EDP bottle).

    • sweetgrass says:

      Forgot a couple for my want list – Serge Lutens Chergui and Santal Majuscule. And if Santa is feeling *really* generous…the MDCI discovery set.

  25. alyssa says:

    Well, presuming Santa has unlimited amounts of cash I would like some JAR Golconda, please. Just a few ml will do if Santa is human. I made the mistake of trying it again this fall and was stunned. On the more reasonable side I see a 15 ml bottle of Ambre Merveilles in my future. Or even a 30 ml…

    I don’t have any unsniffed FB lemmings, but I wouldn’t say no to samples of Vero’s Mito, and Parfum d’Empire’s Musc Tonkin.

    I will be bringing a decant of vintage Joy to my former prof’s book signing tomorrow. When I was still feeling very shy about loving perfume she told me how much she had loved it as a girl–this from a 5’10 radical dyke warrior who occasionally go-go dances in her girfriend’s rock band. So much for stereotypes. ;-)

    • C.H. says:

      !! Wishing my professors were that much fun!

      And what a treat, to get to know that about her. Makes me think I should uncloset my perfume habit a little more.

      • alyssa says:

        I was very, very surprised by the responses I got when I began telling people. A lot of folks have Secret Perfume Lives, or at least that one scent they love and remember.

        • C.H. says:

          I’m especially tickled with the idea of the secret perfume lives of academics (so often beset by the idea that asceticism somehow makes you smarter!) Can think of quite a few individuals it’d be fun to see disarmed by the topic!

          • friede says:

            I’m an academic now researching scent (inspired by a colleague’s astounding vintage collection), and my hobby-turned-research has turned up an amazing number of people in my university and in my field who are intensely into scent — or can easily be made to be obsessed!

          • C.H. says:

            Wow how cool, Friede! And yes I suppose it’s no surprise that the academics who are into fragrance would necessarily be so Very Rigorously. (At one point, two of my three advisors were also classically trained ballerinas; happily as an aesthetic pleasure, fragrance doesn’t have the same sado-masochistic strain…although I suppose it’s not impossible!)

            May I ask what your topic is? (No worries if you’d rather not say, though; totally understand.) So interesting to wonder how one might incorporate it, if one isn’t, say, a biochemical engineer!

    • nozknoz says:

      What an awesome professor – and it you ever get the Musc Tonkin, give her a sample!

      • alyssa says:

        Oh, I should, I be she’d love it. When her little black cat dies a brought some Memory of Kindness oil to the ceremony she held and she used it to say goodbye and to remember her. Ah Peola, we knew ye well…

    • Robin says:

      Curious if you have smelled Golconda lately? Was wondering if it had changed, since clove is now restricted.

    • Emily says:

      Alyssa — as a former English Ph.D. student, I particularly loved that section of your book. (end of fangirl interjection)

  26. solanace says:

    1. I’d love to get a bottle of Guerlain Rose Nacrée du Désert.
    2. Unsniffed… Ormonde Woman.
    3. I’m preparing a Venitian recipe of coffee liqueur, does it count as a fragrant gift?

    • nozknoz says:

      I think #3 counts and would love to know your recipe if it’s not a family secret.

    • sweetgrass says:

      Ooohh #3 sounds delicious. I second the recipe-wanting. :D

  27. Veronika says:

    1. I’d like to receive another bottle of 30 ml Vol de Nuit parfum this New Year!
    2. Unsniffed… Well, maybe Ormond Jayne Woman – I’ve heard so many positive reviews – and I almost imagine a more woody less flowery smell of Chanel 19 – but the line is not sold where I live – and what’s even worse – the post office works worse than anywhere in developed world so that it’s likely that I’ll order – pay – but never receive… hopeless!
    I’m also tempted to buy Dzing! unsniffed – or rather – I tested it only on paper – not on my skin. Right after I bought a wonderful bottle of Cuir de Russie Edt (from Chanel) – I was craving something relatively leatherly and dirty – but in a positive way:) I also tried Claire des Merveille and found it the most animalic of all Merveiiles fragrances. It’s almost Guerlain dirty! Very interesting touch. Maybe I need that one for Christmas too…
    3. I’m giving Chanel Coco EDP to my mother this New Year. Hope she likes it. She bought Le petit robe noir to herself recently – and I decided to satisfy her craving for something sweet with a little bit more interesting fragrance to my mind.

    • nozknoz says:

      I really like Dzing! Very different, interesting, wearable and relatively versatile in terms of the time of year that it can be worn.

      • Veronika says:

        Unfortunately almost everything I like smells better in autumn. So there are very few fragrances left for winter-spring and especially summer since I can’t wear frech citrus fragrances at all. Gives me lot’s of sadness.

        Wich season is Dzing! in your opinion? I ascribed autumn to it too (maybe spring.. last days of february – march – april), though I might be wrong since I haven’t really tested it on skin.

        • nozknoz says:

          Dzing! is the leather I wear any time except for the coldest or hottest weeks. To me it’s good in spring as well as fall. It’s not too heavy or intense to my nose (some commenters report find it too barnyardy).

          • Veronika says:

            Yes! my mother in law thought that it smelled like urine)) wich made me only more eager to try it! (She bought some Givenchy Black Dahlia for god’s sake… Not Very Irresistible but still…)
            I’m really tired of inoffensive biege fragrances I usually wear. It’s time to explore some new realms… I wonder if I’m grown enough for Jicky yet :)

    • Ari says:

      Veronika, Ormonde Jayne Woman is definitely beautiful, but it is almost nothing like No. 19. I would really recommend sampling first. Sorry to hear about your awful post office!

      • Veronika says:

        Oh, Thank you! the word “green” in it’s description must have confused me.

        • alyssa says:

          It is green, but it is very dark green as opposed to crisp and galbanum-filled like No. 19. It’s actually much closer to Vol de Nuit in character. I bet you’d like it if you love VdN so much.

          • Veronika says:

            Now I’m really intrigued! I knew that VdN and N19 share the galbanum note, but I always found N19 to be too green and bright for my personality. Thank you!

          • Abyss says:

            I’d agree with Alyssa that, out of the two, OJ Woman is closer to VdN than N19. It’s more transparent and less powdery than VdN and the hemlock note adds a bitter sweet quality to it that’s quite unique, imo.

  28. Morgan says:

    As a gift I would be delighted with byredo pulp (its not going to happen at that price so this is just fantasy)
    Unsniffed I would go for andy tauer lonestar mmories and l’air desert marocain.
    I’ve bought my mother annick goutal Ce Soir Ou Jamais edt, i’m pretty sure she’s going to love it. I dont think I’ve quite hit the mark on previous fragrance gifts, she keeps “saving them for special occasions” which i think really means “i dont like this enough to wear it every day”

    • Robin says:

      Hope Ce Soir will be the one!

    • hajusuuri says:

      I tried Bryedo Pulp yesterday but was not impressed. I’m thinking because I was hungry when I tried it…I’ll give it another sniff when I’m at Barneys next.

  29. AnnieA says:

    Sniffed Santa gift: vintage Dioressimo parfum; unsnifffed: Diamond Water. Scented gifts are room spray and shower gel.

    • Mitzi says:

      AnnieA, Diorissimo has got to be one of the loveliest scents ever I think. I was in a store today where they had all the re- issued Dior fragrances on display, and smelled it, well I have not smelled the real thing for ages, but the first sniff definitely brought me back to my school days, so hopefully they have not changed too much.

      • alyssa says:

        Oh Mitzi, they have changed Diorissimo a lot I’m afraid. Several of its key ingredients have been restricted. Try before you buy again.

        • Mitzi says:

          Ah well that’s life, everything is changing… But thanks for the tip, I definitely will give it a good sniff first.

          • AnnieA says:

            Maybe just maybe Dior is coming out with a Dioressimo Classic version…

  30. Flora says:

    1. Wish list: Arquiste Flor y Canto, Exotic Island Perfumer Flor Azteca, FB of Shalimar Ode a la Vanille (either the 2010 or the new version, both are fab!), any number of Serge Lutens or Montales.

    2. Unsniffed: With all the good reviews Houbigant Oranger En Fleur is getting, I would take a chance, except that it’s pretty pricey! DSH Perfumes new Cordial sounds amazing too.

    3. Gifts: I am giving one sister some vintage finds I know she will love -mini of the original Laura Biagotti Fiori Bianchi, which is both extremely rare and fantastic, and vintage bottles of DVF Tatiana EDP and Carolina Herrera EDP. She loves florals as much as I do.

    Another sister will be getting something ambery from me me but I have not decided exactly what yet. Probably something from an indie/niche line. (She only wears rich Orientals/ambers and she lives in Florida!)

    A good friend will be receiving some samples and a bottle of vintage DVF Tatiana pure parfum. That stuff rocks in parfum! :-)

  31. trixiesweet says:

    1. I’ve already asked Mr. Santa, aka my hubby, for a bottle of Carnal Flower – actually the 3 x 10 ml bottles ( I recently received a sample and was blown away). Alternatively, a bottle of Diorissimo or Envy (which can still be found online in some of the local sites where I’m based).

    2. I’m a newbie so haven’t sniffed that many perfumes. I’d choose Odalisque or Carillon pour un Ange.

    3. I’m giving Hubby a bottle of Eau Sauvage (unless I like more any of the samples I’ve ordered, in which case I’ll buy a full bottle of one of those).

    • nozknoz says:

      Odalisque is a great choice!

      • trixiesweet says:

        I have ordered a sample but from the descriptions and reviews I’ve read it sounds like the grown up version of Diorissimo. I so want to love it!

    • Veronika says:

      Only recently I gave a bottle of Eau sauvage to my boyfriend for his birthday. He really liked it – and it was so hard to find something he enjoyed. For years he’s been a loyal buyer of L’eau par Kenzo – and for years I’ve tried to find something more interesting for him with no result. To my greatest regret he refused to wear Colonia Acqua di Parma, Habite Rouge Guerlain and Chanel Pour Monsieur :)

      Eau Sauvage – finally!

      • trixiesweet says:

        Let’s hope my husband likes it – he has sniffed it and said he would happily wear it. And I loved it on him.

  32. Suzy Q says:

    Hi Perfume Pals. I’ve missed hanging out with you. Love the poll, Robin.

    1. Prada Candy. Thanks to the Swapmeet, this has become a new love.
    2. Hermes L’Ambre des Merveilles. Not a huge risk: I like the other iterations.
    3. No perfume gifts but if Santa brings me Candy, I’ll decant some for a friend. Hint, hint, Santa.

    • Veronika says:

      Oddly I find those two fragrances (Candy and l’Ambre) the best choices for winter and especially for winter holidays! Prada Candy is a very interesting interpretation of a burnt sugar theme and L’Ambre des Merveilles is a perfect warm amber fragrance. Great choices!

      • Suzy Q says:

        Oh boy! Now I’m really excited to try the Hermes.

        • Veronika says:

          …and I’m now convinsed that I desperately need the Prada one. Oh boy indeed! :)

  33. Mitzi says:

    Ohhh a wish list, love those.
    I would have liked to receive Versace Blonde or Yvresse, the older edition. Unsniffed I would probably have been happy to receive a bottle of Reve Opulent by Terry de Gunzburg, and I am giving Mum a bottle of amber Gris by Balmain ( which I would have liked to keep for myself but did not want to be greedy) – maybe next year :)

  34. Cyn says:

    I found 2 in the box unopened Shalimar EDT’s in the zigzag black and white box a while ago. I am giving one to my daughter, along with a copy of Le Snob Perfume book. I can only hope that someone is thinking of me!

  35. lovethescents says:

    Oh it’s that time of year again…I love this poll on NST. It sets off the perfumisti holiday season in such a wonderful way!

    The fragrance gift and the unsniffed fragrance I’d like most are two in one. Probably COMPLETELY unrealistic, but I would adore even just a 1/4ml of Hermes Doblis, Guerlain Pois de Senteur, and Guerlain Pour Troubler. I’ve been wanting to sniff them forever. I know some are available on decanting sites, but those prices are WAY too high for me :-( Hopefully one day, though!

    I’m giving gifts, yes! Decants, precious samples, soaps, and lavender sachets.

  36. Fernando says:

    The gift I would like… I don’t know! I think I’d rather get a case of wine than any perfume gift this year.

    My unsniffed one would be the new Musk Tonquin from Parfums d’Empire.

    And yes, I’m giving my mother a bottle of Badgley Mishka that we found at a cheap enough price to be an allowable present.

  37. mough says:

    1) I’d love a couple gifts that don’t even exist yet, so my fantasies are:
    Amouage Beloved in body creme, bath oil, soap, shampoo, anything. Same for MFK’s Absolue Pour le Soir. The candle is incredible!

    2) For some reason I’m Jonesing for a bottle of EL Private Collection. Heard so much about it.

    3) I’m going to surprise someone with a bottle of Myrrhiad. Also giving a box set of Bottega Veneta, with lotion and perfume. And my massage therapist gets a bottle of Incense Rosé. If I can make the world just a tiny bit better-smelling, I’m doin’ it!!

  38. The gift I’d most like is some more Gaiac 10 – which it looks like i may be able to swap for, so even if I don’t get any for xmas, my wishes are fulfilled!
    One unsniffed gift? Nahema. I’ve collected many Guerlains but don’t know this one yet.
    And aside from some boxes for known perfumista pals, I am going to do as I did last year and get a bottle for my tiny friend whom I am raising to have good taste. :-) And she’s getting a bottle of Jumana, from Swiss Arabian, partly because it is pretty and she will be able to wear it out and about (I think she is 7 now?) but also because the bottle will delight her little heart.

    • Ari says:

      My whole family tried and loved Gaiac 10 on Thanksgiving. I wish more perfumes targeted to the Asian markets could be like this (subtle, but lovely) instead of that Asian Tales nonsense.

  39. Kitty says:

    1. Santa is bringing me Amouage Interlude Woman (I know because I ordered it, requested gift wrapping and gave it to my DH to give to me on Christmas morning). No muss no fuss and he’s happy! (Am going to try the same thing with Borneo 1834 for my birthday….)
    2. Unsniffed – Hermes Ambre Narguile
    3. Fragrance gift giving: a bottle of JM Cherry Blossom (it’s a dear friend’s favorite). Antica Farmacista diffusers to others. No one else in my family or friends wants any perfume. (I don’t understand it, but I’ll go with it)….

    • Well done, Santa’s Helper! :-)

    • Calypso says:

      Wow, Interlude Woman is a fantastic scent, so unusual. I also just love Borneo 1834 and have a bottle of it. The Interlude is a possible future commitment… Lucky you!

  40. Sapphire says:

    What would I like Santa to bring me? Back to Black, pretty please. I have a $15 Sephora reward card and might buy myself the new Miss Dior Le Parfum. Waiting for a good Lancome GWP to get La Vie est Belle.
    Unsniffed, Mona di Orio Amber and Vanilla.
    Not getting anyone any scented Christmas presents, but for the Dallas area perfumistas who are mourning the upcoming closure of our Barney’s, I found a great little boutique on the square in McKinney. It’s called Sharla’s and has Kai, Nez a Nez, Caron, Penhaligon’s, Profumi del Forti, Bond No. 9, Nasomatto, Fresh, and I think a couple of others. Planning to go there after the holidays. The owner (Sharla) seems to be very knowledgable about niche perfumes.

    • Ari says:

      I got that reward card too and thought I might use it on a bottle of Spicebomb! Back to Black is a gorgeous perfume.

      • Sapphire says:

        Now that you mention it, halfway considering Spicebomb for the husband. He seemed to like a sample I got him. I need to double-check with him, though. Might have to get another sample for him and then get it for Valentine’s.

  41. Cybele says:

    wish for a bottle of Coromandel (and Rose Barbare please)
    unsniffed Rose Nacre du Desert, Mona di Orio Musc, and Puredistance1
    will give a Francis Kurkdjian candle

    • dolcesarah says:

      I want MdO’s Musc so badly I’ve hinted to a perfume co. Owner that I’d love to have it for my birthday.

      • Cybele says:

        now I have to try it even more!

  42. hajusuuri says:

    Santa, for Christmas, I would like a FB of Amouage Interlude Woman. If you are felling more generous than usual, the Carnal Flower Hair Mist and/or Chanel Eau de Cologne (each is less than $200…just sayin’).

    My to buy unsniffed wish list is Paper Passio

    As far as gifts of scent, I may give my sister and a few friends the reed diffusers from Nordstrom (I’ll butcher the name something Farmatica or some such name), scented soap from BBW and candles from Yankee Candle.

  43. Emily says:

    1) I’d love a FB of FM Une Fleur de Cassie. It’s eclipsed Carnal Flower and Portrait of a Lady in my FM-related affections, though I certainly wouldn’t mind FBs of those as well (and also the CF hair mist).

    2) I’ll take Une Voix Noire unsniffed, despite the difficulties I’ve had with the Lutens line and with gardenia notes. If it doesn’t work for me, at least I’ll have some pretty epic swapping material.

    3) Am thinking about Moonshine cologne for the husband, pending a sniff test.

  44. thenoseknows says:

    1. Thierry Mugler’s “A Taste Of Leather” Fragrance…. DYING for a bottle! I Might just have to treat myself!

    2. Santal Blush By Tom Ford! Know i love it already! No Need to Sniff!

    3. Giving my Mom a Bottle of The old version of Dolce and Gabbana and a Bottle of Dioressence or Jean Patou 1000…. Not sure of which of the last two… gotta get to the Saks and Smell them again! Think My Dad is Buying her Jimmy Choo… so she’ll be smelling quite nice this Xmas!

    • poodle says:

      The leathers are really good. I wouldn’t mind finding them under my tree either.

  45. ChocolatEyes613 says:

    My Chanukah wish list:
    1. Chloe Love, Chloe
    2. Chanel Coco

  46. Omega says:

    Husband was laid off in we just want a job, lol.
    Can’t buy anyone any scents this year, bummer.

    • Mitzi says:

      Hope Santa will be kind to you!

    • Merlin says:

      Bummer. sorry about that :( I hope you get that as a gift (that he finds new work) and many other gifts too!

  47. Merlin says:

    Two big lemmings at the moment – one is Chergui, which I’v been through three samples of and the other is Azemour Les Orangers. I’v only just received a little sample of this and I was blown away: the absolutely perfect balance of dry green notes and juicy orange coming through like sunlight. Only problem is I can only see 50ml bottles in the UK (my brother is coming from there) and its not available at all here. I checked and a place like Luckyscent charges so much to ship, I may as well just get the big bottle…

    Anything unsniffed would most likely be a disappointment but at a push I would choose Volutes.

    Scented gifts? I’m thinking of getting the Body Shop body oil for my friends that are female: satsuma for one who likes citrus, moringa for one who likes white flower scents and the shea for one who likes many scents. (Eek, I may want to keep the shea!)

    • annemarie says:

      Yes, the she is really nice.

    • Abyss says:

      Hey, Merlin. Les Senteurs in UK have Azemour in 100ml

      • Merlin says:

        Thanks Abyss, I’m just chewing my lip at the thought of asking him for an 85 pound perfume. I wouldn’t hesitate if I could find a 50ml bottle, but the only other place in London that seems to stock it is Liberty, and though they have not yet responded to my email, I suspect they also only carry 100mls

  48. Annikky says:

    My fantasy Santa gift would be Frederic Malle coffret, the big one. Or Neela Vermeire Trayee. Or Apres l’Ondee. Or…well, let’s just stop there. But what I want most of all is my boyfriend to go to Paris and pick something for me from the Serge Lutens exclusive line. He has excellent taste and a very good nose and I am simply so curious what he would pick. We almost managed to pull it off in October, but unfortunately he didn’t have enough time in Paris to go shopping. So hopefully it will be in the stars for 2013.

    There are so many things I haven’t tried, but if forced to choose one unsniffed bottle, I’ll go with Vero Profumo Rubj.

    And I have already bought ten A-Z Guides for my friends, I’ll also add some samples for them to try. One of my sisters is getting an oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy lab, as she wished.

    • Annikky says:

      Oh, I forgot – all the men (and me!) are getting Geo F Trumper shaving cream, thanks to Angela’s review. Either violet or sandalwood.

    • nozknoz says:

      I love the idea of The Guide for friends with samples! You’ve earned the tiara edition of the enabler’s pin, Annikky!

      • Annikky says:

        Thanks! I’ll wear it with pride:) My friends can be difficult to please, but I think Turin’s style could really appeal to them.

  49. Bee says:

    1.wish list: the purdistance collection, Tonka impérial, generous samples sets of the Arquiste and Ramon Monegal lines, potion for men (dsquared2)
    2. unsniffed: I’ve become careful with that, maybe the perfect iris scent?
    3. something from the Dyptique body care line for my mother

  50. dolcesarah says:

    That beautiful red zygo makes me think of CARNAL FLOWER and I hope and dream someone maybe my BFF will spring for it. She wears Jasmin Cigarette religiously. So that, a box of cards from Papyrus, a candle and some samples are going to be her gift. Money is tight. We have three kids. I just got the most beautiful vintage Ruby ring. It looks like a royal would wear it. It’s from 200 years ago when a man asked another woman besides his long time love to marry him. It was a scandal but the lived in a great huge house that sat on a plantation and she wore this ruby. It was only after first sight of her did he ask. So this ring it’s beguiling. Enchanting. Royal.

    Also I would like Byredo’s Pulp and some Tom Ford Champaca which I know is on its way. Putain de Palaces is as well. I have to stop shopping and buy something for others. I will be mad the week of Christmas mad as in crazy not upset well upset that I didn’t do what I said I would last year and that was:START IN JANUARY. PARDON MY SPELLING BUT THERE IS ONE MAITRE PERFUMER GANTIER???? One of those I really want and Parfums Delray. I would have added Borneo 1834, and Claire de muscs, and Amouage Lyric but my husband poked them into my perfume table where everything is out in the open. We have blinds and thick curtains still its very light in the room during day’s peak. I worry its turning my frags. I have my eyes set on a yellow diamond. It’s something I will WILL HAVE. I ALSO WILL BUY PARFUMS DELRAY’S Paradise. That’s a punch of a fisted frag. Beautiful. Might look into some Private Blend Guerlains.

    • sayitisntso says:

      CF getting quite a bit of love this Christmas. :)

  51. dolcesarah says:

    We have five chitlins not three.

  52. dolcesarah says:

    I also am begging for ONDA

  53. poodle says:

    I would love for Santa to bring me some Champagne de Bois or Jour Ensoleille. I’d also like the ELDO coffret of 16 fragrances. Or the Olympic Orchids sampler.

    Unsniffed, maybe some Carnal Flower. There’s a ton of scents I’d want unsniffed actually.

    As far as gifts, I was just reminded that I’d like to get hubby Spicebomb. I bought a small bottle of Calyx for my SIL. My niece fell for Amor Amor when she was in Russia and said she’d love some to remind her of that trip so I got her a bottle of that. I got dad some Stetson after shave. I know, I know, but he’s 84 and that’s what he likes and at that age you can’t change him.

    • sayitisntso says:

      Poodle, CF is lovely. Lush, enveloping sexiness. I’ve all but ignored other fragrances since I obtained a full bottle last month. It’s simply stunning and definitely a Holy Grail scent for me. As long as Malle continues to make it (and it isn’t permanently hobbled by a disfiguring reformulation!), I’ll always keep a bottle on hand.

    • Sandi says:

      No you can’t change them, but they don’t have to be 84. My heart father married my mom when he was 29 (I was 9). He wore Brut then, and he was still wearing it 40 years later when he passed. I bought him a bottle of Polo once, when he was about 40 (’76, ’77, somewhere in there). I think he only wore it when we were going to see each other, lol. I have no idea if he ever actually used it up.

  54. sayitisntso says:

    On my wish list this year:

    1. A back-up bottle of Carnal Flower (you could say I’ve become a CF addict).
    2. A jar of Carnal Flower Beurre Exquise.

    Is that too much to ask for???? ;)

  55. Calypso says:

    I have been a bad splurger recently and bought FB’s of Volutes (EDT), Ramon Monegal Mon Patchouly, and DSH’s Umber: Bois de Rose (they had a holiday sale and I’ve been wanting this for about a year). So I don’t deserve to have anything on a wish list but if I did it might be the unsniffed Monegal Cuirelle, based on reviews and notes (honey, patchouly, tobacco, frankincense–Yum!!). For gifts I’m likely to give my mom something from the EL Pleasures line or a Tresor product (haven’t looked to see what they have). And I have a male friend who loves everything British and I usually gift him with something from Penhaligon’s, maybe Blenheim Bouquet soaps.

  56. lynne marie says:

    My wish list would be FB’s of Tonka Imperiale, Histoire de Parfums 1740 and Orchidee Vanille. Fat chance of receiving any of them, but a girl can dream, can’t she?
    Mostly likely to buy unsniffed? Amber Ancien by Memoire Liquide. Given everything I’ve read, I’m pretty sure I would love it – if I could find it. I haven’t even been able to score a sample.

    I don’t give fragrance gifts. Smell is such a personal thing that even a candle can elicit strong reactions, positive or negative. I’m too chicken to guess other peoples tastes that way.

  57. Merlin says:

    Has anyone tried the Lombre dans leau perfume oil in the roller ball? I would love to know what people think.

  58. kelsomaniac says:

    I would like a bottle of Ormonde Jayne Woman.

    My unsniffed bottle would be Chanel Bois de Iles Parfum (I’ve only smelled the edt).

    I don’t think I will be giving away any scented gifts this year, although I’ve taken my mom perfume shopping with me in the past and she is a trooper!

    A bit off topic, but for anyone living in the LA area, Beauty Collection is having a liquidation sale going on through the holidays. I bought Shaal Nur, Juliette has a Gun Calamity J (travel bullets), L’Artisan L’Eau d’Ambre, Costume National 21, and AG Les Nuits d’Hadrien all at $20 each! Too good of a deal for me to pass over some. They also have a bunch of Demeter fragrances for $5. Hopefully didn’t come off as bragging… just encouraging you all to get there before they run out of things!

    • Merlin says:

      Some stunning bargains there!

  59. hongkongmom says:

    mmm love to dream
    1)i would love a FB of jubilation 25 100ml and some vintage vol de nuit
    2)unsniffed would be vero parfum rubj
    3)my daughter is very eco concious so i will try to recycle my personal fragrant good as gifts

  60. FearsMice says:

    I can’t seem to make up my mind about any FBs at the moment, so I guess I’ll keep on sampling. The Ormande Jayne sample set would be such a lovely surprise in my Christmas stocking!
    I’m pretty sure TF Tobacco Vanille or SSS Tabac Aurea would be safe bets in the unsniffed category.
    As for scented gifts, I’d like to see The Thymes’ Frasier Fir pinecone candle in person before deciding whether to give them as gifts this year. If anyone has seen one and can comment, please do!

  61. Sandi says:

    Oh my, is there a limit? FB’s of 32 Rue Cambon, Tauer’s Orange Star, Penta Auburn, and L’air du Désert Marocain, vintage EDP) Emeraude and a couple backup Opoponax. Oh, and Shalimar. (Daydreaming, not greedy, lol)

    Unsniffed? In the reasonable range, Ambre Sultan or Samsara (which I may just buy for myself). In the out of my range range, Tobacco Vanille,

    As far as gifts, no one on my gift list I would spend a chunk of change is really a perfumista (or perfumistah), although I have one good friend I am trying to get OFF Vanilla Fields, but that’s a sample program still in progress. My niece is slowly grasping the difference between real scents and BBW type body sprays. Yes some of them are decent, but they all have a …fake, chemical underpinning to me. But she’s getting there. There is a vintage EDP her mom (my sis that was intimidated by the SA’s at the Chanel outlet in Paris) really loves (can’t remember the name). I would find one and buy it for her, but she can’t wear at any scent work so she told me not to.

  62. tippie says:

    I’m late to the party (keep missing these posts), but hey:
    1. I’d love to get a full bottle of either Andy Tauer’s Miriam or Amouage Gold or Vero Profumo Rubj. My samples of these are are running out and so is my credt card balance… But if i were to fantasise, then why not also MDCI Invasions Barbares, Ormode Jayne’s Tolu inparfum, oh and Chanel Bois des Iles.
    2. Unsniffed I’d wish to get Une Voix Noire. I love gardenia, I love Serge Lutens, nothing can go wrong, can it?
    3. I’m giving Knize 10 to my brother for Christmas and Kilian’s Love & Tears for sister-in law. Also some perfumed candles from Cire Trudon to various friends and family: I’ve settles on Mlle de la valliere, Roi-Soleil and Ernesto.

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