Holiday fragrance gifts 2012, part 3

Our series of holiday gift posts continues with home fragrance of all kinds, from candles to sachets.  If you missed them, check out part 1 (scented body products) and part 2 (travel sizes & coffrets).

Diptyque holiday candle collection 2012

Maybe some year, Diptyque's holiday candles will look so dull that we'll leave them out, but that year has not yet arrived. This year's set includes Amber Oud (red; "...inspired by the Arabian Nights resembles a precious stone where rare spices infused with warming resins and balsams plunges the user into an Oriental dream world"), Oliban (purple; "A mysterious creation showcasing the precious resin frankincense. This fragrance will transport the user straight to the heart of the Arabian Nights.") and Sapin Doré (green; "...pays homage to the most celebrated fir tree in the world, it transports the user straight to the heart of a forest of golden spruce trees."). In mini candle (70g for $32) or  full-sized (190g for $68), available at Nordstrom.


Molinard Habanita candle

Also tempting, but harder to come by in the US: Molinard's Habanita candle. 180g for €35 at Molinard in France.


Colibri sachets

From Caswell Massey, Colibri sachets for natural moth protection, in cedar, lavender and classic fragrances. 3 for $12.


Illume Naughty & Nice candles

From Illume, "layerable" 176g soy candles in Naughty ("Exotic spices and woods are layered with rich, white musk. Burn with Nice for a warm, spicy scent.") and Nice ("A precious blend of Tahitian vanilla, spun sugar, and a hint of coconut cream. Burn with Naughty for a warm, spicy scent.") $15 each at Beautyhabit.


Juniper Ridge room sprays

From Juniper Ridge, room sprays in Red Rock Canyon ("Mountain forest in a bottle. Not a clingy room perfume, but an Aromatic snapshot of the wild place itself. Bring New Mexico's high desert into your home."), Big Sur ("Big Sur in a bottle. Not a clingy room perfume, but an Aromatic snapshot of the wild place itself. Bring the coastal mountains of California into your home.") and Steep Ravine ("Mountain forest in a bottle. Not a clingy room perfume, but an Aromatic snapshot of the wild place itself. Bring the Redwood trails of Mt. Tamalpais into your home.") $20 each, 60 ml, also at Beautyhabit.


Joya candle for Hervé L. Leroux

From Joya, a black porcelain candle developed in collaboration with designer Hervé L. Leroux (formerly known as Hervé Léger): "Giroflée is an ancient little flower with a powerful, spellbinding fragrance, captured in Hervé's garden especially by Joya to create the top note of the scent. Jasmine petals, magnolia blossom, gardenia and tubéreuse have been selected for the heart. Musk and cedarwood represent the drydown." $75.


At left, from Aedes, "A hand-poured artisanal candle housed in aubergine glass. Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour designed the candle scent for sustained aromatization with a 40-50 hour burning time. The result is a richly infused paraffin wax with deep, powerful green and dark notes imbued with incense and ganja." $85. At right, from Cire Trudon, the Melchior limited edition candle for Holiday 2012: "Melchior was one of the three "kings" or "wise men" — the Persian scholar who brought gold to Bethlehem. In pure gold-leaf, Cire Trudon's Melchior candle features the delicate perfume of myrrh and benzoin, a healing resin. Melchior makes the perfect gift for the Holidays, for New Year's Eve, or for any other special occasion throughout the year, whenever celebration is in order!" $95, also at Aedes.

Anya's Garden Room Candy starter kit

From Anya's Garden, a "room candy" starter kit, with tea light burner, organic beeswax tea light and a tin of (natural!) scented wax melts in Outlaw Perfume (oakmoss, bergamot and lime), Lemon Vetiver or Bay Rum & Honey. $40 for the set.

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  1. lucasai says:

    I’ve seen those Diptyque candles, they look pretty.

    • Robin says:


    • basia says:

      A few years ago I bought two of their holiday candles because the containers had wycinanki on them. One was Benzoin, which was ok, but the other was Roasted Chestnut and it was wonderful!

  2. platinum14 says:

    Dear Santa,
    I would like one of each of the Dyptique (plus the ones from previous years if you still have them in stock), I’ll take a Hervé L. Leroux, the Aedes and the Melchior.
    I’ll be good and pass on the Habanita since I have a large bottle of Habanita that I use as room spray.
    Kindly add those to my list.
    Thank you

    • Robin says:

      Ha…Santa will be busy delivering candles this year — I’d like the Aedes & the Cire Trudon, and the Habanita. And I wouldn’t mind that Big Sur room spray too, and the oakmoss room candy thingies.

      • Omega says:

        I’ll have what she’s having! Exactly my choices:).

  3. Abyss says:

    My Amber Oud Diptyque candle arrived this week – I treat myself to one every year and they were on 20% off last weekend so, y’know….:D

    • Robin says:

      Oh, lucky you! How is it?

      • Abyss says:

        Nice, with decent throw, I don’t find it overwhelming but it probably helps to like like amber. The ‘oud’ – which is really just a smoky, woody accord – is less pronounced when it’s burning. Out of the Christmas editions, my favourite is still Perdigone (plum) which they did last year.

    • r_un says:

      20% off where? I looked and looked! Devastating.

      • Abyss says:

        Selfridges (I’m in UK) and it finished last Sunday, I’m afraid.

  4. Kelly Red says:

    Oh, I’m a sucker for candles. Even as a poor student I splurged on good candles, they made me feel rich LOL. I love all the seasonal Diptyque and would get the amber/oud but I bought the Cire Trudon from Aedus on sale. It will debut tomorrow night at our holiday party. Our friends always say our house smells wonderful.

  5. Emily says:

    I don’t usually go for room sprays, but bringing New Mexico’s high desert into my home is awfully tempting. All the candles sound great, too, though I’m particularly intrigued by the Habanita candle. It’s nice to see classic scents like Habanita getting some extended-product-line love.

  6. OK, now I’m super-curious why Herve L. Leroux changed his name. Anyone know?

  7. poodle says:

    I love all the candles. I’m always giving candles as gifts. I burn a lot of candles and I hope the people I give them to enjoy burning candles as much as I do. I would love to get my hands on that Habanita one.

  8. Marjorie Rose says:

    Re: the Joya candle–I’m confused at the notion of top notes, heart notes and dry down in reference to candles . . . wouldn’t it all be sorta mixed together at the same time, since it can’t slowly develop as it burns? Am I missing something? Did they just steal the copy from the perfume?

    • Logic? What logic? LOVES ON THE BLACK CANDLE HOLDER.

      Srsly, I do want that candle.

    • Robin says:

      I’m no candle expert, but I don’t think of them as having a pyramidal structure either.

  9. eminere says:

    Guess it’s the season for candles.

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