Profumum Rosae Mundi ~ new fragrance

Profumum Rosae Mundi, brand image

Italian niche line Profumum has launched Rosae Mundi, a new fragrance:

Sentiments that have has always belonged
to me merge with the unseen. Joy and passion.
I envision letting myself go in your arms
to mysterious sensations and emotions.

The notes feature rose, patchouli, vetiver and cedar.

Profumum Rosae Mundi is available in 100 ml, concentration unknown.

(via profumum)

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  1. ladymurasaki says:

    This sounds ordinary, but one never knows until one tries it, no?

    • Robin says:

      They tend towards very short descriptions — so yes!

  2. annemarie says:

    I have not heard of this line so I had a look at the website. Its copy writer should throw their hat into NST’s next Prix Eau Faux. Ah well, maybe it works better in Italian.

    Interested in sampling their perfumes? ‘We don’t have samples available because we like to take our clients “by the hand” and to lead them through an olfactory pathway that will reveal them the right scent for every single person.’

    • Robin says:

      LOL — all true enough. But you can get samples via Luckyscent, possibly other places but offhand can’t remember who else carries Profumum.

      • annemarie says:

        You are right, and I should not mock … :)

        • Robin says:

          Oh, I don’t know. If you’re going to read perfume company pr all the time, you have to let off steam somehow!

  3. perthgirl says:

    It’s not often I try a new sample and have an omg this is delicious! moment, but this is delicious! Not a girly light’n’fluffy rose at all (thank goodness!) it’s a little sweet and the rose is definintely noticeable, but on a dark syrupy earthy base that takes it far more into sexy rather than sweet territory. It has the capability of being an impulse fb purchase. Well, it did until I checked out the price anyway. Damn! ;-)

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