False to say that the European Commission wants to ban Chanel 5

Responding to press reports, EU commission spokesman for health and consumer policy Frederic Vincent insisted it was "false to say that the European Commission wants to ban Chanel 5." [...] "We are still a long way from considering changes to the legislation," he said, adding that the EU had begun consultations with the industry and consumer groups in August on the findings and their potential impact.

— Read more at EU will not ban Chanel No. 5 over allergy findings at France 24. Hat tip to Van Morrison Fan!

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  1. Veronika says:

    ordered a back up 35 ml pure perfume bottle of N5 just in case)

  2. nathanthomas50 says:

    I’m still bemused that when people can die as a result of nut allergies no- one has ever suggested banning nuts or nut by-products from food etc, the authorities are happy for them to just label them on the product so people know that it’s in there or have been produced in factories where nuts are used.
    Why do perfumes need to be re formulated and not just a warning placed on the bottle so that the 99% of people who aren’t affected by any allergic reaction aren’t disadvantaged for the sake of the 1% who are?

    • Robin says:

      Already happens to some extent, but labeling is not the focus & probably never will be.

  3. 50_Roses says:

    Does it really even matter so much what is done with legislation, when the industry itself, via IFRA, has already banned or severely restricted so many ingredients?

    I know that some allergies can be life-threatening, but my understanding is that most perfume allergies are merely annoying, taking such forms as skin rashes or nasal irritation. Really there is no way to eliminate every possible cause of allergies for every person. I know a lot of people who have respiratory allergies to pollen or mold, neither of which is amenable to being eradicated. After all, how can you legislate ragweed or mold out of existence? I have to be careful when working in my yard, as there is a fair amount of poison ivy around, as well as numerous fire ant colonies, both of which are responsible for a great deal of misery, far more than has ever been brought about by oakmoss.

    • Lys says:

      I think the legislation matters in the sense that it carries much more force. Also the IFRA cares more for preserving its palette of ingredients than does an governing body outside of the industry.

    • Robin says:

      It matters very much to IFRA, and the fragrance & flavor companies, if they lose control over this process and have their hand forced by people outside the industry. It is very hard to know (and now we’ll never know; IFRA has restricted so much already) whether “outsiders” would end up being more or less restrictive. At the moment, I find this whole “Chanel No 5 war” in the press mostly a matter of amusement — it’s sort of comical how Chanel has managed to make themselves the center of the issue when really they have no more to do with it than anybody else.

      • Lys says:

        It may be improving sales!

  4. platinum14 says:

    The fact that Chanel no 5 is the top selling perfume in the world is certainly a reason why they are placing themself at the forefront of this battle. Coco herself would be ready to go to war for her precious juice.
    It still baffles me though that tree moss-and other ingredients, that causes allergic reaction in some people, might be banned, while cigarettes, that cause death of many people, are never even discussed as something that should be totally banned.
    The perfume industry needs better lobbyists

    • platinum14 says:

      BTW, I don’t know how I suddenly ended up with this new gravatar, but I like it!

      • Jillie says:

        I like it too!

      • Robin says:

        Seriously though, you don’t know where your gravatar came from??

        • platinum14 says:

          No. Lol!
          I went on Edit Profile to see what info I had entered 3 yrs ago. I changed a few things, writing part only, and when I saved the changes the new gravatar showed up!

          • Robin says:

            That is very strange! Might be worth logging in at gravatar.com to see what’s up.

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Oh how funny! I was going to compliment it when I saw it the other day! Very cute little squirrel! Hope it doesn’t mean you have a squirrel-loving hacker in your profile. :P

  5. moore says:

    This weekend I read an statment coming from a doubtful person (the person clearly has some problems when talking about doctors). Another person told in a dinner a doctor told her to take care with with perfumes directly applied over the skin and this person asked another damges this could do. Then the person I told first said “Would he show you the research that validates his claim so you could share it with us?”.
    I guess every doctor would love to show their patients the researchs that validates their statments, diagnosis and conducts; their wages would be stratospheric. lol. What a lack of sense of the person; so skeptical and pathetic.

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