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  1. Veronika says:

    So was N5 popular before she said that she wore it to bed? As far as I understand MM was a kind of woman who really liked cliche things to be her favorites… She said that her favorite writer was Dostoevsky and her favorite book was Stanislavki “My Life in Art” … So… there is no way N5 was unpopular and she just chose it herself…

    • Robin says:

      Yes, it was popular before that.

    • pigoletto says:

      There’s a 1943 (so pre-dating Marilyn’s fame by a while) movie called The Hard Way with Ida Lupino about a pair of sisters trying to make it as an actress and manager in NYC show business, and later on in the movie there’s a speech about having it all where one of the male leads talks about Chanel No. 5 amongst other things) as one of those signs that you’ve made it.

  2. Rappleyea says:

    Brad who???

  3. AnnS says:

    Now that’s good PR film! Both are so charming and interesting!

    • Robin says:

      I liked the 1st one better, but they’re both so well done.

  4. RusticDove says:

    Love, love, love. Just fabulous.

    And the whole Brad Pitt thing? Unfortunately it did happen and it was awkward & a hot mess. I actually cringe when the commercial comes on.

    • Robin says:

      Are they actually paying to show that on tv still? Surprised.

  5. thenoseknows says:

    People felt the same about the Original “Egoiste” Commercials with the women Opening Windows and Shouting “EGOISTE!” But now that time has passed it is seen as a Brilliant and Completely Original Concept… Hopefully when time has passed and Many have become less… Shall we say, STRINGENT in their Opinions and a few Generations Pass… the BP Chanel Commercial will be seen as the highly Original and Interesting and Unique Vision it is… Almost all Game Changers are seen at the beginning as Incomprehensible bordering on Hated! And as Much hate and Vituperation thrown this Adverts way, I am sure in some years it will be seen as Awkwardly Intimate and Quite Inventive… Nee… Ingenious!

    • annemarie says:

      Maybe the passing of time will reveal some hidden quality in Brad’s ad for Chanel No 5. But by then it will be too late. If an ad fails in its initial reception, it has failed as an ad, surely? I mean, ads have to be an instant success if they are to sell the product, no?

  6. moore says:

    Lol. I’m the only person in the world who found interesting the new N5 ad. But this Marilyn’s, oh, it’s to die for! WONDERFUL!
    I guess I’ll have to pay attention on what’s said on Pitt’s ad.

  7. hollyc says:

    Yes, poor Brad, Who talked him into THAT? Well, with all the good he has done with his money, I’m hoping the No. 5 ad will help someone too. But Marilyn? Wow, Chanel should be resurrecting her ads.

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