Lazy weekend poll ~ tv and movies

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By request, the "visual media" version of our recent winter reading poll. Tell us...

...any great tv shows you've discovered recently, and/or

...any great movies you've seen lately, and

...of course, tell us the matching perfume(s)!


1. I've just discovered Bored to Death, the HBO series (with Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis) that ran for three seasons before being canceled last year. We've watched the first half of the first season so far. Great fun, and it's nice to find something that already has three seasons available on DVD. Matching perfume: something postmodern, hip & lightweight. I'm going with Comme des Garçons Series 4: Cologne Vettiveru.

2. We finally saw Skyfall last night. Might be my favorite Bond movie ever. Matching perfume: sticking with vetiver, but going back to basics — Guerlain Vetiver. Related poll: Lazy Friday poll ~ shaken, not stirred.

Note: top image is televisión lado A [cropped] by angelrravelor at flickr; some rights reserved.

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  1. Ari says:

    I am newly obsessed with the TV show Wilfred, the one with Elijah Wood and the human dog. It’s sooo good, and Elijah Wood is so pretty. I think it calls for a zany indie perfume- maybe one of the Commes des Garcons? Or something as pretty as Elijah. CALL ME ELIJAH

    • Robin says:

      I have not even heard of it — must investigate, thanks!

      • redscorpio says:

        Wilfred was originally an Australian show that was remade for the US market with the aforementioned Elijah Wood.

    • Sujaan says:

      I looooove Wilfred!!! He actually makes me laugh out loud. That’s pretty rare for TV.

      • Ari says:

        Sujaan, I should have guessed that wonderful taste in TV would accompany your wonderful taste in perfume! :D

        • Sujaan says:

          And I am excited that we have the same wacky taste in TV shows!

  2. lucasai says:

    Since new academic year started almost two months ago (what, two months already!?) I’ve been really busy learning and didn’t have a chance to discover any new tv shows…

    Yesterday we’ve seen Magic Mike with my parents, funny, with a hidden lesson to learn. Those guys should go Kokorico or Le Male from Jean Paul Gaultier.

    Today I’m wearing my favourite Histoires de Parfums which is 1725 Casanova. On my left arm testing Majda Bekkali Mon Nom Est Rouge, on right arm Fusion Sacree Lui, also from Majda Bekkali.

    Quick reminder. Swapmania started yesterday at Perfume Posse. Anyone feels like joining the swapping party?

    • donnie says:

      after trying it I’m thinking I’ll invest in a full bottle of 1725

      • lucasai says:

        Great minds think alike, I have the same thought in my mind. Maybe when new spring will come…

  3. moore says:

    Discovered The Walking Dead a little late. I love zombies!
    A fragrance to match, difficult! Maybe someone can suggest one.

    • Robin says:

      My son is reading the comic books now, but we haven’t yet checked out the series.

      • moore says:

        He’ll love the TVseries, Robin; I guess you’ll like it either cause there interesting stories between the zombie saga. My cousin is reading the comics too. He told me there are many different situations between the comics and the series. The first season has only five chapters; the second, around 13 and the third is on the fifth chapter. It turns better and better.
        In 2013 it’ll be launched a movie with Brad Pitt called World War Z, about zombies too. But the zombies in this movie seems to be smart zombies! I shall see it by the time it’s launched! Imagine: smart zombies!!!!! :)

        • Robin says:

          Thanks! I think we will check it out when he’s done reading. Also I really prefer watching shows once several seasons are out on DVD…so much more satisfying than having to wait for new episodes.

          • moore says:

            Funny. I preffer to watch on the time they’re launched. When I see all those DVDs to watch I almost give up. The comics are accompanying the TV series in time.

    • Squirrely says:

      Actually, the new lineup at Smell Bent has a Zombie themed scent (well, Christmas-zombie themed…) NST ran a brief post on the line a few days ago.

      I _love_ Walking Dead. Surely something musky & indolic is called for, the surviving humans don’t seem to wash too often.

      • moore says:

        I don’t know these Bents, but musky scents are good options. Maybe some civet and leather scents too. Michonne may smell like leather due to her leather clothing. I love her!

        • Rappleyea says:

          Zombies = Messe de Minuit! :-)

          • moore says:

            Oh, I have a sample of it! I will re-try it tonight! Thanks! :)

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      That one’s on my DVD list whenever I finally feel like I have time again to sit and watch shows! I’m afraid it might be too gruesome for me, but I want to give it a try anyway. I enjoy a good zombie flick, so this show should be worth a try.

      • moore says:

        I don’t find it gruesome cause the people are fighting to survive. Check it out. It’s a good series, Marjorie. And how about the new house! How is it going?

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          The house is a disaster, but I can imagine it being lovely one day! Thank you for asking! I’m surrounded by boxes and furniture, trying to figure out where things belong. (And just trying to find things!) I’ve had to put aside the painting projects, since I can’t paint until more things are put away, or at least moved out of the way. But it’s kinda fun to figure it out. And the only deadlines are my own sense of impatience, so that’s nice!

          And I keep forgetting to put my perfume on in the morning! I haven’t figured out the right place for my perfume cabinet, clearly, since I’ve left the house without a fragrance several days in a row! Can you imagine?! ;)

          • Robin says:

            That does sound like fun, so glad it’s all going well.

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Thank you, Robin! I feel very fortunate. Figuring out where to put one’s personal belongings in your own home is a nice problem to have!

          • poodle says:

            It takes time but I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It is hard to paint when there are boxes everywhere. You’ll get it done eventually.

          • moore says:

            LOL. Parts to be fitted into a new life. It’ll soubd crazy but I believe that if you remove everything from their boxes first it’ll will be easier cause you’ll have an idea of what you have and where every piece might be put. Glad you’re liking the “mess”. :)

    • Mitzi says:

      It has to be something from that Kerosene brand! This will match for sure.

      • moore says:

        Unfortunetely I’ve never tried any, but I am very curious to know. I like his reviews!

    • Mitzi says:

      Incidentally I have been watching “This Life”, with Andrew Lincoln when he was still very young, and remembering how I was obsessed with this show back in the nineties!

      • moore says:

        LOL! Now he’s evil, turning into a bad-boy!

    • sweetgrass says:

      Also a huge Walking Dead fan. I’m reading the books and watching the show. The books and the show have varied sometimes pretty wildly from each other, so it can be fun to compare as the show progresses. I have a couple of good friends who work for a small chain of comic shops here, and they told me Vol. 17 is due to come out soon, maybe this month. yay! I don’t know exactly what scent would go with it but I agree with whoever said something really indolic or a really feral musky scent.

      I also like American Horror Story. It can be kind of over the top, but it’s good weird creepy fun. This season is set in an insane asylum in 1964 (the two seasons have nothing to do with each other.. completely different stories and characters), and sexy nuns are involved. Thinking something vintage. First thing that comes to mind is Rochas Femme, but I’ve never actually smelled it. I think it’s because the Perfume Posse video a few days ago put it in my mind.

      • moore says:

        You all are almost convincing me to read the comics!
        My cousin tells me almost all differences between both.

  4. liana l says:

    1. Right now I’m following the show Elementary a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes & Lucy Liu as Watson. Yep, a woman Watson, can’t you believe that? She’s pretty good playing the sidekick tho. I can’t really give it a rating yet because it’s a new show and I’ve only just seen the first 2 episodes but so far it’s pretty entertaining. Matching perfume: Molinard Habanita.

    2. I just saw Moonlight Kingdom last week and I just love it’s quaintness. Matching Perfume: Pierre Balmain Jolie Madame

    • liana l says:

      Oops it’s not Moonlight it’s “Moonrise Kingdom”

      • Curly11 says:

        I loved Moonrise Kingdom and left the theater in a great mood. I really liked that it was sweet without being sticky.

      • Emily says:

        I think Moonrise Kingdom is the best movie I’ve seen this year. And I LOVE your matching perfume pick — perfect!

      • poodle says:

        I loved Moonrise Kingdom too. Except for one scene. But other than that it was really good.

    • Robin says:

      We must have similar tastes — loved Moonrise Kingdom, & right now Elementary is the only series we watch as a family. We don’t like Elementary as well as the BBC Sherlock, but it’s a long wait between seasons of Sherlock, & Elementary is an entertaining show while we wait :-)

      • liana l says:

        Yep! of course you can’t compare BBC Sherlock with Elementary. That show is on entirely another level, I mean most BBC dramas are. Don’t even get me started on that, I love BBC period dramas! But since I’m a Sherlock Holmes geek, it got me curious when they announced about a new show on Sherlock. I thought I might as well check it out & so I did. It’s still early to judge whether it’s a good show or not but we’ll see.

        It’s good to know that someone has similar tastes as me. :D Among my friends, I was always told that I really have an unusual taste in many things especially books, movies & perfumes. I don’t really think it that way, it’s I just like most of my things “me” & I love things old school.

        There’s another movie that I just saw recently & I love it. The title is Ruby Sparks. The storyline was pretty simple but it really got me entertained. You should check it out too!

        • Robin says:

          Oh yes, we saw a preview for that…do want to see the movie.

          • Ari says:

            Ruby Sparks was a truly incredible movie. One of my top ten all-time favorites. Very special.

      • Regina says:

        I much prefer the American one! The British one totally failed to grab me, and I sometimes feel people are giving the American one an unfair shake because it came second and doesn’t have British accents… Now I am trying to think of an American perfume that gets an unfair shake due to not having foreign cachet… I’ll go with EL Sensuous, I think.

        • Robin says:

          To me, the British one moves at a faster pace, and assumes the audience is smart enough to keep up. The American one is slower, and Sherlock or Watson frequently repeat obvious plot elements in the dialogue to bring you up to speed in case you’re lost. I am always saying “duh” to the tv (yes, I’m one of those annoying people who talks back to the tv). Also, the almost immediate capitulation of law enforcement agencies to the interference of the Sherlock Holmes character is at times simply ludicrous, as in the plane crash episode. But we do enjoy the show!

      • PetronellaCJ says:

        I haven’t caught Elementary yet but seriously love Sherlock. I think the casting of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freemann is a match made in heaven.
        Sherlock probably thinks that perfume hampers the way he uses his senses, but he might keep a bottle of Guerlain Vetiver for an occasional night out.
        And John probably wears something of a comfort scent, something not to expensive, something in the vein of Burberry Brit for Men.
        And I bet Mycroft wears Floris Sartorial!

        • Robin says:

          It is perfect! I love Martin Freeman in any case — he’s the main reason I’m looking forward to the Hobbit movie.

          • Jillie says:

            Just had to tell you Robin (and other Martin Freeman fans) that my husband and I knew Martin when he was a little boy! He was in our drama group and, after seeing him play Toby in Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, we said “he’s good”! He acted to great acclaim in other productions and then became professsional. We’re quite chuffed to think we knew him, and that we and our friends spotted his potential!

          • Robin says:

            Oh, how cool!! The first time I noticed him was in the British version of the Office — he was so perfect.

  5. Abyss says:

    I’ll have to check out Bored To Death, I’ll watch just about anything to do with murder mysteries and solving crime, regardless of the quality!

    Two years ago, I would have been here raving about UK series called Misfits. The first two seasons were so, SO good. Crude, violent, gritty, unpolished, irreverent, and crazy funny. For me, it started going downhill last year and I’m still trying to summon up the courage to watch it this year because I don’t watch to be disappointed again *sigh* but the first 12 episodes were easily some of the best TV I’ve watched.

    Luther was excellent too. I believe season 3 is on the way.

    • Robin says:

      It is not really a mystery at all — at least, not in any classic sense. It’s much more about the problems of the Jason Schwartzman character, who has lost his girlfriend and can’t get working on his second novel. The private detective element is very lightweight & really just another way to get him into trouble. Ted Danson is excellent as a wealthy, self-absorbed, pot-smoking womanizer — if they did a spinoff on his character, I’d watch it. Really, all the characters are self-absorbed & neurotic — it’s kind of like a gentler, less twee Wes Anderson sort of thing.

      • Lucy says:

        Ted Danson was also amazing in The Amateurs. Actually, the entire cast is amazing, Jeff Bridges, Joe Pantalino, Judy Greer, Patrick Fugit, Steven Weber,… I found this at the library a few years ago. I had never heard of it, but I knew it would be good based on the cast members. And I was right. It’s about a divorced man in a sleepy little town whose ex-wife remarries to a wealthy man, giving the ex and his son a much more comfortable life. He then feels like he needs to do something big with his life to prove his worth to his son. So he and all of his yahoo friends decide to make a pornographic film. It is really funny and heartwarming. It is a great ‘little movie that could.’ The material is adult related, so don’t watch it with kids, but it is done in a way that is (relatively?) tasteful. Back to Ted Danson – This is the best role I’ve ever seen him play.

        • Robin says:

          Thank you, had never heard of it!

          • Lucy says:

            I don’t think anyone has heard of it. It’s an indie film that was originally released with a different name and wasn’t given any promotion. In this case I saw several amazing actors credited on the cover and knew that if they were all in it, it had to be good. I really liked it, and I know several others that have too, but I’ve read online where others have hated it. It really has that indie “charm” (slow pace) and the characters don’t get too developed because of the size of the ensemble. But the acting is great (especially Ted Danson, Tim Blake Nelson, and William Fitchner) and it’s funny. A bunch of loveable buffoons with no apparent skills decide to make a pornographic film…of course it’s funny. As long as you don’t have an aversion to indie films or the idea of adult films (they don’t really show anything, but there are obviously references, jokes, lingerie, etc.) I think you will find it to be an enjoyable hour and a half.
            -And I think it is worth watching just to see Ted Danson. His character is very different from anything else I’ve seen him in.

      • Sujaan says:

        I adore Bored to Death! I was laughing so hard i was crying during the scene with Ted Danson getting stoned in the car. Brilliant. I’m so sad to hear it was canceled.

      • Abyss says:

        Thanks! I had a quick look on youtube and looks funny so I’ll probably check it out anyway.

  6. flannery says:

    Discovering Dramafever this year also introduced me to the wonderful world of Korean Historical Dramas. Shown in often many episodic television shows they are wonderful worldis to immerse yourself within. It is amazing how addicting they can be. More than once I’ve stayed up way too late because I just had to see what happened next. A year ago I didn’t know a lot about Korean history and customs, but today it is the category I long to find on Jeopardy if I should ever find myself as a contestant. From the smile inducing loveliness and romance of Dong-Yi to the thrilling martial arts of King Gwangaetto, they have become a necessary part of my day.

    I’ve also learned so much about Korean food and drink watching these gems and would scent them with incense, woods, and pure floral notes. While they are Japanese not Korean I would pair Tsukimi and Shiseido’s White Rose or Feminite du Bois with these journeys into not only the east but the past.

    • fumemad says:

      Those korean dramas can really suck you in! One of my fav historicals is hong gil dong. Fascinating dramas. :)

      • Mitzi says:

        Pooh I used to LOVE hong gil dong! Also it was great because it seemed like it to go on for ever.

    • Lys says:

      I like your fragrance picks.

  7. lera says:

    I saw and highly recommend Moonrise Kingdom (2012). Such a fun and super cute movie! Great actors and acting!

    As far as perfume to match, Fantasy by Britney comes to mind first, then maybe Juicy Couture :-)

    • lera says:

      OK, just looked through the comments, I am not the only one who liked it :-) Well, how about Ruby Sparks with a dab of Clinique Happy Heart!

      • liana l says:

        I just saw Ruby Sparks recently & I liked it a lot! :D

  8. hajusuuri says:

    I just discovered Big Bang Theory last year. Thank goodness for Comcast on Demand – I was able to catch up on past seasons in really quick succession (yeah, I could have bought the DVDs but I would rather spend the money on ‘fumes). As for a scent, I have never smelled it but perhaps Molecule 01 is appropriate.

    I have to check out Skyfall! Sad to say, my last movie was Tintin. The theater nearest to where I live is one of those that allow you to order and eat restaurant / need knife and fork food. While the seats are a lot bigger than normal, it just doesn’t feel right to be sitting next to or near people scarfing down their food in a dark theater.

    • Robin says:

      Was thinking of starting on BBT — do you think a 14 year old boy would like it?

      • hajusuuri says:

        While very funny and kids into Star Trek and Star Wars will get a kick out of it, there’s quite a bit of sexual innuendo and adult relationship humor. I would recommend for 17+.

      • tulp says:

        14 is also OK. It is funny.

      • Mitzi says:

        I am a fan, (and a mother), and I definitely think 14 years is absolutely fine. Whatever sexual references there are, they are very innocent. I could not possibly think about a matching perfume though!

        • mals86 says:

          LOVE BBT, and my 17-yo daughter is fine with it, but I sometimes find it a little too raunchy for my 14 yo son. Parenting thresholds vary, of course.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks all!

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      I have my students give me a summer to-do list of shows, movies or books that they think I need to investigate to be properly “in the know,” and BBT was one of my homework assignments this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the time to give it a try, but I hope to see a few episodes before my students inevitably show up and check in on me!

    • ringthing says:

      I’m a fan of BBT, too. The lines those actors have to memorize are so difficult! NPR recently interviewed the science consultant that the writers use, and that was interesting in itself.

    • Aparatchick says:

      BBT has gotten even better since they added more women to the cast – the Amy Farah-Fowler character is hilarious and the perfect match for Sheldon.

    • L says:

      We just started watching Season One of The Big Bang Theory through Netflix and are enjoying it.

  9. PetronellaCJ says:

    We are atm hooked on The Mentalist, just finished season 3 and have ordered season 4 on dvd. It’s just enough lightweight and highly entertaining. I like Patrick Jane’s quirky taste but wonder if he bothers with perfume. Maybe something to conjure up those bittersweet memories, like Artisan Dzing! or Guerlain Habit Rouge.

  10. Marjorie Rose says:

    I don’t have TV, but I like to borrow DVDs of series from the library. But this summer, I didn’t manage to watch ANYTHING!

    I did manage to get to a movie theater a couple of times in the past 6 months. I saw a highly enjoyable documentary called “Hiro Loves Sushi” about a totally adorable old Japanese chef and his sons, running the only Michelin-rated restaurant in Japan. I don’t eat sushi, but the food was so beautiful, it almost made a convert of me.

    For perfume matching, I suppose some briney scent like Womanity would be appropriate, but as I don’t like Womanity, I would go the minimalist, Japanese-inspired scent route–maybe Kenzo Amour? That way, it wouldn’t distract you from the food!

    • moore says:

      Lol! Have you ever ate sushi? At the time I ate I didn’t like, but didn’t hate. The second time was better. Now I DO like it, specially impregnated with shoyo, a sodium bomb!

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        No, I admit I haven’t been brave enough to try it. Officially, I’m not “supposed” to eat it, since I have an immune disorder, but I’ve ignored that advice for other things, so it’s not a very legitimate reason. I find the notion of it unappetizing, which I recognize is totally mental, and as a real foodie in a lot of ways, seems like a lame excuse!

        • moore says:

          So deppending on the disorder you have it’s better not to eat before a talk to your doc. But if he or she releases you, give it some chances. ;)

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            I fear that I am the annoying kind of patient who does my own research and makes up my own mind about a lot of these things. And my condition is rare enough that my guess is nearly as good as anyone else’s, since there’s so little data to compare myself to. But the general opinion is that I am likely to be at higher risk for infections, contagious diseases, and increased severity when I get sick. So, raw meats and dairy products are considered more risky, but as I say, I ignore this advice semi-regularly. (I LOVE feta cheese, for example!)

          • moore says:

            These kind of internet research can be very dangerous. Sorry for my doc’s curiosity, but is your immune system hiper-reactive or hypo-reactive?

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Oh, no, not internet research. I’m a biologist with probably just enough specific knowledge to make me dangerous when reading scientific articles! I understand the big picture, but not the details, since my immunology is not fabulous.

            I have been diagnosed with a necrotizing autoimmune vasculitis. So, technically, I am hypereactive, I guess, but after years of immunosuppressive therapies, it would be fair to describe me as immunocompromised. And, as one of my favorite doctors put it, “there is no evidence that [my] immune system was ever normal.” :)

          • moore says:

            Than, I guess you can’t eat raw fish due to parasites that can be found in it. To have an allergic reaction you, teoretically, would have to have a competent immune system. If you’re gonna try some Japanese, there are some pieces made by fried and baked fish. Be careful.
            BTW, if I moved, the first thing I would search for would be a place for my perfumes; maybe in the kitchen furniture! lol

    • Robin says:

      Cannot find on Netflix…could it be Jiro dreams of Sushi??

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        YES! Sorry for my pour memory! Jiro Dreams of Sushi! (Thank you for the correction!)

  11. Kelly Red says:

    I am very male in my TV tastes LOL Love Walking Dead, but my favorite show is Sons of Anarchy. It’s is Hamlet on Harley choppers! And of course the frag would be Bulgari Black with that hint of hot rubber.

    • Kelly Red says:

      I should have clarified, I an NOT male, just my TV and movie tastes (can hardly wait for Quentin’s Django Unchained). My hubby jokes I fit the “18-35 year old male” demographic, not the 50 year old middle aged female I truly am.

      • Lys says:

        OMG Django Unchained. Are you a Tarantino fan or an ItaloWestern fan or both?

        • Kelly Red says:

          Both :) Kill Bill 1&2 are my favorite films. And 2 years ago asked for and received the DVD set of Leone films.

          • Lys says:

            Kelly Red you sound like my kind of people.

            I have those DVDs too :) I can’t wait for Django, it looks like it will reference a lot of Sergio Corbucci movies.

    • Emily says:

      Haha, my husband and I both love Sons of Anarchy (and I also love Bulgari Black). What scent do you suppose Gemma would wear? I’m thinking Tabu.

      • Kelly Red says:

        Oh I think much more cheap-ass then that! I think straight up patch oil from a head shop LOL

        • Emily says:

          Or maybe the Designer Imposters version of Poison (if they even still make that). The Designer Imposters line is about the only thing I can think of that’s more cheap-ass than the current Tabu.

  12. My favorite new TV show this fall is “Beauty and the Beast,” the CW show with Kristin Kreuk (formerly Lana Lang) as a kickass cop who meets a genetically modified “beast” on the run from the US military. It’s good fun. Sort of a mix of “Castle” and “The Vampire Diaries,” in a way. I was skeptical because I didn’t really love Kreuk’s character on Smallville, but I think she’s been great on this new show.

    Movies… I rarely see movies these days because my husband doesn’t like to go to the theatre. Boo.

    The matching perfume for Beauty and the Beast? I’d say something like Lutens’s Fleurs de Oranger, a beautiful floral with an intense animalic twinge.

    • Lys says:

      I need to add Beauty and the Beast!

      • I recommend it! I think it improves from the pilot. I tried adding a few new shows this year and so far this is the only one that stuck.

  13. ladymurasaki says:

    Hello all.

    I recently saw Untouchable, a French film about an unlikely friendship between a paraplegic millionaire and a young man from the projects. Very touching and hilarious. I wouldn’t know what fragrance to pair with it. Something embracing and warm, perhaps?

    I have also watched the latest Derren Brown’s TV shows. The first two part show was called The Apocalypse. It was an audacious experiment where Derren convinced a man that the planet had suffered a catastrophic meteor strike and that he had to find it within himself to take initiative, show compassion and survive the catastrophe. It was meticulously planned and executed and had me on edge. The subject (man) had no idea that the whole even was set up and came out of the experiment a changed man. Perfume to match this?… Perhaps Black March for its damp, mossy, earthy qualtiy that awaken the senses.

    • tulp says:

      Yeah, I have also seen Untouchables. Great movie.
      I can also highl recommend Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, and The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep (the life of Margaret Thatcher).

  14. ringthing says:

    Some great ideas here, thanks everyone! I’m watching North and South on Netflix and reading the book at the same time (Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, who also wrote Cranford.) I have a love of Victorian era drama. The protagonist, Margaret, is a humble pastor’s daughter who is quiet and lady like on the surface but has strong opinions, fights injustice, and has a love of the forest and nature; her family has been uprooted to an industrial city from the serene hamlet where she grew up. Any ideas for her perfume? Something that starts out innocently but has depth that’s slowly revealed, with some earthy notes? I’m drawing a blank.
    To mix things up, I’ve also started watching Revenge on Netflix so I can catch up to the current season. It has some deliciously soapy moments; I see Victoria Grayson in something like Poison.

    • I can totally see Victoria in something like Poison, at least in her younger days. That’s her true self. I wonder if now, she wouldn’t wear something “clean” to try to fit in with the rest of her scrubbed-fresh Hamptons neighbors?

      • ringthing says:

        Privet Bloom, perhaps? :-)

    • Sujaan says:

      I loved North & South back when it originally aired!

    • Aparatchick says:

      North and South was amazingly good! I watched it via Amazon streaming video and actually stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish it. Just wonderful.

    • Robin says:

      Loved North & South — I’m a sucker for period drama too.

    • L says:

      We have enjoyed all the Elizabeth Gaskill novels adapted for television: Wives and Daughters, North and South, and most especially Cranford and also Return to Cranford. All are very good. We rewatch them periodically through Netflix.

    • Rappleyea says:

      What about Chamade for her? It starts off green and floral, but has that deep incense base. Love that series!

      • ggperfume says:

        Wonderful pick!

  15. Lys says:

    I tried watching Vegas, dropped it, tried watching Nashville dropped it. Only big three show I’ve kept is 666 Park Avenue, I watch mostly b/c of Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams but the pacing of the show is a little slow. I hope it gets better b/c the concept is a lot of fun. But not for lack of trying, I remain a CW girl.

    Supernatural is back to form after an awful last season. I watched each ep last season but it was painful; this season it’s all awesomeness. Alternates between fan-centric and stand-alone episodes so probably easier to pick up by starting with an earlier season on DVD or On Demand. Also, want to watch Arrow (the Green Arrow given a “more adult Smallville-type” treatment) – I hear it is good and not just for superhero fans.

    Scent Supernatural, alternately, with Passage d’Enfer, CdG Avignon, CdG Garage, SL Borneo; for Dean Winchester, Burger King Flame.

    Also watching some of this season’s anime, stand-outs are Psycho Pass and Sukitte ii na yo.

    • Fellow CW fan here…

      I wasn’t going to watch Arrow because I followed poor Smallville to the bitter end and wasn’t sure I wanted a Smallville rehash. But now I’m reading that it’s really good, feels more adult. So maybe I should give it a chance…

      • Lys says:

        I didn’t follow Smallville but I had a friend at school who was obsessed. If I get around to watching Arrow, I’ll can you know if it’s decent.

        (FWIW, Midseason CW, Cult looks promising, but will avoid the Carrie Bradshaw series.)

        • Lys says:

          “I’ll can you know” – WHAT? “I can let you know,” obviously.

        • I’m definitely trying out Cult. Sad to admit, but I will probably try the Carrie Diaries too. In part because I’ve seen ALL the Sex and the City shows/movies they’ve done… so I feel obligated to at least try. As crazy as that may sound.

          If you try Arrow, let me know how it is!

    • Robin says:

      Good to know, because I considered watching both Vegas & Nashville & never got around to it. I did watch 1 episode of the new Dallas but it did not capture me at all.

      • Lys says:

        I can’t say I wouldn’t recommend either, but Nashville seemed formulaic and Vegas just made me laugh b/c everyone talks in this raspy grizzled, tough guy voice. I think Vegas might actually be good to watch as a marathon when it comes to DVD/Netflix (multi-ep but not the whole season at once!).

        Good to know about Dallas too.

    • ChocolatEyes613 says:

      LOL…. your fragrance choice for Dean Winchester is brilliant, Lys!

  16. rziest says:

    I am forever in the habit of being years late to TV shows and watching them in a great rush, so my recent favorite is actually an old space opera, Babylon 5. It’s a bit campy and dated in some ways, but the 5-season arc plotline is so beautifully executed that I would’ve forgiven much worse. I’d have to pair it with something equally well-balanced and complex, maybe Ormonde Jayne’s Ta’if.

    I was unimpressed by the last couple movies I saw in the theater, but I did just see and like the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk With Me. A fragrance that’s dirty and animalic and a bit disturbing would be in order, and Serge Lutens’ Fille en Aiguilles even has setting-appropriate pine in it!

    • nozknoz says:

      I loved the first season or two of Babylon 5 and Twin Peaks! (I always find series more interesting in the beginning, when there’s a lot of mystery, than later on, with clumsily contrived explanations and love interests.) Did you like Battlestar Galactica? CdG always seems like sci fi to me.

      • rziest says:

        Yes, BSG was great! I could’ve done with fewer love triangles, but I say that about everything :P

        Good call on CdG, especially with the visual aesthetic Galactica had; stark, minimalist, and unabashedly artificial is about as fitting as you can get.

    • Merlin says:

      I’m with you on the Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me. Twin Peaks, in particular needs something that is dark and animalic – but – at the same time something entirely sweet and angelic. It was that irreconcilable dissonance that made the show so wonderfully disturbing. I still get the shivers when listening to Julee Cruise! Its a little like having Baser de Vole on one arrm and Rien on the other!

  17. EasilyEnabled says:

    I have to chime in about loving The Walking Dead series. I have absolutely no idea what to wear as a scent, but I’ve smelled some women that were wearing some very good candidates. I am a great fan of The Newsroom written by Aaron Sorkin on HBO. My scents would be Clinique Elixir and Wild Lavender- both seem to be in constant motion on my skin. Another favorite show is Masterpiece Classic’s Upstairs Downstairs part two. Lady Agnes Holland’s 2 scents were Shalimar and Mitsouko. I would wear a tiny bit of Shalimar in a hot second.

    • farouche says:

      And Lady Agnes was able to confirm that her husband was having an affair with her sister by smelling the sheets in her room. Lady A had been away for some weeks and on return mentioned that her husband was wearing a stronger cologne. Britain had just declared war on Germany, so what do you think he might have been wearing?

      • EasilyEnabled says:

        What a great question! I wondered if it might have been a Creed scent. I don’t think he wore the same perfume as his wife, but I’m often wrong. :)

      • mag20 says:

        Hallam wore Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper. One of the characters (can’t rember who) mentioned it.

        • farouche says:

          Thank you, Mag 20!

    • Robin says:

      Is the Newsroom good? I’m a huge Sorkin fan, but don’t have HBO so will have to see it on DVD when it comes out.

      • EasilyEnabled says:

        Robin, the show is excellent. It’s as well done and as fast paced as we’ve come to expect from Sorkin. I highly recommend.

        • Robin says:

          Good, thanks. I think I was the only person that liked Studio 60. And I still miss the West Wing — loved the political ad they did this year.

          • Jillie says:

            Oh, West Wing is our most favouite of any show! We are looking forward to watching it all over again after a break of a couple of years.

            Also loved Newsroom and can’t wait for the next series. We were very fond of Studio 60, so you are not alone after all.

            Did anyone watch John Adams? Thought that was excellent. Also Smash – so glad that a second series of this is on its way.

          • Robin says:

            Glad to know it had another fan. It sure didn’t last long.

  18. Emily says:

    We went to see Argo last weekend. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought it was very well done. Probably a good thing that there was no possible way for Ben Affleck to justify setting it in Boston. The film also made me realize that I am possibly the only person who views the late ’70s/early ’80s as a high point in American fashion.

    Related perfume: Rochas Mystere. Dark, brooding, bitter, mysterious (natch), and roughly contemporaneous. (And full of galbanum, though I don’t know if Rochas sourced theirs from Iran like Chanel did.)

    • Robin says:

      Oh good, that’s on my “to see” list.

    • Squirrely says:

      Emily, I need to chime in and say I love late ’70s womens’ fashion! My husband and I have been watching Charlie’s Angels reruns lately and ’70s done well is surprisingly flattering and au courant (tight, flaring jeans, chunky heels, flouncy sheer blouses, bias cut dresses, lip stick and soft hair – it’s what every Lucky magazine has showcased for the past year!).

      I’ll forever be baffled as to why Farrah was the “breakout” on that show-I’m obsessed with Jaclyn Smith!

    • Rappleyea says:

      lol at your 70’s/80’s fashion remark! I usually watch Remington Steele on a channel that shows nothing but oldies, and I keep noticing how good Laura Holt always looks (except maybe the shoulder pads).

  19. Bela says:

    No discoveries, just wonderful programmes loved by a lot of people: the second series of Homeland (perhaps even more gripping than the first), and the third series of the original (Danish) Killing, which starts in 35 minutes (hooray!).

    The third series of Downton Abbey ended a couple of weeks ago: I will not miss it. It was ghastly (not as much as the second one, but bad enough). I don’t know why I bothered to watch it.

    I’m not wearing any perfume at the moment. Haven’t found a replacement for my Tub Crim yet.

    • ringthing says:

      Oh no! They are sitting on a goldmine with Downton Abbey, you’d think the writing would try to keep up with that terrific cast. I can’t wait until it hits the US in January. I’ll watch it for the costumes alone but season two was really irritating in spots.

    • Abyss says:

      I agree, I thought season 2 and 3 of Downton were terrible. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

    • Vincent says:

      I’ll start Homeland this week. A great friend of mine indicated it to me. I love Criminal Minds. For Criminal Minds, perhaps Back To Black would work well.

      • moore says:

        Criminal Minds rocks!!! I have so many chapters to watch yet…

    • Robin says:

      I totally admit that season 2 of Downton Abbey evolved into total camp, but will also admit that I found it enjoyable all the same, and will probably enjoy season 3 even while I talk back at the TV.

      Oddly enough though, could not get into season 2 of (new) Upstairs Downstairs. Just couldn’t care less what happened to any of the characters.

      • Norman says:

        You are going to LOVE “Downton” season 3 – it seems like George Bernard Shaw wrote it when compared to Season 2.
        I agree with you about the slightly mechanical feel of “Elementary”, but look forward to it all the same.
        Does anybody think that “The Middle” leaves “Modern Family” for dead?

        • Robin says:


          Can’t help though, have never seen Middle or Modern Family.

    • L says:

      Homeland might be the best TV series ever. We are in the middle of season one on DVD and I can’t believe how good this show is. Damian Lewis (of the Forsyte Saga) plays Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine held captive in Afghanistan for eight years. He is rescued and returns home at the same time the CIA agent played by Clare Danes gets a tip that an American soldier has been turned. Can she save America from another terrorist attack? She must keep up with Sgt. Brody to make sure. Bonus: Mandy Patinkin plays her mentor at the CIA. Great stuff.

    • L says:

      Forgot to say, I’m a big Downton Abbey fan and will certainly watch season three in January.

      We are finding Nashville to be another entertaining soap opera.

    • poodle says:

      I’m working my way through Downton Abbey season 2 on DVD now. I was late to the party on that show but I’ll be ready for season 3.

  20. ceciliat says:

    Since someone else mentioned ‘an old space opera’, I have to lobby for ‘Firefly’ — maybe one of my favorites EVER (especially if you like Nathan Fillion in ‘Castle’). Although I stopped watching Castle this season (somewhat bored and they seemed to be amping up the violence), he occasionally references stuff from Firefly. I think I’ll have to wear either L’Air du Desert Marocain or Dune the next time I go through the series…

    I like the BBC Sherlock too, and didn’t have high hopes for Elementary, but have been pleasantly surprised so far.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I’ve added several to my list to follow up on.

    • Abyss says:

      I liked Firefly and I don’t even consider myself to be fan of sci-fi…or westerns, for that matter :D The references in Castle always crack me up, the episode from a couple of weeks ago was chock full of them.

    • rziest says:

      Firefly was lovely, and far too short-lived. It would actually be fun to figure out personal fragrances for all the cast, but all I can come up with at the moment is Kaylee falling in love with Britney Spears’ Fantasy. It would go with her frilly cupcake dress!

    • shellyw says:

      Firefly!! great show, got me through surgery recovery. I think that Inara would wear something Gurlain.

      • rziest says:

        My first thought for Inara was Shalimar, but I could also see her wearing something from Amouage. No reason it couldn’t be both, really, if anyone on that show would have a perfume collection, it would be her!

    • Lys says:

      Stopped watching? But Castle and Kate Beckett are finally together!

    • Castle is great! I watched religiously the first season, and then fell behind while I was going through some of those hiccups life sends us sometimes. I keep meaning to catch up on Netflix.

  21. redscorpio says:

    I am about to finish Season 3 of Downton Abbey. I think with DA it is best not to take it seriously as it is often completely silly but I still enjoy it, must be the costumes! I think Arpege would be a good perfume to wear whilst watching!
    Late to the party but I was recently given Season1 of Boardwalk Empire which I will watch over Dec/Jan (our non ratings time) and I also have Season 3 of Treme- love the music. The show is a slow burn but it is still a great viewing experience.

  22. Ida says:

    I love Parks and Recreation! The series was particularly poignant during the run-up to the US election. I figure Leslie Knope would wear something suitably patriotic, like an Estee Lauder. Perhaps Beautiful for that good-two-shoes-but-sweet element!

  23. nozknoz says:

    The last film I saw was The Eye Must Travel, a wonderful documentary about Diana Vreeland. She’s been linked with Chanel Cuir de Russie and No. 5, both of which I imagine she must have worn at some point, but that famous photo of her red living room (“a garden in Hell”) calls for something far more flamboyant: YSL Opium.

  24. edsann says:

    I’m British, living in the Uk now, but spent 20 years living in Ct., which is a long time, and though I’m glad to be back home there are bits of me which are irredeemably US. There are a lot of US shows which are now in my DNA, and I still need to keep in touch by buying box sets of series like the Sopranos. My latest love was Friday Night Lights -absolutely loved it. Long before I moved to US I remember
    my mum watching early shows of I Love Lucy, and my children gre up with Little Housenon the Prairie and the Brady Bunch-theme tune burned into my brain I heard it so often.
    Is there an ‘American’ perfume, I’m not sure, maybe Tommy Girl, sassy, sexy and nostalgic?

    • Rappleyea says:

      Estee Lauder is an American company, so you’ve got several to chose from. And then of course, there is a plethora of American indie perfumers.

  25. shellyw says:

    Saw Skyfall last night – not usually a Bond person but it was good and the soap in the theater bathroom smelled great for that sort of thing. I need to have an other go at smelling it to tell what it was.

    On the TV front I am enjoying like crazy the bad guy Mr. Gold/Rumplestilskin on Once Upon a Time TV show. He is great at the part, the rest of the show maybe not as good.

    • ChocolatEyes613 says:

      Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold is a great villain. Such a wonderful character, and talented actor.

      • Lys says:

        He was equally creepy in Ravenous. He scared me.

  26. ChocolatEyes613 says:

    The #1 TV show I am obsessed with is “Once Upon a Time”. Yes, it has some major flaws – poor pacing, and sidelining promising characters – but, it is still pretty enchanting. Just the right bit of escapism, and fun. Plus, the fairytale costumes are incredibly beautiful!

    • ChocolatEyes613 says:

      Matching perfume for “Once Upon a Time”…. the original Lolita Lempicka, of course!

      Regina the Evil Queen, definitely, wears Christian Dior Poison.

  27. Celestia says:

    “Once Upon a Time” is well done for what it is supposed to be (and locally filmed!) but it fails to grab me enough to continue watching it. I tried “Revolution” and “Beauty and the Beast” which I discontinued watching, along with “666 Park Avenue”. “Beauty” is not as compelling as the Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman version was in the late eighties, IMO. For me, “Revenge” has replaced “Lost” as most hotly-anticipated must-see weekly. Emily Thorne would wear Pretexte by Lanvin and Victoria Grayson would wear Trouble by Boucheron.
    I still lament the cancellation of the following shows: The Beautiful LIfe, Pan Am, The Playboy Club, Terra Nova, and Lipstick Jungle.
    Upstairs, Downstairs Part 1 didn’t do it for me but the second season did! Lady Agnes was off Shalimar and wore MItsouko now, the servants observed. Jean Marsh detected it on Lady Agnes as well.

    • “Once Upon a Time” is well done for what it is supposed to be (and locally filmed!) but it fails to grab me enough to continue watching it. I tried “Revolution” and “Beauty and the Beast” which I discontinued watching, along with “666 Park Avenue”. “Beauty” is not as compelling as the Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman version was in the late eighties, IMO. For me, “Revenge” has replaced “Lost” as most hotly-anticipated must-see weekly. Emily Thorne would wear Pretexte by Lanvin and Victoria Grayson would wear Trouble by Boucheron.
      I still lament the cancellation of the following shows: The Beautiful LIfe, Pan Am, The Playboy Club, Terra Nova, and Lipstick Jungle.
      Upstairs, Downstairs Part 1 didn’t do it for me but the second season did! Lady Agnes was off Shalimar and wore MItsouko now, the servants observed. Jean Marsh detected it on Lady Agnes as well.

      Sounds like we have similar tastes. I tried Revolution and had high hopes, but could not keep up with

    • Oh dear. Ignore my first comment there.

      Sounds like we have similar tastes. I tried Revolution and had high hopes, but could not keep up it… Too much military torture stuff, which creeped me out. And the acting wasn’t great. I do like Beauty and the Beast though – but I don’t know the original series.

      Revenge is so great. Amazing show. I wish I knew Lanvin’s Pretexte now… Anything Emily Thorne would wear is sure to be fascinating.

      • Celestia says:

        I’m glad someone agrees with me about Revolution. It’s too slow-moving, not enough happens to create intrigue, too many murders, and without naming names, there are those who cannot act their way out of a paper bag.

  28. sugarvenom says:

    Watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, something about foggy and damp San Francisco made me think of wearing Angeliques sous la Pluie from Frederic Malle.

  29. juicejones says:

    I enjoyed the recently completed first season of “Call the Midwife” on PBS. Just great acting and atmosphere. I guess something by Penhaligon’s would be obvious, but appropriate.

  30. Lys says:

    Robin, Skyfall favorite Bond movie ever? High praise.

  31. Subhuman says:

    I’ve recently stumbled upon Community in re-runs; I find it hysterical, and am hunting down the DVDs.

    Saw Skyfall last night, and coincidentally I received my bottle of Cartier Declaration Essence in the mail this week. It strikes me as a very James Bond scent, particularly the Daniel Craig version: a bit rough around the edges, but smooth, suave and elegant at the centre, with a slight animalic growl. As for Skyfall, I thought it was terrifically well-done, but not quite the Best Bond Ever. My heart still belongs to both Goldfinger (just so classic, and incredibly re-watchable) and GoldenEye, which came out when I was 10 and was THE movie to see among my grade-school peers. They say your favorite Bond actor is the one you first saw as a child, and to this day Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond (though Daniel Craig is a verrryy close second).

    • Robin says:

      Roger Moore was my first, and is still in many ways my favorite. My son & I watched rather a large number of all the Bonds over the past year, and was surprised at how poorly they’ve all held up; in some ways, the earlier Sean Connery movies are now easier to watch than the Roger Moore era, which just went too far into slapstick. The Pierce Brosnan movies are obviously not as aged, and in many ways I liked him better the 2nd time around (ditto Timothy Dalton), but he’ll just never be Bond to me.

      I thought the 1st Daniel Craig was a great movie but arguably “not Bond” — seemed to me in Skyfall they finally found the right balance.

      • mals86 says:

        I agree on the Roger Moores not holding up over time – they come across as incredibly clunky and dated, almost spoofs. I loved them at the time; would watch them on TV with my dad. The first time I saw Connery, it was in Goldfinger, which is still my favorite of the Bond flicks.

        Have changed my mind on the Best Bond since. Craig doesn’t look much like “my” Bond, which is largely constructed from the books (the Ian Fleming originals, not the franchise novels), but he really gets the emotional range of that clever, resourceful, stubborn guy distracting himself from his angst, I think. And Skyfall has become my second favorite Bond movie.

        • Robin says:

          Live & Let Die was the first Bond movie I ever say, & adored it for years. Had a very hard time explaining that to my son when we watched it, even beyond the obvious non-pc race & gender issues, which sort of go with the territory.

          Craig looks all wrong — although have never read Fleming. I (like everyone else) was not pleased when they first announced he’d be Bond. And loved Casino Royale but it was like a new food for lack of a better word. It didn’t fit into the franchise. I think they’ve tried with Skyfall to fit in better — wish they’d done so from the beginning.

  32. sweetgrass says:

    I’m also a big fan of Game of Thrones. Haven’t read the books but probably should. I don’t think any one scent would match it.. You’d just about have to assign different ones to places and characters. I think the Dothraki are all about the Muscs Koublai Khan lol.

    Another show I’ve really liked is Hell on Wheels. And I’m not generally a western kind of girl. I think L’Air de Rien or Aftelier Sepia would be appropriate matches.

    • sweetgrass says:

      Come to think of it, CdG Avignon or Zagorsk could work for Game of Thrones.

    • Merlin says:

      Another Game of Thrones fan here. Yes, I agree with KK for the Dothraki, esp Drogo himself! Quarzazate would also work for Daenerys Targarean who marries in to the desert tribe.

      For Ned Stark, a dry and dutiful vetiver of some sort (Sycamore, maybe?); for his wife something kind but sober (perhaps Infusion d’ Iris). It goes without saying that Sansa Stark would have her own collection – if she wasn’t married to a brute. Goffrey, something vile like Secretions Magnifique. For Arya Stark, something unisex and woody, a warm sandalwood, perhaps – but without floral tones.

  33. Bee says:

    I’m discovering web-based series, the best one out there at the moment in my opinion is “The Lizzie Bennet diaries”. Iit’s highly addictive, with a whole group of characters it would be fun to attribute scents to, I guess that the busily vlogging Lizzie would appreciate a light greenish-chypre type of scent.

  34. poodle says:

    I have never seen most of the shows you guys are talking about. Hubby usually has the remote and if it’s not on ESPN, NFL network, Comcast sports net, or some other sports station, I probably won’t see it. When I do have the remote I oftentimes don’t even turn the TV on. So I guess for all the sports I watch (like football today) a nice leather scent would work or perhaps a green one to evoke the smell of the field. No, wait, the stadium has turf, so maybe something with a plastic note would be better.

    • Robin says:

      Your husband sounds like my husband! But I never watch with him, I just don’t care about sports. I finally started telling him in advance that I wanted the TV for an hour at such and such time, for an hour. If there’s a game on, too bad, he has to tivo it. Otherwise I’d never see anything.

      • poodle says:

        I like football and hockey. Baseball is just cruel and unusual punishment for me. Basketball is bearable. I let him watch and I read the blogs and twitter on my iPad or I knit, crochet or read a book. If there’s something I really want to see he’s good about letting me but I so rarely look at what’s on TV it isn’t much of an issue.

    • Rappleyea says:

      Poodle, as we’re moving into basketball season (which I love!), you could also add wood scents for the smell of the floor. ;-)

      • poodle says:

        Let’s not forget Bvlgari Black for hockey and the smell of the puck.

      • Joanne says:

        Oh, I know what you mean about wood floor smell–my daughter’s old elementary school, build in the early 1900’s, had wood floors and I just loved the smell of the varnish and chalk. It smelled exactly like a school should. (Spoken like an old fuddy-duddy, I know.)

        • Rappleyea says:

          Sounds great to me too! But I’m also old-school and proud of it!

  35. Rappleyea says:

    A little late, but I was actually Christmas shopping yesterday at a favorite, very small gift shop. She carries some really great regional artisans.

    Last really good movie I saw was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Loved it, and what a spectacular cast. Scent? Bombay Bling of course!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Argo, Skyfall and (drumroll) Les Mis.

    • poodle says:

      I just got Marigold Hotel from Netflix yesterday. I’m going to watch it sometime this week. The cast is great.

  36. dolcesarah says:

    I have to go back and read all these but I got some Perricone stuff in my eyes. So ill just share that we watched “Night and Day,” with Tom and Cameron last night and it was great. I wore some Le Labo creations that were made for ANTHROPOLOGIE, very powdery and very savory. Love those.

    • hollyc says:

      One of my faves Dolcesarah. Say what you will about Tom and his crazy Scientology stuff, when it comes to the silver screen, the boy delivers in spades. He and Cameron had terrific chemistry. I”ve watched it three times and I’m ready for four, it just doesn’t get old (unlike me!)

  37. platinum14 says:

    I don’t watch much TV these days, but I recently discovered the 1934 film “The Thin Man” with Myrna Loy and William Powell. Not a GREAT film, but one that was fun to watch. Besides the fashion and design of the era, there was plenty of funny, risqué, gin soaked repartee to keep me entertained. The characters of Nick and Nora do come across as real people, with flaws and all.
    I easily imagine the rich socialite Nora wearing Vega or Joy, while her everyday man husband Nick would probably go for a splash of Old Spice.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I disagree — it’s a great film! The sequels were fun but none of them as good as the 1st one. And if you liked that, do watch My Man Godfrey, which is one of my top 2 movies of all time. Another William Powell, but this time w/ Carole Lombard.

      (Great book, too, although somewhat different from the movie — less breezy)

      • OhLily says:

        “Waiter, would you please serve the nuts. I mean, would you please serve our GUESTS the nuts.”

        As only Myrna Loy could deliver it! :D

  38. hollyc says:

    I just watched Gilda for the first time with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. Slap me silly, but I swore they were truly in love in that movie and Googling proved me right. There was nary a boob or butt crack in sight but wow, it smoldered. All the more poignant to see her beauty and talent and know where she was headed. One of the best movies I’ve seen. Sooooooo . . . I’m pickin’ Mitsouko, Scandal, and Femme (all vintage of course) to accompany this black and white beauty. It was really something . . . .

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