Byredo Bullion ~ new fragrance

Byredo Bullion

Niche line Byredo has launched Bullion, a new limited edition fragrance:

“Bullion is the first fragrance that we’ve created that is actually inspired by all the visits I’ve made to the Middle East. It’s a combination of places, food and, most, importantly people." – Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director of BYREDO

Notes feature pink pepper, black plum, osmanthus, magnolia, leather accord, dark woods, sandalwood and musk.

Byredo Bullion is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, and can be found at Liberty in the UK (£130) or Barneys in the US ($280).

(quote via liberty)

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  1. Abyss says:

    Oh, I have zero experience with Byredo and I know we can’t really judge by the list of notes but this sounds quite appealing.

    • Robin says:

      It does! Might be heavier & darker than some of their stuff — I think it was meant for the Middle Eastern market in addition to being “inspired by ” the ME.

    • lucasai says:

      Abyss, I’ve got some samples of Byredo fragrances. Not much really, but most of them is really nice.

  2. friede says:

    So am I the only one who is going to cop to seeing “Buillion” and “combination of places, food and, most, importantly people” and thinking “really? first ink, now chicken soup?”

    • Robin says:

      Ha…my first thought was w/ the gold bars, & with naked attempt to make $.

      • friede says:

        It probably says something about my opinion of Byredo that neither chicken-soup-scent nor naked-attempt-for-$ would really surprise me.

  3. Dilana says:

    Where in the mid-east have these guys travelled
    When I think of mid-eastern cooking, I think of pomegranite syrup, fava beans, chickpeas, cumin, rose and orange blossem water, nuts, eggplant, and whole bunch of other things, not including pink pepper.
    I think of olive trees and cedars, not magnolias (which require a lot moisture) and not “dark woods”

  4. kristinacologne says:

    Interesting. For me, the notes don’t suggest a gourmand / food scent at all!

  5. body67 says:

    i actually thought chicken soup/tomato soup (tomato bullion) as well. very unfortunate name. that being said, the perfume is astounding (and i’m not a fan of byredo). on the same level as their (in)famous m/mink.

  6. Lys says:

    Spelled that way one would think it refers to gold bars, I guess it’s a golden-hued scent? Or explain the etymology?

    But yeah, I thought chicken boullion. I knew it wouldn’t smell like a boullion cube before I clicked the link, but I liked to pretend it would. Touche, Byredo. Well played.

  7. Merlin says:

    I really dislike this brand, though I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was because the first few of their fragrances that I tried were (to me) real scrubbers and I rarely react that badly to frag. Then I tried quite a few that were nice enough, but not nearly nice enough to warrant the ridiculous price tag, and often quite watery!

    Also, I can’t put my finger on it but there is something repellant (to me) about their aesthetic – those black and white bottles are so cold looking; and though I have no idea what Byredo means, its not a pleasant word (phonetically).

    Actually, I think that perfume called M/Ink put me off: it makes me think of fur coats and animal cruelty!

  8. rickbr says:

    “Bullion is the first fragrance that we’ve created that is actually inspired by all the visits I’ve made to the Middle East. It’s a combination of places, food and, most, importantly people.” I suspect he has visited a lot of stores that carried Amouage line, because Bullion reminds me a lot of Jubilation XXV…

  9. lovethescents says:

    Really don’t like the name but it sounds interesting enough to me, as long as the oud isn’t obvious ;-)

  10. sullapelle says:

    I smelled the entire line at Barney’s recently. Beautifully done. Yes, all of them:)

  11. dora says:

    Thanks to the lovely Christina at Barney’s I have a sample of this. Like Merlin, this has never been a brand that I coveted. Even La Tulipe which comes close to what I like did not overwhelm me. Bullion is tempting and I was prepared to SCRUB. I have been wearing it since 8am and still find a true, enjoyable scent wafting off my wrist. Somewhat reminiscent of ‘Dzongkha;’ but not as smoky and dank. Whether I will buy is the question-the price seems exorbitant. Either way, a pleasant surprise is a pleasant surprise.

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