Burberry Body Tender ~ new fragrance

Burberry Body Tender fragrance

Burberry will launch Burberry Body Tender, a new flanker to last year's Burberry Body, in early 2013.

The notes include lemon, apple, absinthe, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, cashmere, amber and musk. 

I will update with sizes and concentration when I can.

(via magazin.flaconi.de)

Update: Burberry Body Tender is available in 35 and 60 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. jonr951 says:

    The original scares me, but I REALLY want that bottle, so let’s hope this one isn’t as much of a monster! : )

    • Robin says:

      Gotta say the original has probably put me off any possible variation…but hope you’ll like this one!

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