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  1. Omega says:

    I need to order some samples from them. 7 samples for 15 bucks ain’t bad. Need to order some Malle and other stuff.

    • Kelly Red says:

      Or order something small, even a candle for yourself or a holiday gift, and get those 7 samples for FREE! I just ordered a new Cire Trudon candle for winter.

      • Robin says:

        Which one did you get?

        • Kelly Red says:

          Nasareth, Naseren, the spicy one. That’s sad I just ordered it last week and I can’t remember the real name LOL

          • Robin says:

            That’s enough for me to figure it out, thanks! Hope it’s wonderful.

  2. Lys says:

    Yo, what’s this Micallef Advent calendar?

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