Dennis Basso by Dennis Basso ~ new perfume

Dennis Basso by Dennis Basso

Fashion designer Dennis Basso, best known for his luxury fur (and affordable faux fur) designs, is launching his debut fragrance, Dennis Basso. It will debut on QVC next month and at Harrods in March 2013. The scent is intended to be worn day or night and to fit the brand's products at both ends of the price scale.

Dennis Basso features notes of bergamot, lemon, green apple, orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, cedar, cashmere woods and white musk.

Dennis Basso by Dennis Basso will be available in 75 ml Eau de Parfum, $69.

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  1. Prebendal says:

    Never will I give a penny to someone who sells fur.

  2. cologneluvr says:

    Hope it smells like fur!

    Come on people, how do you think our forefathers stayed warm, food, etc.? The animal is already dead, it’s a sin not to utilize all of it.


    • Robin says:

      Seriously, don’t want this announcement to turn into a referendum on fur. You’ve both had your say, now let’s all just get along :-)

      • Wordbird says:

        I agree with what Robin said. I have an opinion on fur, it’s mine and I’m not sharing it. Here we talk about smells.

        I will point out that in the past, some perfumes were specifically created to compliment fashions which we now find distasteful. Zibeline by Weil was originally created in 1928 to perfume furs and in 1919 Ernest Daltroff created Caron’s Tabac Blond for women who smoked cigarettes.

        Tastes change.
        That’s all.

  3. anarchkitty says:

    The interesting thing for me here is not the fur question (to which we all entitled to our personal opinions), but the stated aim of a fragrance ‘ to be worn day or night and to fit the brand’s products at both ends of the price scale’.

    I’d love to see a debut fragrance that is suitable for any occasion and appeals equally to all classes of fake-fur and real fur-wearing consumer (mostly women I take it?). Presumably it would have to fit everyone’s budget too……….

    Be impressive wouldn’t it!

    • Robin says:

      Yes it would! I’m a cynic…I’m guessing that a) aficionados of real fur don’t necessarily want a bottle with a fake fur lining and b) it would be hard at that price to make a real luxury fragrance.

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