Cloon Keen Atelier Terre de L’Encens, Bataille de Fleurs & Castana ~ new fragrances

Cloon Keen Atelier Terre de L'Encens

Galway-based Cloon Keen Atelier, previously best-known for their scented candles and body care products, has launched three personal fragrances. Terre de L'Encens is new; Bataille de Fleurs and Castaña were introduced last year.

Terre de L’Encens (shown) ~ "Terre de L’Encens is an olfactory impression of the epic journey that stretched from Oman to the Ancient Empires. Through this trading route, nomads carried the most precious frankincense. On it’s path civilizations, emerged, flourished and then vanished into the desert. Incense hyperessence, suspended in a clear radiant ozonic top note, is at the heart of the composition. A salted mineral chord evokes grains of sand on the skin. Sultry refinement comes from iris concrete combined with a woody ciste-labdanum sensuality."

Bataille de Fleurs ~ "Along the Promenade des Anglais overlooking the azur Mediteranean, the Bataille de Fleurs carnival has been celebrated every year since 1876. Here mimosa blossoms are thrown from flower adorned floats while the crowd battle for the precious bouquets. Inspired by this celebration Stéphanie Bakouche has translated this incomparable olfactory atmosphere into Bataille de Fleurs. It is a tribute to the unique and beautiful mimosa tree and has a deep round sensual, yet bright, note which is enhanced by a green aqueous freshness, creating the windswept atmosphere of being on the Côte d'Azur.

Castaña ~ "Inspired by a childhood memory of the mouthwatering aroma of street roasted chestnuts in Andalusia, Perfumer Delphine Thierry has captured this fleeting sensation and translated it into a sophisticated and signed perfume. The centre piece of this composition is an overdose of Haitian vetiver, which is traditionally a more masculine note. However, when combined with the super feminine and luxurious floral notes of cassia and jasmine absolute, an opulent nontraditional feminine perfume is created."

Cloon Keen Atelier Terre de L'Encens, Bataille de Fleurs and Castaña are available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum. They can be purchased at Les Senteurs in London (£65), or directly from the Cloon Keen website.

(quotes via cloonkeen, additional information via lessenteurs)

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  1. NinaraPoll says:

    What is a “hyperessence”?

    • Robin says:

      Mostly what it sounds like…a concentrated essence. Not very meaningful really, since that’s essentially what all fragrance materials are.

  2. Joe says:

    I was wondering just yesterday about any recent work by Stéphanie Bakouche, as I was wearing her wonderful Invasion Barbare. Very timely — and the mimosa scent sounds good to me. The chestnut one does as well. I may be intrigued enough to get samples.

    • Robin says:

      Do report back! Hoping some US retailer will pick these up.

  3. galwaygirl001 says:

    Terre de l’encens is my favourite incense perfume – polished woody iris & citrusy frankincense. Beautiful.

  4. djron91 says:

    I smelled these while I was at Les Senteurs last week.. all three are worth a sniff – well constructed.

  5. Mary says:

    in a few weeks I will finally be able to smell these fragrances. A daughter of a friend of mine who lived in London for a short period of time has collected them for me, because les Senteurs was not shipping to the Netherlands. I am so curious about them. I will let you know after sniffing:)

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