Yves Rocher Candied Mallows ~ new fragrance

Yves Rocher Candied Mallows

Yves Rocher has launched Candied Mallows, a new fragrance for women:

Yves Rocher was inspired by the exquisite elegance of fine confections to create this irresistible new sweet floral fragrance!

Deliciousely [sic] addictive it has a burst of sweet Almond, a heart of Mallow and Roses as well as a lingering base of White Musk and Tonka Bean.

A tempting treat that infuses a woman’s aura with sweet floral notes and hints of Almond, White Musk and Tonka Bean. Perfect for all the women on your list and to treat yourself, too!

Yves Rocher Candied Mallows is available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette ($18) and in matching body products.

(via yvesrocherusa)

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  1. peter says:

    Is it me me or does it sound a tad sweet? ;)

  2. olenska says:

    …for women? Not girls? Really, really little girls? You could fool me with that bottle. And the box. And those notes….

    • Robin says:

      Maybe for young women? Although hey, I like a nice gourmand once in awhile myself.

      • olenska says:

        I’ll guess I’ll wait for the $5 travel size version before I judge.

  3. Michaelm says:

    Hmm, I don’t know, I feel kinda queasy just looking at and reading this, never mind the thought of smelling it. Hey, maybe it’s fantastic?

  4. Merlin says:

    For some weird reason I actually like this bottle! If the frag is called Candied Mallows, it makes sense to have a pink marshmallow colour, and, oh…well, I have no defense: I’m obviously having a girlie moment!

    • Robin says:

      Hey, who needs a defense? Like what you like, why not :-)

  5. Thalia says:

    I lke the box and bottle too! They remind me of all the peppermint pink and dove gray graphic designwork from the ’50s – if there were some prancing poodles on there, it would be even better.

    The fragrance sounds like something my 11-year-old would like, although not necessarily something that I would. Maybe I’ll get her some of the body products!

  6. pigoletto says:

    Sounds a lot like MOR marshmallow to me – although MOR was actually less gourmand than the name suggested – it was a pretty old fashioned light rose and powder scent, with only a smidge of vanilla-almond.

  7. pyramus says:

    The odd thing is that that appears to be their usual limited-edition Christmas bottle (they did two last year and two the year before), and the timing’s right, and it even sounds like the kind of thing they would release for Christmas, but the packaging doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the holidays. So I am officially confused.

  8. AnnieA says:

    I *think* those are Christmas ornaments on the box. The YR holiday scents are usually way too sweet, although sometimes fine in shower gel format. BTW, I agree with Thalia that poodles are woefully under-represented on packaging nowadays…

  9. aimiliona says:

    I’ll have to try this, since I like almonds enough to buy Louve unsniffed* when I heard it was becoming an Exclusive. This is 1/5 the price of a tall bottle of Louve with a Parfum1 15% coupon and 1/16 the price of a bell jar.

    * I stay out of the casinos. This is my form of gambling.

  10. bluegardenia says:

    Hate most gourmands. Yet I love anything marshmallow. Yum!

  11. Nile Goddess says:

    Hmm … if I want a nice almond I reach for Hypnotic Poison, or more recently for Guerlain L’Instant Magic which is nicer than it sounds. Even Pink Sugar sounds sexier than “Candied Mallows”.

    I was tempted to say “wake me up when there’s a new release called Grown-Up Fragrance”, but by the look of things I’m afraid I may be old by then!

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