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  1. I just turned 53, and I vote for Brad. I was never a fan of Burt; he always seemed creepy/slimy to me.

  2. Dzingy says:

    kinda awkward monologue/ commercial.

    • Dixie says:

      agreed! Not that I like Burt, but I like the commercials he did.

  3. lera says:

    neither. both are boring.

  4. Sniffing Around says:

    Burt! I’m in my late 40s. Brad is just ridiculous —that monologue is just so faux deep! At least Burt has that naughty smile–and he’s delivering just two lines, not an entire soliloquy. That Chanel ad is embarrassingly awful.

    • Bradamante says:

      I find Brad utterly ridiculous in this ad and it is an example of Very Bad Acting, the kind wannabees get rejected for whilst applying for theater school. Burt really is way way better. And I’ve got no preference for either one, but based on this material… Burt! Anytime! Gonna be 50 next year.

      • Bradamante says:

        and I hate his hair. Brad’s, that is. And those hands in his pockets. What does he want? Turning 16 again?

    • Rappleyea says:

      “faux deep” – Perfect!

  5. platinum14 says:

    I’m 47 today and I vote Burt! It’s simple, it has humour and he fits well with the image of Taylor herself.
    Brad looks like he is taking himself too seriously, like he is trying to convince us that he is the next Lawrence Olivier. Plus it doesn’t fit the larger-than-life image of No5. The Bouquet, Warren, Kidman, or Tautou ads led us to expect more. This is more like a Calvin Klein ad.

  6. Marjorie Rose says:

    I’m not a fan of this ad, but I’d say in general, I’m more a Brad Pitt kinda lady than a Burt Reynolds one (although I have deep affection for Burt’s larger-than-life mustache in his hey-day!). If it’s relevant, I’m in my mid-thirties!

    (Enjoyed Brad Pitt from the first time I saw him in Thelma and Louise!)

  7. L says:

    Agree the ad is silly, but I love listening to his voice. Definitely vote for Brad. Age 40.

  8. sinnerman says:

    This ad is a peice of rubbish ! Why on earth did they take this direction ? I’m going to hug my bottle of no 5 and apologise for that embarrassing ad ! Poor number 5 , this iconic fragrance deserves better than this . Sure , it’s ok to use über sexy Brad Pitt but that is lame and corny .

  9. juicejones says:

    50s. At least Burt seems like he’s fine with it all.
    Is Brad going to bring anything or anyone new to the brand. Why B&W? Where is he? Poetry slam in solitary confinement?No budget for hair and wardrobe? People will notice him, and not remember what he is selling, but wonder why anyone thought this was a good idea.

  10. Sansarya says:

    Brad. Mid-40s. The ad is an embarrassment, though, and I do wear Chanel No. 5.

  11. sweetgrass says:

    I’m 33.. I think the No5 commercial is a bit overwrought, but I’d still go for Brad over Burt.. I think I just have a weakness for long hair and goatees.

  12. Cybele says:

    Burt is witty, I prefer him and I am certainly not his age. The Chanel ad doesn’t work, just made me laugh, rather squeak in embarrasment.

  13. megank4 says:

    Brad, but unscruffy brad, not this one.

  14. Zazie says:

    I’m about to turn 38, and while I won’t be chosing between Burt and Brad, I’ll just say that Brad Pitt, with its bloated features and long hair, is not really pushing me to buy any quintessentially french perfume.
    He could push me to buy skateboards, or whatever product is linked with “american boy” stereotypes.
    But I would say to his credit (?), that I probably do not appreciate in general the concept of a man (actor or whatever) fronting a female fragrance…. I really dislike the idea: just wrong.
    Oh, but I also disliked uber-botoxed Nicole Kidman fronting chanel n°5…. I guess I am picky… (But I loved all the visuals for Coco Mademoiselle so far, if that counts! ;))

  15. Subhuman says:

    I’m 27, and I vote Burt. His ad is plain better, IMO – more humorous, less pretentious, and a better use of its spokesman. (There is no replacement for that Burt Reynolds mojo; it’s so cheesy it’s great.)

  16. Merlin says:

    Chanel ad is completely ridiculous in every way. I thought it was some kind of joke the first time. Brad utterly unconvincing as a man who is interested in women who smell as mainstream as
    Chanel No 5. And what does his scruff-monster look have to do with this fragrance? Have the people at Chanel cracked up?

    • solanace says:

      It must be some kind of joke. He can’t be THAT stupid! Or can he?

  17. pigoletto says:

    Burt, because it’s funny. That Brad ad – really into itself. And even though these are for women, the all time greatest celeb spokesperson scent ad is Charles Bronson for Mandom, of course!

    • pigoletto says:

      Oh, and I’m 37. I should add I don’t find either man attractive either. I am puzzled by the choice of Pitt. He’s a guy who seems to only clean up under extreme duress. Hardly the Chanel kind of man. The spokes-actor for Bleu is much more in the Chanel style (and easy on the eyes). Maybe Chanel are getting a jump start on the Xmas $$/££ with this (says my cynical self after seeing Christmas stuff in the supermarket back in September)

    • sariah says:

      Yes! Mandom.

    • nozknoz says:

      Only the Old Spice Man comes anywhere close to Mandom!

      • Bee says:

        agree with you, mandom and the old old spice man as a runner-up, at least they had me laughing. Brad and Burt are just trying too hard

  18. solanace says:

    Burt, a bazilion times! He is so funny, thank’s for posting that video! I think that both are funny, actually. Brad’s made me think of Jim Belushi taping that liquor advertising in Sofia Coppola’s film. He looks so bored. Those lost eyes. And the eybrows. I refuse to believe Brad is so ridiculous an actor (can that be?? I loved him on Fight Club and Telma and Louise, but I haven’t dared facing Benjamin Button or The Tree of Life!) For now I’ll choose to believe he looked at it as some sarcastic joke. Otherwise, what world do we live in?? (I’m 38)

    • pigoletto says:

      That was Bill Murray doing the whisky ad in Lost in Translation.

  19. Ann C says:

    I’m surprised to find myself voting for Burt. He has a sexy glint in his eye, but he doesn’t take it too seriously. I’ve always been a fan of Brad, but he could use some cleaning up, and his dialogue is odd and stilted.

  20. Dionne says:

    Just turned 41 and I vote Burt, he still looks fantastic in that commercial. I’m not sure I understand what’s going on in Brad’s ad, it’s like they’re saying, “Wear Chanel No. 5, it’ll make your guy feel depressed.”

  21. anarchkitty says:

    Oh Burt 100% for this comparison, this is not Brad at his best at all and I much prefer the less serious approach. In the right role though, Brad does have a lot of charm.

    Brad doesn’t suit the scruffy hair and goatee at all, and sadly this advert makes it look like he is ageing worse than Burt to boot. Though I have to say they got way too carried away with Burt’s eyebrows and the razor there.

    People may well remember this, doubt they will remember what it was for though. Maybe they should have shown him putting some on instead of reciting…..

    • Queen_Cupcake says:

      Anarchkitty, you have concisely stated my exact views, so I’ll just tack on a big AMEN to your post. :-)

  22. fatih sultan mehmed says:

    Hello my fellow perfume lovers. I am Fatih from the Netherlands. I am reading this blog almost for four years now and I never comment on something. But this time I just couldnt resist anymore. I thought I must share this with you. I am sorry if my English is not so good. It will be a long comment but please enjoy the whole story.

    When I finalley saw the new Chanel no. 5 ad, I thought, This is it? The famous new Chanel ad? I was so disappointed that I came with mine version how Chanel no. 5 must be represent. Here it comes:

    Title: Le Secret
    Starring: Brad Pitt, Audrey Toutou and more

    Story: There was a time when a man (Brad Pitt) was visiting the magnificent beatiful city of Babylon. He was amazed by the beatiful hanging Gardens of Babylon. He was walking, looking and smelling the flowers. Suddenly by the wind he smells something else. He is amazed by this smell. He rans and searches the whole city to find the source of the smell. He climbs the top of the Garden and sees a Temple on top of the City. He realises that the smell is coming from the inside of the Temple. He looks at the Temple and the Temple is full with women. The women are protecting something, on a large column is there a bowl and in that bowl is there a golden fluid. The bowl is surrounded by women who are wearing black and white coulored dresses with pearl necklaces. 5 of them have also a dagger. The daggers are decorated with little pearls, tiny roses, jasmine and ylang ylang. The guy (Brad Pitt) wants that fluid. He wants it so bad that he is running towards the bowl. When he looks into that bowl he sees that it is empty. He cries so loud and lies there on the floor because he lost the Secret. What he doesnt know is that the 5 women took the fluid and take it with them to Egypt.

    Hundreds of years later we are in Egypt. The Secret (fluid) is now hidden in the Temple of Isis and again guarded by women. A man (Brad Pitt) wants that fluid. He is going in to the temple and is amazed by the beatiful women who are wearing white silk gowns decorated with flowers. He tries to take the fluid and again the 5 women are taking it to the Temple of the Muzes in Delphi.

    A sailor (Brad Pitt) is on the Mediteranian See. He is on his ship and suddenly he hears female voices coming. He looks into the sky and tries to find the females. He looks everywhere and the voices are getting louder and louder. Suddenly with the voices he smells someting. The air is filled with this georgius smell. He turns his ship to find the source of the smell. He sails to the source of the smell and reaches the Temple of the Muzes. When he reaches the Temple he thinks that he knows this already, like it happened also in his past. A young woman walks towards him and talks with him. She explains him about the Secret and that he cannot posses it because it belongs to the entire World. The Sailor asks her why they are keeping the Secret hidden, the girl says that the World is not ready yet and the time will come in the future that a woman would be chosen to share the Secret with the World.

    (The we here the voice of Brad Pitt explaining about that Napole
    on wanted the Secret too, that his main reason to conquer Egypt was to finding the Secret. Brad Pitt is now an old looking man and explains that they hide the Secret under Napoleons City, Paris. No one would search it there. The Secret was hidden beneath the Place de la Concorde for centurys until the time will come.)

    It is 1918, end of World War 1. An Old man (Brad Pitt) tells the Young man about the Secret. He tells him everything. The Old man explains that in the future there will be a woman who will change the World by her own way (Coco Chanel) and that she is the right one to share the Secret with the World.
    The time has come. A woman (Coco Chanel) is asked by the Old man to finalley share the Secret with the World. But she must call It 5, nothing else. And that the secret must be presented to the World into a simple glass bottle. Because it is not important how the outside looks, the inside counts. Another reason is that the Secret was kept thousands years hidden from the World. It will be shared with the World but the main secret of the Fluid will be still hidden. Only every women who wheres it will truly understand it. The Fluid is timeless, classic, unique, it is from the past, present and the future.

    Finalley the Secret is shared with the World. The Old man (Brad Pitt) realises that his task is done. He lived for almost 3.500 years to keep the Secret hidden. With the final smell of the Secret, he closes his eyes and vanishes from this World.

    This story would be mine interpretation of Chanel no. 5. Isnt Chanel no. 5 a classic, uniqe, timeless scent. Then it must be shown like that in an ad. Not some actor who is talking, standing in front of a grey wall. I am truly disappointed with this new ad. Shame on you Chanel. We all know that they could have done better.

    Enjoy the story. If people wants it with all the details, I am happy to share it with you all.

    • shellyw says:

      lovely story much more interesting than the faux serious ad

    • Rappleyea says:

      Great story! So glad you finally de-lurked (came out of hiding). Welcome! :-)

    • Robin says:

      Welcome Fatih, thanks so much for delurking to share that with us!

    • nozknoz says:

      MUCH better – thank you, Fatih!

      • fatih sultan mehmed says:

        Hey people,

        Thanks for the wonderful comments. The story came just in my mind when I saw the awful ad. Maybe because I am studying to become a teacher in the subject History.

        I just love this blog. But unfortunately there are a lot of perfumes that you all know that I cant smell in the Netherlands. I really hate that. For example, I am waiting months that Prada Infusion d’Iris Absolu is availlable here, but I can’t find it nowhere. I want it so bad.

        I hope people of Chanel read this blog too and maybe they will find my version of a Chanel ad very good and use it :D

  23. ringthing says:

    What a choice! I’m not a big fan of either man, but based on just the ads, I’ll take Burt. Short, direct, great twinkle in his eye. The Chanel 5 ad is ridiculous with it’s “way deep, man” statement. Also, and I know this makes no sense, I think Brad looks about 1000x better with a close shave, whereas Burt’s sculpted facial hair looks fine. Must be because he was know for that big ole ‘stache for so long. I prefer Brad as an actor, though. Oh, and I’m in my early 50s.

  24. Dilana says:

    I vote for Catherine Deneuve and her “Every woman alive wants Channel No. 5” ads. I actually grew up believing it; that Chanel No. 5 was in fact “the perfume” and every woman expected to receive it as a gift. In fact, I still feel guitly that I don’t really want Channel No, 5. I must not have reached the achievement of womanhood that Deneuve represents.

    As for this ad, I thought Brad might be commenting on tactics to make it more difficult to vote; world hunger, human rights violations abroad, or at least the difficulty of buying a family size soda in NYC. He looks sooo depressed.

    Is this the way to sell a perfume known for its giddy hit of aldehydes, for elegance? He seemed more cheerful, elegant, and more “Channel No. 5″ when he played Death in one of his earlier movies.
    (Maybe he just watched that awful film on netflicks when home with a flu, which would explain the outfit, the glumness and the flat voice).
    Someone give that guy some good chicken soup, take him for a spin in a red convertible, put him in a decent shirt and let him smile wickedly at the camera, ” I know what women want, every woman alive wants’ Channel No. 5). (Close up of bottle in back seat, next to killer black spike heel shoe).

  25. Jennifer1977 says:

    I hate to say this, but the Burt ad was better, even though I prefer looking at Brad.

    The Chanel ad actually made me laugh. I question their use of celebrities at all. Certainly it’s possible to make an evocative commercial without them, or use historical or literary figures.

    Yeah, why not do that? Find a writer who comes across as moody and romantic, and work with the dialogue. I think it would be surprising how well that would turn out.

  26. Rick says:

    The Chanel ad is pretty silly (it seems to be everywhere by the way, I’ve already come across it several times this morning, even the NY Times). I prefer this version of Brad:

  27. peter says:

    Between love and madness lies…Chanel No5!!!!!
    (I think Calvin did it better in the 80’s)

  28. AnnS says:

    Ugh! This ad is horrible. HORRIBLE. I don’t care who is reading the inane flowery dialog. No music. No atmosphere. No style. Ugh. This could just as well be an upmarket ad for Fabreeze. (Maybe Javier Bardem could have pulled this off, or “Don Draper”.) But awful. AWFUL!! OK, and I like Brad Pitt as an actor. There is nothing about his untucked shirt or scraggley beard that says classic or No 5. This is just horrible. Why not some classy French actress reading the same dialog in some warmer and more elegant setting? Where is the budget for this ad? What’s with the grey dingy background? My vintage No 5 extraits are flipping over in my fragrance drawer.

    And the only Burt I like these days is on Sesame Street.

    • AnnS says:

      Oh, and I forgot to give up my age: 41 this November. And I remember when Burt was a sex symbol in the 70s/80s.

      BTW, I think that the great French actress, Franny Ardant, has one of the sexiest, lilting affects when she speaks English. So now, I’m just going to pretend she is reading this dreary copy. There is no need to even watch this ad. They could have used her voice and some gorgeous bottle shots. ‘nuf said.

      • AnnS says:

        Whoops – that’s Fanny Ardant. I got a new keyboard and I’m dropping and adding keys everywhere.

    • Dilana says:

      It still wouldn’t work, at least not for Channel No. 5. Channel No. 5, is champagne, not crying into your beer.

      • AnnS says:

        Very true – it’s one of my “confidence” perfumes. I found it so hard to listen to Brad trying to read the copy, that I wasn’t really paying much attention to what he actually said. It is a bit forced.

  29. Lys says:

    I didn’t watch the Burt ad so I have to abstain from voting. But

    THIS AD IS TERRIBLE. Means NOTHING! And LOL he’s taking work away from some hard working actress who would have made a much more memorable spokesperson.

    AND who tells these Hollywood types they look good if they let their hair grow long and greasy and stop shaving. Pitt looks like a hasbeen and a Russell Crowe wannabe. BTW that look works on Crowe. Here Pitt looks tired and puffy.

    • Rappleyea says:

      I got the Crowe resemblance in this ad too!

  30. sariah says:

    This ad is so off putting, it has turned me into a non-fan of Brad. Way to go Chanel! So, I vote for Burt. I’m 37.

  31. Apparently says:

    Midforties, and Burt clearly wins this faceoff. If you can’t be funny or interesting, at least get off the screen quickly.

    I think David Walliams would have made a really interesting choice of frontman for Chanel: always meticulously dapper IRL, yet hilarious; married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, yet camp as all get out. I would trust his opinion about what smells good on a woman, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if he wore No. 5 himself.

    • Dilana says:

      The first rule of Channel No. 5 is don’t talk about Channel No. 5?

    • austenfan says:

      David Walliams is a great suggestion, he is very classy and elegant. Plus he is hilariously funny. I can’t help thinking of him fronting an alternative ad as his alter Emily Howard. I wear it because I am a Lady!

  32. Rappleyea says:

    I’m laughing – and agreeing – with all of these great comments. Although 60, I’d prefer a Brad Pitt movie any day to a Burt Reynolds one, but for the purpose of this ad poll, Burt Reynolds has my vote! As others have already said, the Chanel ad was just awful! I agree that people might remember the actor (Pitt), but they’ll never associate him with the product (#5). Way too much of a scrambled message/concept that doesn’t represent the product at all.

  33. mutzi says:

    Okay, at 60, I’m one of the old ladies here and proud of it. In this instance, I’ll take Burt. He seems to be having fun with the ads and you know what he’s selling. Brad seems to be selling online cheap philosophy classes. As far as Chanel is concerned, I liked the Tautou ads for No. 5. I like the guy in the Bleu ad as well.

  34. Robin says:

    I’m in my 40s (but not for much longer!) and I’m going with Burt. It’s short & sweet, and he looks like he’s ready to crack up. I laughed.

    Brad: I laughed, but I take it I wasn’t supposed to. I understand he got $7 million for this campaign, and I might be willing to embarrass myself for $7 million too — but really, he can’t have been happy to see the script, and he barely looks like he’s trying. It’s almost ludicrous how much less charming this is than the recent “fun facts” ad — they should have quit while they were ahead:

  35. Omega says:

    I totally lold! That was awful acting as usual from Pitt, LOL. 7 million? Wow. Ya, it looked totally fake(again, usual Brad Pitt). But that was really fake! Never, ever been a Brad Pitt fan. Not my cup o’ tea! I can’t stand to watch any movies he’s in. Blech. Dorky cheeseball and don’t get it, lol. Age? Naaa, lol. I don’t share that! Hehe.

  36. Perfumista8 says:

    I think Apparently said it perfectly, if you can’t be funny or interesting, at least get off the screen quickly. LOL!

    In my early 40s and while I think Brad is a better actor, I’d choose Burt for the add, and maybe even for a hypothetical dinner party, anyday. Burt seems more authentic and I love that naughty gleam in his eyes.

  37. Omega says:

    Burt did much better..that’s totally him. Though, not a Burt fan.

  38. TheSnailsPajamas says:

    You know, if they had cleaned him up, had him dab some extrait on while saying something like, I love to smell her even when she’s not around – much better. They would’ve sold out soon after!

    • Dilana says:

      Oooh, you nailed it.

    • Omega says:

      You should be in charge of marketing.

  39. Merlin says:

    ALERT: This is a copy – but I accidentally commented under the Burt video so I thought I’d re-paste my comment here:

    I’m boycotting the polling station! I disliked them both with the following provisio: I was able to watch the Burt ad about 3x and the Brad one, well maybe 1.5. I agree that the Burt one is witty – but he is so SMUG! And I know my eyebrows are too mobile, but his are worse!
    I’m in my mid-30s which may be why I tend to like grunge styles so I ought to like the Brad ad! I like the concept of a restless, soul-searching male traveller liking, paradoxically, a classical premier fragrance BUT. Ok, well, this is the wrong part for Brad: he is not the kind of actor who can look introspective. Jeremy Irons could have done it and so could the younger Adrien Brody. Brad cannot pull off a dark and brooding look. Secondly, as others have mentioned, the script is SO faux-profound. A journey has an end, but we don’t? Does he think he is immortal???

  40. chrisskins says:

    My vote goes to Joe Biden.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      HA! You know, I heard that he’s considered quite the sex-symbol amongst a certain percentage of the post-60 crowd!

  41. austenfan says:

    As far as these two ads go Burt hands down.
    I have never understood the popularity or the attraction of Brad Pitt. I guess he is just not my cup of tea.
    Burt Reynolds I know of although I can’t remember a single film of his.

  42. eaudemale says:

    The ad is a little awkward, the dialog and the expressions looking everywhere like he forgot the lines… but Bras can have it everyday any time.

    I remember Kate Winslet for Lamcome Tresor.. that ad could make me cry and go buy a bottle of that cough syrop.

  43. Kitty says:

    I would have voted for Brad until I saw the ad. ick. Burt is now my guy! What a wicked smile and gleam in his eye. I could be naughty with that Burt. Brad? Not a flippin’ chance.

    • Kitty says:

      Sorry – I’m in my late 50’s

  44. thenoseknows says:

    I am 36 and I have to admit… I AM OVER THE MOON FOR THIS ADVERT! It has an Immediacy and Subtle Quirkiness that Brad somehow embodies EXCEPTIONALLY Well… It’s Sensual and Provocative and He has NEVER looked Better than he does now with some age on him… DAMN has he ripened into his Mature years Well! He Looks DEVASTATING! Love His Voice, His Cadence, His Patois… All of it is Just Decadently Erotic! MON DIEU!!!

  45. nozknoz says:

    I’m glad there are two other sexagenarians here to keep me company!

    The Chanel ad is a colossal waste of Brad Pitt, only fit to be shown on the Unhappy Hipsters website. In contrast, Elizabeth Taylor showcased Burt with witty dialogue that played to his strong suit.

  46. Quarry says:

    Burt vote from this 57-y-o. I have never found Pitt attractive in any of his incarnations. To resurrect a phrase from Burt’s heydays: Different strokes for different folks.

  47. Coumarin says:

    21 (and not female) but jeez, this ad was so subdued and boring. Chanel, you’ve got arguably the greatest perfume of all time, and you’re boring us to tears with a guy who I’m not sure ever grew out of his pretty-boy “acting.”

    Oh well. Never could wear it anyway. Confession time? Smells like the aldehydes in urinal cakes on my skin. Love it on others, though, and I bought Eau Premiere when they only had 125ml bottles.

  48. Filomena says:

    50’s. Before Brangelina I thought Brad Pitt was very sexy, but now he is more of an extension of her–she is a beautiful woman and he is still a sexy looking guy, but I don’t see the fit with Chanel No. 5. My favorite rep of Chanel No. 5 was Vanessa Paradis. As for Burt Reynolds, I always enjoyed his sense of humor but that was it.

  49. Emily says:

    31, and Burt all the way. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    • littlemoron says:

      100% agreed.

  50. ceelouise says:

    Not a Brad fan. Didn’t like this. Angelina would sell it better to me.

  51. Merrily Row says:

    I like the juice. I like the concept of a man selling the juice. I like Brad. I LOATHE this spot. The writing is faux deep, the photography is ugly, the performance is a fender bender of self-consciousness colliding with utter disregard, i.e. “I hate this. Why am I doing this? Where’d I put that joint? What’s the line? Where’s the check?”

    The print ad reeks of all the above too. And reek is never a word you want near your venerable fragrance. This campaign is a complete miss.

    As to Burt, I never cared for him but at least the Burt spots fit the target market for White Diamonds, and played to his cocky humor. Plus it was a little more “daring ” to use smug Burt decades ago then to use a laughably lackluster Brad in 2012.

  52. chrisskins says:

    I LOVE the snails pajamas ad. Reposting it’s greatness: You know, if they had cleaned him up, had him dab some extrait on while saying something like, I love to smell her even when she’s not around – much better. They would’ve sold out soon after!

  53. littlemoron says:

    33 and Burt wins by a long shot. Brad’s Chanel ad is… terrible. Embarrassing. At least Burt’s is funny. I’d love to see a Tom Selleck perfume ad – I’d buy anything that Tom Selleck likes :-)

  54. Manna says:

    27. Brad is acting really bad in this one. He looks as if he feels extremely uncomfortable. Other actors have done way better their N5 roles. Nicole Kidman, Audrey Toutou…

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