Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose ~ new perfume

Pure DKNY Rose

Donna Karan has launched the third fragrance in the Pure DKNY series, Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose. It follows 2010's Pure DKNY and 2011's Pure DKNY Verbena.

Naturally derived rose from turkey. In the rich soil, rain and sunshine of the isparta valley grows the perfect rose-lush, fragrant, pink. Once a year women, men and families work together harvesting full blooms by hand. Starting early dawn, roses are gathered one by one, then brought into the village for distilling. the process reflects the tranquil spirit of pureDKNY. Soft and sensually romantic, one flower, one love, one scent-pureDKNY, A Drop Of Rose.

Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose is available now at Ulta, in 30 and 50 Eau de Parfum.

(via ulta, hat tip to jonr951!)

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  1. Merlin says:

    Makes me think its a bottle of water with a drop of rose essence in it!

    • Robin says:

      That’s the general idea, which puzzles me, but obviously they’re selling since this is the 3rd one.

      • Merlin says:

        Only I’m thinking its highly diluted, and the message they seem to be trying for, i guess, is more poetic and abstract! Well they’r promoting it as light, pure and ethereal but since my nose is a bit blunt and my skin guzzles scent all I hear is – ‘expensive bottle of water over here!’
        Also, I guess when one thinks a lot about perfume and the processes that go into the making of it, one would interpret some things in a more concrete way: because one thing I’m pretty sure of is that there’s nothing blunt about your nose!

  2. shabbus says:

    FWIW, I use PureDKNY Verbena a lot. It’s perfect for beach/sports/outdoor time. In fact, I carry an atomizer of it in my purse because it’s so versatile. Not complex, just nice smelling.
    So I’m looking forward to trying this one.

    • Robin says:

      You are not alone — I know several people who bought it!

    • Emily says:

      I received a sample of Pure Verbena with a Sephora order, and thought it was quite pleasant (though I still prefer L’Occitane’s take). Hard to go wrong with verbena when you keep it simple.

  3. NinaraPoll says:

    Pink. Why did the rose in the promotional copy have to be pink? And when did the official color for femininity become pink? (Sorry, I’ve been shopping for a niece-in-law’s birthday present and the overwhelming pinkness and pretty princessing of toys for girls has left me disgruntled.)


    • 50_Roses says:

      I believe most of the roses used in perfumery actually are pink, so the ad copy does not bother me. I do agree with you though with regard to the excessive pinkification of things marketed to girls (and women). I had it inflicted on me as a child, probably because I was the only girl after my parents had had three boys. In my room the drapes, bedding, etc. were all pink, which was my mother’s choice for me. My favorite color was, and is, green. I always got dolls, too, but never played with them. I preferred my older brothers’ toys, which I found much more interesting.

  4. stinker_kit says:

    I tried this on paper and on skin and was pleasantly surprised. My better half sniffed and said “not complex enough for you.” I really thought he was not paying attention when I go off on my frequent perfume rants. Apparently he has been! It reminded me of Cabaret but with even richer smelling ingredients. I encourage you to give it a go!

  5. bellaliberta says:

    I tried this yesterday at Ulta — it’s a rose mixed with significant citrus-y accords and some fruit that was gently sweet but not sugary. I say “citrus-y” but not “citrus,” because the zingy lift that I usually associate with citrus notes is pretty soft here. I don’t think it’s traditional citrus notes, actually — I actually smell a very soft ginger mixed in, and a bit of something like black currant as well. Most rose fragrances can go musty and powdery on me, but this stayed fairly buoyant on my skin — but I found little development with this (it stayed roses, ginger and vaguely, gently fruity for a long time), and it didn’t really dry down to a base on me. Honestly, it reminded me vaguely of Harajuku Lovers Love fragrance (the original, not the bizillion variations)! But a higher-quality, more serene version. For the type of scent it is, it lasted a long time on my skin. I actually liked it — it’s a friendly, good-natured but not loudly happy perfume, with a bit of an abstract character. I’m a little puzzled it’s being released in the fall — it’s much more suited to spring in my eyes. I’d pick up a rollerball/mini-version of it…not sure if it’s worth a full bottle splurge, I’ll have to flirt with it more to see :-)

    My first time commenting here after reading NST forever! I’m curious to hear what other people pick up from this.

    • Robin says:

      Hi and welcome, and thanks for the detailed review!

  6. Adina Galani says:

    Did get it today in a 15 mls bottle and thats all my pourchass about this scent. First, must admit I am slightly reluctant to the company’s fragrances ever since that “Be delicious” has tortured my nose on many of my ladies friends. I bought this one as I am planning to fly and this was the only reasonable thing a shop assistant could offer me in 15 mls fit for a cabin bag. Unfortunately all my fragrances are 50 or 100 mls, well 30 as well but was not sure 30 was aloud in a hand bag either so I had to risk. Its not as bad as I thought, but after the rosy rose opening goes, there is something related to that “Be delicious” in the dry down which disturbs me. Well am not impressed by hand picked flowers…. sorry, used to do it so much in my childhood that I find it still too beautyful as a concept to let it out on a business manner. Guess I’ll gift this one and will strick for my trip to some of my Sandal Wood pure Aatars which are anyway very little bottles. Why on this Earth I wanted a DKNY scent I still don’t know. Maybe cause the seller was a nice gentleman with a terrible convincing power! :-)

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