Aramis Gentleman ~ new fragrance

Aramis Gentleman

Aramis has launched Aramis Gentleman, a new limited edition fragrance:

Aramis Gentleman takes its inspiration from the iconic classic fragrance, but with a contemporary twist. This fresh scent provides a feeling of energy, with the cooling effect of Black Pepper and Ginger. Perfect for today’s modern man.

Aramis Gentleman is available now at The Perfume Shop in the UK, in 110 ml Eau de Toilette (£58).

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  1. xendawg says:

    Ginger? Cooling? Well, if they insist….

    • Robin says:

      You don’t find gingery fragrances cooling?

      • xendawg says:

        I think that somewhere in my mind, I go to ginger as a warming scent. Ayurveda, I guess :)

        • Robin says:

          That makes sense. I think it’s used both ways in perfume, sometimes it’s very “cologne-ish”.

  2. jbordeau says:

    The original is terrific. I would love to see a limited edition such as “L’original” or something where they make the stuff with outlawed raw materials and label it toxic! Then we get the juice we want plus an “edge” that tends to move product; they comply with regulations and probably start a new trend. Aramis can do it. It smells great now; in original formulation it’s probably head and shoulders above most niche masculines of today.

  3. Omega says:

    Am I in bazzaro world or? Oxymoron world? Ginger and pepper, cooling? lol

  4. Ericgmd says:

    Limited Edition…Hmm…
    Read let’s see if the consumer can get past the Aramis name stigma and actually buy this.
    Then we’ll make it permanent a la Jo Malone model.

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