Lyn Harris for Marks & Spencer ~ new fragrances

Lyn Harris La Poudree fragrance

Lyn Harris of niche line Miller Harris has launched a new collection of six fragrances (three for women, three for men) for British retailer Marks & Spencer. The fragrances include La Rose, La Fleur and La Poudrée for women; Le Noir, Le Sauvage and Le Cologne for men.

La Rose ~ "An elegant classic; rose petals with sparkling green notes of galbanum and red berry with a base of patchouli Indonesia, sweet musk and amber."

La Fleur ~ "A floral classic, white gardenia and Indian tuberose flowers set the tone with gentle woods, vanilla Bourbon and musk."

La Poudrée (shown) ~ "An oriental classic; raspberry and peach nectar with soft rose, orange flower, iris Florentine, vanilla and musk."

Le Noir ~ "A sophisticated classic. Bergamot Italy, mandarin green with lavender France, artemesia and tarragon with pimento berries, patchouli and rich amber."

Le Sauvage ~ "An elegant sensual classic. With fruity top notes of grapefruit and orange Seville with warm notes of cardamom, angelica and coriander seeds on a base of oakmoss, vetiver Haiti and a hint of tabac."

Le Cologne ~ "A fresh vibrant citrus classic. Bergamot Sicily, Lemon and orange Seville with rosemary France and thyme on a base of vetiver and amber."

Lyn Harris La Rose, La Fleur, La Poudrée, Le Noir, Le Sauvage and Le Cologne are available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, £25 each.

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  1. daruma says:

    This was me on reading this:

    Marks & Spencer is historically very dull with regards to its own brand fragrances and this looks no exception, despite the nose. Le Sauvage might be nice but the rest of those sound utterly unremarkable.

    • Robin says:

      The descriptions in general aren’t all that enticing to me, but could well be that they’re far better than they sound, who knows. Would like to smell Le Sauvage & La Fleur.

  2. VanMorrisonFan says:

    You have to give them a little credit for pricing it so reasonably…even if the fragrances sound a bit bland. At current exchange rates that is $40.55 for 50 ml, or 1.7 ounces. Prices of $100+ are now routine. The bottle design may be a little uninspiring, but its clean and doesn’t look like a weapon.

  3. Stephen says:

    Well, if they are as good as their ‘heritage’ knitwear, I am certain these scents will fall apart after an hour or so! The quality of Marks and Spencer has plummeted rapidly over the past five years. What used to be a haven of reliability in a high street full of imported rubbish has given way to corner cutting and price inflation. I was unfortunate enough to be given for Christmas last year two heritage cardigans which then both began to pill and bobble after two months wear. That is, each one was worn for a day once a week for two months. Shoddy materials were used. M&S were known for the two “K’s”, knitwear and knickers, and to be honest they have let both their own history, and most importantly, their customers of long-standing down.
    Much as I like Miller Harris scents (I am particularly fond of Citron Citron and Feuilles du Tabac), I don’t hold much hope for these due to company’s current penny pinching. I’ll bet the cost per bottle in her brief was low, given the pricing point!
    Sorry for being such a grouch, but the erosion of the British high street is a matter for everyone’s concern.

    • Jillie says:

      Oh my goodness, Stephen, you are so right about M&S’s deteriorating quality! I am quite appalled by the cheap materials and shoddy workmanship on display lately, and when I dared to say in a review (which they requested) that I felt a nightdress I bought was overpriced and not up to scratch, they censored me and refused to publish it – and I promise I did not use bad language! Perhaps their stance on an honest view says it all.

      However, I would like to sniff these, and hope that they can restore a little confidence in M&S.

    • Robin says:

      Interesting. I don’t know the stores at all — they’re not on the usual London tourist route, I guess.

      • Stephen says:

        They aren’t the usual Fake Britain of Fortnum’s and Harrods, but they were a solid and dependable chain store selling well-priced good quality clothing. They also ran a great food hall in the larger stores, though I have been seeing longer and longer ingredients lists on even the simplest of prepared food. When in England, I do most of my shopping in John Lewis-never knowingly undersold!

        • Jillie says:

          Hooray for JL! And I get my food from their supermarket, Waitrose.

  4. Bela says:

    Le Cologne?!!!!! The word ‘cologne’ is feminine. It’s preposterous. I give up.

    • Robin says:

      I went to check to be sure I didn’t make a mistake — nope, it’s “Le Cologne”. Sorry!

      • Bela says:

        I knew it wasn’t you, R. That woman is driving me nuts. She’s married to a Frenchman, for goodness’ sake! Has he signed a doc saying he’s not allowed to correct her French or something?! LOL!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Oh dear, I think this may be enough to put me off MH for life. Loved MH when they just had Needham Road shop – great staff, but was not impressed by a couple of visits to Bruton Street. Not sure why they would get involved with M&S, as along with other people who have commented, this once stalwart of the British High Street is a mere shadow of its former self, never mind that this is surely not the action of a ‘niche’ line.

  6. Querelle 3 says:

    Smelled all of them and I have to say they are quite interesting. My favourite is Noire which is a big take on patchouli, refined and very masculine, a tad bitter – which I LOVE – and very long lasting. The Cologne is beautiful and Sauvage is a more simple and less sharp take on Lynn Harris’s Terre de Bois. From the feminine’s line La Poudree is the more interesting though i would prefer it a bit more dark. La Fleur is tuberose everywhere and La Rose is an old fashioned rose which I believe would appeal to a more mature audience.
    And yes, they all are eau de parfum concentration and they retail at 25£ for 50ml.. Good and honest parfumerie for everyone.

  7. SMS0511 says:

    I’m with Querelle 3 on this. I believe M&S are trying really hard with these new ranges. Their own brand perfumes/cosmetics can seem a little bland and safe. I think La Rose and La Poudree are particularly good. One day I hope younger consumers will appreciate the beauty of a rose and not just condemn rose fragrances with the epithet “old lady”. I’m glad to see that they’re selling Fragonard too.

  8. RobWales says:

    Le Noire ir really good, and well up to the standard of other recent compositions from Lyn Harris. It’s a deep and warm woody fragrance with hints of smoke and leather. Actually much more satisfying than recent offerings from the likes of Chanel and Tom Ford. And just look at that price – a bargain!

  9. kate says:

    I can’t wait to try these especially the Noir and I like your comment RobWales – that they are of a better standard than the recent offerings of Chanel and Tom Ford (see my comments on Coco Noir!)
    I smelled Coco Noir and it isn’t!! I’m debating whether to just buy the Noir without even sampling it. Not all the M&S stores have them and as I live in the more remote part of Wales mail order is just the best!
    I like some of Lyn Harris’s fragrances but they are pretty expensive but she uses good ingredients and mostly they are well balanced. So watch this space I will post my humble opinion in the very near future:)

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