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  1. OK, so if I hadn’t tried two of the first Jo Love scents, I would think this sounded awful.

    But the two Jo Loves scents I tried were pretty good, so I’m curious about this. Plus, not being an especial vetiver fan, maybe I would enjoy that note pinked up.

    • Robin says:

      “Pink Vetiver” does not sound up my alley, but you never know. Still hoping this line will eventually get to the US.

  2. ladymurasaki says:

    I’ve just signed up for a free sample of this. The offer is probably just for UK customers.

    • Robin says:

      I saw on FB they were offering to mail a scented card — is there another offer too? But yes, would guess just UK.

    • lucasai says:

      Lucky you. I only got an offer of scented card via their newsletter.

  3. Mrs.Scents says:

    I had a feeling that the ‘pink’ in the title referred to pink peppercorns, which I love!. Via their Facebook page they’ve said to email to get a scented card spritzed with Pink Vetiver (hope it still smells by the time I get it!)

    • Robin says:

      Oh good point. Still don’t like the name.

  4. Lys says:

    Hate the name but notes sound promising.

  5. RobWales says:

    I haven’t tried any of her line yet. This is the first one that’s sparked my interest. And yes, I’ve signed-up for the scented card too!

  6. OhLily says:

    Lordy, when it comes to color and references it seems like everything’s either ‘pink’ or ‘noir’. Hopefully it’ll be a non-issue like Kelly Caleche and smell great, because the notes do sound intriguing!

  7. eckerd says:

    When is the line coming to the US? I’m anxious to experience these fragrances!

  8. Vincent says:

    A female vetiver, right? Sounds good!

  9. maggiecat says:

    I have to try a feminine vetiver! And I’d love to try this but these scents seem hard to find in the U.S. Ideas anyone?

  10. Lucy says:

    I got my “sample” yesterday. It is a tester strip that has been spritzed and sealed in a plastic sleeve. It was impressively potent considering it travelled from England to Chicago. (I felt so important receiving an envelope through the Royal Mail.) I would have preferred a vial so I could try it on my skin, but I guess I should be thankful I get to sniff it since it’s not available in the US.

    When I first opened it yesterday all I got was four parts coarsely ground, nose tickling pepper to one part vetiver. It was very masculine and intoxicating, just as the accompanying marketing materials suggested. Today, the pepper has lightened (still very prominent) and the other notes are all more noticeable.

    They call it “a new interpretation of classic Vetiver,” which is accurate. The “Pink” is in the peppercorns, and does not sweeten nor lighten the fragrance as it seems some people were hoping. Juniper Berries aren’t fruity, they smell like, um…Gin. If you are a woman who enjoys wearing “men’s” fragrances you will probably like this, but it is not a Feminine Vetiver, such as Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle. (I hate the male/female labels, but I am not verbally talented enough to make my point otherwise.) I think “Pink” is a bit of a misnomer, Peppered Vetiver would have been better.

    I really like this. In typical Jo Malone style it doesn’t smell like anything else on the market, yet it’s pleasant, wearable, and inoffensive.

    That is my very long opinion. Like I said, I couldn’t try it on skin, just paper. I just wanted to offer this since most of us in the US would have to buy it unsniffed, if we could find a way to buy it at all. As far as I know, Jo Loves will ship their candles overseas, but not their sprays.

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