Ann Gerard Cuir de Nacre, Ciel d’Opale & Perle de Mousse ~ new perfumes

Ann Gérard Cuir de Nacre

Paris jeweler Ann Gérard has launched three fragrances: Cuir de Nacre, Ciel d’Opale and Perle de Mousse.

Cuir de Nacre ~ "If mother-of-pearl could somehow magically be transformed into the most melting calfskin, this is what it would smell like. With Cuir de Nacre (originally sold by Ann Gérard in a limited edition as Pleine Lune), Bertrand Duchaufour achieves what must be his most elegant interpretation of leather yet." With notes of angelica root, ambrette, aldehydic ozonic notes, cassie, iris concrete, leather accord, sandalwood, white musk and styrax. In 60 ml Extrait de Parfum, $165.

Ciel d’Opale ~ "Is there anything more intoxicating than basking in the heady, honeyed scent of a linden tree? Beyond the glorious scent of the blossoms, Bertrand Duchaufour’s “Opal Sky” for Ann Gérard translates the languid pleasure of an early-summer reverie dusted with fragrant pollen under a sky made opalescent by feathery clouds…" With quince, lemon, galbanum, Sichuan pepper, cassie, jasmine, mock orange, honeysuckle, amber, cedar, guaiac wood, vetiver, sandalwood and vanilla. In 60 ml Eau de Parfum, $165.

Perle de Mousse  ~ "In a masterful reinvention of the green floral chypre, Bertrand Duchaufour stretches out the muguet theme until it becomes a full orchestra. ..This is the most compelling interpretation of the genre we’ve experienced in years: truly original, but with the balance and elegance of a contemporary heirloom piece." With aldehydes, pink pepper, bergamot, green mandarin, galbanum, ivy, lily of the valley, hawthorn, Bulgarian rose, clove, jasmine, gardenia, lentiscus absolute, ambergris, musk and vanilla. In 60 ml Eau de Parfum, $165.

Ann Gerard Cuir de Nacre, Ciel d’Opale and Perle de Mousse were developed by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, and can be found now at Luckyscent.

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  1. Zazie says:

    Ciel d’opale: lemming!!!!
    I’ve been looking forever for a great linden blossom scent.
    Could this be it?
    Perle de mousse and Cuir de nacre sound interesting too…
    The names, however, are ridiculous. I wonder where else I could find them: I am no friend of Luckyscent. :P

  2. Merlin says:

    “If mother-of-pearl could somehow magically be transformed into the most melting calfskin, this is what it would smell like.’ huh?

    • Robin says:

      Sounds good! But yeah, I can’t imagine what that would smell like :-)

      • Dilana says:

        Actually, wouldn’t “melting calfskin” smell either like leather someone attempted to iron, or like other melitng calf flesh (I.e., a hamburger).
        Pearls do actually have a very very mild, slighlty salty smell of sea shell.

  3. ladymurasaki says:

    Cuir de Necre and Ciel d’Opale sound gorgeous enough. Whatever shall I do with my ever-expanding list of fragrances to try!?

    • Robin says:

      Put it digital form, ignore most of it — that’s what I do!

  4. nozknoz says:

    Massive Duchaufour lemming stampede! I remember reading about Pleine Lune at Grain de Musc and the frustration that it was essentially unattainable – off to LuckyScent!

  5. jbordeau says:

    Perle de Mousse sounds terrific. The constituents, I mean, not the name. The bottles are terrific too, if derivative. Say “chypre” and I want to try it…!

  6. Dawnkana says:


    I recv’d a sample of Ciel d’Opale and Perle de Mousse in the mail today and I must say that I am really enjoying the Ciel d’Opale. The quince note is juicy and tart and sunny. Of course there is a touch of Duchafour’s woodiness in the drydown but thankfully it’s only a whisper and compliments the fruit notes nicely.

    As for the Perle de Mousse, not my thing due to the aldehydes. My skin amplifies them and they are quite noticeable in this fragrance.

    • Dawnkana says:

      p.s. Adding that these scents are quite light. May need to reapply throughout the day.

      • Dawnkana says:

        Update: After a few hours, the Ciel d’Opale has dried down to a very light rendition of Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz Tran. It’s soft and musky and is lying very close to the skin.

  7. hollyc says:

    These all look like they need me to try them. Longevity issues are really cramping my style these days though. Was thinking of a decant or small bottles of Byredo’s Green and Gypsy Water, but honestly, they didn’t last even an hour on me. That’s just insulting and annoying. Enough of this whole dreary “less is more” thing already!

  8. SmuttyCubby says:

    So, Cuir de Nacre is all kinds of genius. It’s very legibly leather, sort of in the style of Reve en Cuir, but with a MUCH better opening (ReC wore so poorly on me for the first :30 that I couldn’t enjoy it).

    This is like wearing a hundred pair of really expensive driving gloves – it’s leather without smoke or bitterness – just supple nappa hide and warmth.

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