Michel Germain Sexual Fleur, Sexual Noir Pour Homme ~ new fragrances

Michel Germain Sexual Fleur

Michel Germain has launched two new fragrances, Sexual Fleur and Sexual Noir Pour Homme.

Sexual Fleur ~ a floriental; "Fleur blossoms like a fresh love: enchanting, beautiful, and joyful. Sparking juicy Pink Grapefruit and fresh, pretty Pink Daisy mix with heavenly Purple Plumeria and delectable Plum. Softly sweet Dulce Leche carresses a sexy Wood note to captivate with joyful abandon." Additional notes include macadamia nut, freesia, jasmine and musk. In 75 and 125 ml Eau de Parfum. ($65-85)

Sexual Noir Pour Homme ~ a woody fougere; "Mysterious. European. Sexy. Séxual Noir tempts and captivates with a European, daring, masculine charisma. Italian bergamot and crisp, mouthwatering grapefruit blend with wild coriander and intoxicating lavender. Mysterious velvet moss and masculine sweet tobacco captivate with a daring, masculine European charisma." Additional notes include cardamom, orange blossom, musk, honey and tonka bean. In 75 and 125 ml Eau de Toilette. ($60-80)

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  1. Oh dear.

  2. Dilana says:

    Could anything be worse than Sexual? Uh, I guess so.

  3. eckerd says:

    These fragrances are a joy to sniff!

  4. pigoletto says:

    I always imagine Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy speaking when I read these Germain Sexual flanker blurbs. Makes it so much more enjoyable.

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