Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Linen and Room Spray ~ home fragrance review

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I like Caldrea's home fragrance products for several reasons. They have attractive packaging designs — clean and modern. Their fragrances are sophisticated but easy to live with. And they're promoted with well-written, accurate descriptions that provide just enough information and atmosphere without going overboard. (Believe me, the more press releases and company websites and "dear blogger" e-mails I read, the more I appreciate this last point.)

Here is Caldrea's official fragrance description for its Sea Salt Neroli products: "Inspired by bright, clear mornings at the shore, this watery composition opens with sparkling essential oils of Lemon Verbena and warm spice from Cardamon. An exquisite white floral heart is supplied by Neroli, the blossom of a bitter orange tree native to Tunisia. Unique mineral notes enhance the fresh sea experience, seemingly adding salt to the air. Lovely woods and sophisticated musk ground this aquatic delight to the land, and provide a home cleaning experience unlike any other."

That pretty much says everything I could say about Sea Salt Neroli. Well played, Caldrea! This room spray has turned out to be one of my very favorite home fragrance products. It's lemony, with a natural-smelling, transparent citrus note (not a "Lemon Pledge" accord). It's slightly salty and just a bit seaweed-y, like an ocean breeze. It has plenty of clean, warm neroli, and neroli happens to remind me of the suntan lotions that I smelled at the beach when I was a child, so this note makes Sea Salt Neroli feel even more beachy for me. (And, thank goodness, Caldrea didn't sneak any coconut or pineapple into the blend, so it's not a cheesy shopping-mall interpretation of seaside air.)

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Linen and Room Spray

When I spray Caldrea's Sea Salt Neroli around the kitchen, or even around the bedroom — I find sea-air scents peculiarly soothing — I start wishing that I could spray it directly on myself. If it were a perfume, I'd categorize it alongside I Profumi di Firenze's Brezza di Mare or Creative Universe Mare. At least I can purchase a few matching household products, so that I can clean up after dinner with Seal Salt Neroli dish liquid and countertop spray, then treat myself to the matching hand soap and hand lotion. When I just checked it, the Caldrea website seemed to be saying that the company is currently repackaging its products, "but your favorite fragrances will remain the same." I certainly hope this one will remain just as it is.

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Linen and Room Spray is sold for $9 (473 ml) at and Amazon

Note: top image is Hammam El Ghezaz - Tunisie [cropped] by Wael Ghabara via Wikimedia Commons; some rights reserved.

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  1. Sophrosyne says:

    I use this in my twins’ (toddlers) room. It’s the only air freshener I can stand in there.

    • Jessica says:

      It really does feel clean and comforting, without smelling like a “Little Tree” air-freshener or a vanilla cookie!

  2. sinnerman says:

    I simply love room sprays and have tried making a few with floral water , vodka and essential oil! There great but just don’t linger or last as long as I would like them to! I wonder what the secret ingredient is ? I know great ingrediences, and strong notes, however some retail marketed room sprays last longer than20 paces! Thanks for this pleasant review! The seaweed accord sound great! Yum

    • Jessica says:

      I’m not an expert on the chemistry of it all, but synthetic ingredients (aromachemicals) do persist longer than many natural ingredients. All the same, I do enjoy essential oil / water blends for freshening a room, too.

  3. poodle says:

    I don’t like too many aquatic scents to wear, but as a cleaning product or room spray I love them. This sounds really nice.

    • Jessica says:

      Same here! As a room spray, or even a liquid hand soap, I really enjoy them… yet you’ll never find me wearing L’Eau d’Issey or Acqua di Gio. Creative Universe Mare, on a hot day, is one of the very few exceptions for me!

  4. georgiawells says:

    I use the sea salt & neroli laundry soap and the delicate wash. The clothes and pillowcases, etc. that I was with it smell great for quite a long time. My husband even requested that I was his clothes with it. In perfumes, I prefer gourmand scents but there is just something about Caldrea…

    • Jessica says:

      It’s interesting, isn’t it… so many of us (myself included) have different tastes in personal fragrance and home fragrance! They’re really such separate things.

  5. maggiecat says:

    I absolutely love this scent and its gotten me through some tough cleaning times (i.e. cleaning my dad’s bedroom and bathroom after his death – the rooms were an awful mess and I was pretty depressed, but this scent was uplifting and soothing.) And of course, it’s good for use at any time, as are many of Caldrea’s other products.

  6. bluegardenia says:

    Huge caldrea fan! Sea salt neroli and Basil blue sage are old loves of mine. You’re right, their description is perfect! Also, I love the packaging already – its what attracted me to the line in the first place I think. Hope they don’t mess it up!

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