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  1. krokodilgena says:

    Vogue was talking about its first ever opaque to clear technology and Coty thought it couldn’t be done but how could they doubt Gaga?? But didn’t Bouddica Wode already do that?

    • Robin says:

      As I understand it, this is black juice that sprays clear. The Wode sprayed blue, and then the blue slowly turned clear — more impressive, but perhaps not as easily marketed :-)

  2. Anne from Makeupwoot says:

    Well that was… interesting. Why is it that every time I watch anything she’s in, I feel like going to my local fetish club to experience something a little “milder?”

  3. Lys says:

    I found this ad yesterday. Haven’t paused an online video shot by shot since the Prometheus full trailer this March. Which is funny b/c I see this is “produced” by Ridley Scott. There are about 15-20 discrete images in this little 30 sec ad and all are really really great.

    Most importantly, this is in 3D folks (I had forgotten youtube even supported 3D). That made this girl as happy as when my brother and I figured out the Vicarious music video on the Tool DVD was in 3D, which was never listed as a feature so you had to randomly realize it on your own. So yeah, I watched this ad about 20 times on the YT site with my red and blue glasses, and I’m not even a Little Monster.

    BTW like the Prometheus trailer this ad also uses that rapid image turnover, fade-in/fade-out technique between pretty important images, so the imagery becomes a tease b/c you never get to explore the frame as it is happening. And it has the creepy pulsating audio. Who knew Gaga was targeting Aliens-franchise fangirls? Maybe if you go frame-by-frame thru the Gaga ad, you’ll see a space jockey.

    • Robin says:

      Oh thanks so much — I’m going to have to dig out my 3d glasses!

  4. Lys says:

    BTWBTW too bad Fame won’t have a latex note. This looks like an ad for Tubereuse Criminelle.

  5. La_Raconteur says:

    My local Sephora had an “advance” bottle of this; the S.A. let me sample it.

    Color me not only unimpressed but totally aghast. The tricked-out, hyper-synthetic FRUIT! FRUIT! FRUIT! note is absurdly overwhelming and made for a very unpleasant olfactory experience. Put it in a line-up along with the other fruity-floral celeb perfumes, and I probably couldn’t pick it out.

    Nothing to see here, folks! :)

    • RavynG says:

      ok I smelled the sample in Vogue. NOT what I expected out of this AT ALL. YUCK. Overpowering mango with a slight baby powder element reminiscent of Poison and then the dry-down is a bright sunflower yellow Giorgio ala 1983. And it stayed there for about 3 hours on my wrist. Nothng you could not smell on the first 50 women you passed in any Target. Not unique, defintely not dark, and not impressive enough to even buy it for the bottle. Bleh.

  6. Dilana says:

    The ad (at least in the tiny version here), did not work for me. I did not get that the juice is black, much less than that it it is black but goes clear. That kind of sounds like a laundry detergent for dark clothes.

    I thought that this was for a flanker called Fame-Black, which theoritically would mean Fame with a musk.

    And oy, Gaga works so hard to be “transgressive.” Not that having a bunch of men forming two lines is actually any kind of a sin. In fact, I can’t recall a single bibilical injunction against wearing vinyl or a blond wig.

    This is perfume, honey. You really want to be transgressive, put a little oak moss in.

  7. peter says:

    Well I love it! After all the bland, banal commercials (I’m looking at you Lancome and Fergie) This one is bizarrely chic and sexy and actually kind of aggressive which is very rare in perfume advertising, so I am looking forward to trying this one!

  8. Riverwide says:

    Absolutely stunning visuals. Makes such a change from the banal perfume commercials we see so many of today.

  9. RavynG says:

    it does not make me want to smell her perfume. It scared my cats.

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