Thymes Lotus Santal ~ new fragrance

Thymes Lotus Santal fragrance range

Thymes has launched Lotus Santal:

Lotus Santal is a lulling hush that smoothes the rhythms of the day, embracing you in a silence that grounds, calms, focuses. Lotus blossom, a symbol of peace and enlightenment, calms your skin while amaranth seed restores smoothness and turmeric helps purify. Hand-touched embellishments and a tempting tranquil fragrance make Lotus Santal a perfect collection to give—or savor.

Sultry floral notes of cocoa orchid and red lotus swirl through layers of exotic plum wood, patchouli, and spicy touches of clove bud. Creamy amber and sandalwood create a warm intoxicating finish.

Thymes Lotus Santal is available in 50 ml Cologne ($33) and in a variety of bath, body & home fragrance products.

(via thymes, found via happi)

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  1. sweetgrass says:

    This sounds nice. Central Market carries the Thymes line around here, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. I like their Olive Leaf cologne, so I’m hopeful that this one will be good too.

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