Michael Kors Gold Rose Edition ~ new perfume

Michael Kors Rose Gold fragrance

Michael Kors has launched Rose Gold Gold Rose Edition, a new fragrance for women. Rose Gold Gold Rose Edition is a flanker to last year's Michael Kors Gold, which was a flanker to 2000′s Michael by Michael Kors (aka Michael Kors Signature).

Show-stopping. Like the presence of a chunky cocktail ring or a fabulous rose gold cuff. It's a stand-alone signature that reflects her feminine spirit. With its sensual touch, it is sophisticated and fiery, striking and rich. Utterly unique and a symbol of coveted glamour. Michael Kors Rose Gold, a treasure most personal.

I will update with notes if I can find them.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Gold Rose Edition is available now at Nordstrom, in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, $78.

(via nordstrom)

Update: the official name is "Michael Kors Gold Rose Edition", and the notes include pink pepper, tuberose and sandalwood.

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  1. eminere says:

    I see rose gold as more soft than striking and rich.

    • Robin says:

      I do too, but this isn’t much of a description anyway…looks like something somebody wrote up last night.

  2. APassionateJourney says:

    I smelled this last month in a magazine. I kinda liked it

  3. Marie says:

    I smelled this in a magazine too. Yes it is a tuberose-gardenia type of thing.

  4. thenoseknows says:

    Softer. More Floral, Less Strikingly Sensual, More Nuzzly! It Smells DIE-VINE! :-) Probably one of the Best Incarnations of the scent to date!

  5. ally9 says:

    I tried this on today. Let me just say this…..when Kim Kardashian came out with her signature fragrance a few years ago, it received a lot of comparisons to Gold. I had been a long time fan of Gold and agreed with that comparison. I even mentioned it in a comment on this website. Bearing this in mind, I found it really strange when Kim released a second fragrance last year and it was named “Gold”. Coincidence? I don’t know.

    Nevertheless….while KK/Gold are very similar, Gold Rose and KK are identical. So much so that I was shocked this morning when I first smelled it. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. The strong tuberose of Kim’s perfume was the only thing that differentiated it from Gold to me, and now, that differentiation is lost with Gold Rose. They are the same perfume.. one is just more expensive. If you are even considering buying this, I would save yourself the money and buy the KK perfume. Truly can’t tell them apart.

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