Ramon Monegal ~ new niche line

Ramon Monegal fragrances, inkwell bottle

Spanish perfumer Ramón Monegal launched his eponymous niche line in Spain in 2009; it is now going into wider distribution. There are fourteen fragrances:

Agar Musk ~ "The magic of the Orient, balanced with musk and Oud, the mythical Agar wood. A journey to the centre of Eden, between seductive oceans of Amber and exciting hints of Vetyver roots." With agarwood, leather, nutmeg, ambergris, vetiver and musks.

Ambra di Luna ~ "Provocative and daring. Golden Amber with a hint of Vanilla, subtle but intense. The magic of Jasmine wrapped in Sandalwood dust, capable of bringing one’s most hidden feelings into the moonlight." With amber, labdanum, jasmine, castoreum and sandalwood.

Cherry Musk ~ "Greedy awakening. Innocent talisman. Sudden, informal and shameless as a compliment, from the center of a heart of Cherries in bed of Coconut and Jasmine, which is founded on an aphrodisiac paradise of musks." With white musk, fruity musk, cherry accord, strawberry, tree moss and rose.

Cuirelle ~ "Strength and texture. Not the essence of leather, but an interpretation of it. Cat-like flexibility and musk sublimated with shades of honey and incense and balanced with green Cedar and Vetyver grass." With incense, patchouli, bourbon vetiver, green cedar wood, cinnamon, musk and beeswax.

Dry Wood ~ "Nature in its purest state. noble Sandalwood and Cedar, the texture of Cashmere in a mist of Amber molecules. Force and personality create a forthright and sociable attitude." With cedar bark, sandalwood, bay leaf, pepper, moss, spices, ambergris, cashmere wood and woods.

Entre Naranjos ~ "Fresh southern air, full of vitality and joy. Air imbued with dew from the Orange Blossom combined with the freshness of Orange Peel against a background of Orange wood and Amber." With orange blossom, orange, petitgrain, neroli, amber and patchouli.

Impossible Iris ~ "Mysterious and ambiguous, the legendary Iris root only gives off the extreme beauty of its perfume on rare occasions. It is only blended with the best Cedar in the presence of the exotic Ylang-Ylang flower with traces of with Violet and Jasmine that bring out all of its glamour such that it may become the most attractive perfume in the world." With iris, raspberry, ylang-ylang, jasmine and Virginia cedarwood.

Kiss My Name ~ "A troubling presence that blurs reason. Extravagance of the mythical Tuberose flower. It trails a soothing veil of Jasmine, Orange blossom and Neroli that leaves an unmistakable trace in the memory. Its nectar leaves no one unmoved and is its uniquely personal stamp." With tuberose, iris, jasmine, neroli and tolu balsam.

L'Eau de Rose ~ "Radiant caress. Idyll between drops of morning dew and velvet textures of petals of aromatic Roses. Captivating elixir with epilogue in the shape of adage of Musks between leaves of Patchouly." With rose, neroli, ultrazur, patchouli and musks.

Lovely Day ~ "Radiant and luminous. A vibrant presence of white Rose petals, silky texture, rooted in Iris and liquorice. An unforgettable and captivating romantic spirit." With jasmine, rose, liquorice, iris, cedar and cassis.

Mon Cuir ~ "Daring and insistent. Skin to skin, leather infused with musk. A bohemian attitude, honey from Labdanum and Sandalwood creating a free, flexible and adaptable spirit." With leather, orange blossom, labdanum, nutmeg, patchouli, musk and sandalwood.

Mon Patchouly ~ "The unclassifiable essence of the overseas Patchouly, the emblem of “Flower Power”. Along with the Vanilla, Nutmeg and Amber flavors, it becomes an statement of claim." With patchouli, oak moss, incense, bourbon geranium, jasmine and vegetal amber.

Umbra ~ "Essence of the earth, capturing the bitter scent of Vetyver root, under the freshness of musk, the texture of Lichen and spruce balsam and that like a shadow define its soul and its perfume." With vetiver, tree moss, black pepper, geranium leaves, fir balsam and tonka bean.

White Musk ~ "The myth of seduction, extreme purity. A provocative aphrodisiac of white musk, Roses and Gardenia that seeps gently into the skin until becomes a part of it." With rose, gardenia, olibanum, vetiver, vanilla and white musk.

The Ramón Monegal fragrances are available now at First in Fragrance in Germany, and are coming soon to Four Seasons and Luckyscent in the US. They are in 50 ml Eau de Parfum in the "inkwell" bottle as shown above, approximately $185 each.

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  1. Tama says:

    Sounds nice and diverse, a bit pricey, maybe. Nice bottle! Kind of a lot to take in all at once.

  2. lucasai says:

    Thanks to a generous and wonderful friend I had a chance to try Impossible Iris and Cuirelle this far! Impossible Iris is reminiscent of Iris Silver Mist at some point having the similar carroty iris vibe. Cuirelle is quite a resinous scent.

  3. littlecooling says:

    Sounds very very interesting and some of them, even gorgeous :) I would love to sniff them all :) Like the bottle :)

  4. ladymurasaki says:

    They all sound interesting, but I am particulary interested in Kiss My Name. I am all for extravagant tuberose, but just hope it’s not another Fracas.

    • Dilana says:

      Houbigants new release will be a nice tuberose-orange floral. However, it seemed more lady like than extravagant.
      Apothia’s “If” is one of those “I’m Tuberrose and I’m Proud So Deal With It” scents.

  5. Dilana says:

    Oy, sounds like he created one in every category.

    If you take away everything but the actual notes in the copy, some do sound intriguing, but I hope the copy is a translation from some other language, because it is pretty confusing.
    ” “Greedy awakening. Innocent talisman. Sudden, informal and shameless as a compliment, from the center of a heart of Cherries in bed of Coconut and Jasmine, which is founded on an aphrodisiac paradise of musks”
    So its, greedy, innocent, but shameless as a complement and has a bunch of cherries in a bed in paradise.
    Hmm. Maybe a twelve year old Kardashian cousin from Paradise, Oklahoma, who has the family’s shamlessness but munches fruit in bed and has yet to meet an NBA player?
    Or maybe a tropical fruity- floral with a musk base?

  6. Perfumista8 says:

    I had a chance to try Lovely Day this weekend. The SA at Neiman Marcus said only five of their stores will carry the line. We were in Vegas. The mall across TI (cant remember the name of the mall). The bottle was gorgeous. Everyone in my party liked this one very much. I could have sworn there was some tropical note in it- in fact that’s what was most prominent to my nose. The SA was very knowledgeable and said these frags were originally created for the Spanish royalty.

  7. body67 says:

    only 14?? why so few? that’s really quite a poor showing.

  8. Omega says:

    I got to try these…WONDERFUL. Impossible Iris is a must try for any iris lover. And Ambre Di Luna…such lovely amber and vanilla with a slight spice. Try these. I need full bottles ASAP. Mon Patchouly is very nice as well. Spain knows perfume! Me gusta mucho!

  9. Omega says:

    If you like Prada L’eau Ambree you will love Ambre Di Luna. Ambre is is just better:D.

  10. Omega says:

    I meant to say Ambra Di luna..too many languages so little time!

  11. hajusuuri says:

    LuckyScent has a sample pack of all 14. I just got the email today.

    I am not affiliated with LuckyScent but I’ve learned to pay attention to these emails!

  12. deepo says:

    I sampled while visiting lucky scent this summer they were out of the Agar Musk but emailed me when it came in. I just ordered it. Yes, pricey but I really love this scent and the bottle is very luxe. ordered a couple of the samples too. The agar musk dries down clean and fresh but woody.

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