Balmain Ivoire de Balmain ~ new fragrance

Ivoire de Balmain, new packaging 2012

Balmain will relaunch Ivoire de Balmain, the brand's well-known fragrance first introduced in 1979. The modern interpretation will debut in August, and will be the brand's first launch under new licensing arrangements with InterParfums.

The green floral chypre features notes of orange, mandarin, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, galbanum, vetiver, cedar, patchouli and vanilla.

Balmain Ivoire de Balmain will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

(via diarydirectory.blogspot, blog.cosma-parfumeries)

Update: Ivoire de Balmain was redone by perfumers Michel Almairac and Jacques Flori.

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  1. Oh gosh. Isn’t this a beloved perfume? The notes sound great… hope the interpretation is good.

  2. mals86 says:

    Huge gusty sigh.

    I’ve never loved Ivoire… that soapy note, followed by the tangy moss, keeps me from loving it. And the notes for this one sound rather nice (though, notably, it’s missing the moss).

    But I’m sort of appalled on principle, because there wasn’t anything wrong with Ivoire in the original. I was just as appalled, or maybe even more so, at the idea of reformulating/rereleasing Silences. All these grandly-genteel green fragrances of the late 70s getting facelifts – it’s disconcerting.

    I mean, I’ll smell with an open mind. But my first inclination is to start waving my cane and shouting, “Whippersnappers!”

    • Robin says:

      Well, I think the way to look at it is that Interparfums took over the license, and could have just let all the old stuff go. Instead, they’re going to try to reposition the old stuff from dusty boxes in discount stores back into a prestige brand. So, could turn out well, who knows. Could also be that they’ll take a wonderful fragrance and clean it up past recognition.

    • OhLily says:

      I’ll join you by adding ‘Stay off my lawn!’. Really. Please leave the classic greens alone!

      The original Ivoire was lovely, even if it was a bit too soft for me at times – Vent Vert was my main Balmain gal. I’ll definitely give the new one a sniff, though.

      Galbanum needs to become the new oud.

      • thegoddessrena says:

        Seconding your last statement!

      • SmokeyToes says:

        I like the way you think! I love galbanum, and would be very happy if it received it’s day in the sun.
        I love and have a few bottles of the original-I’ll try and be openminded with the reformulation but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • nozknoz says:

      LOL – it’s funny how one day you suddenly find a cane in your hand!

  3. egabbert says:

    I must say I find the new bottle quite beautiful, much more attractive than the old one, which was kind of a cheap clunker. So there’s that at least. (Also the original Ivoire didn’t sit well on me, so maybe I’ll find the new juice more pleasing too?)

  4. Bejoux says:

    The Ivoire I have today seems to me to be not as rich or sophisticated as the first one I had in the 80s. I ‘m not crazy about it on me – but my husband wears it and it smells great on him!
    I will try the new one but I am preparing myself for disappointment….

    • Robin says:

      I’m sure it’s been reformulated several times over.

  5. thegoddessrena says:

    Just sampled what I’m assuming is the current version last week and loved it. I have fallen hard for those galbanum heavy greens so I guess I better get a bottle soon

  6. nozknoz says:

    So hard to imagine how they can redo such a moss-heavy perfume. I’ll try to sniff it sometime out of curiosity. Glad I have my little old bottle, though!

  7. annunziata says:

    I loved Ivoire back in the 80s. Calandre was my favorite perfume in college, but Coriandre and Ivoire were close behind. I’ll be very curious to see what this is like, although lately I’ve been wearing DSH Vert pour Madame to satisfy those green cravings.

  8. annemarie says:

    I too admire rather than love Ivoire. I have a sample given me by a dear perfumista friend, but although I like it, I have never upsized it it to a decant or FB. I have FBs of Private Collection, which is warmer, and Niki de Saint Phalle, which is sexier, and Chanel No 19 EDT and EDP, ’nuff said. Compared to those, Ivoire is soapy and just too aloof for me. So maybe this new version will suit me better. As others have said, the new bottle is lovely.

  9. pigoletto says:

    I must say I always found Ivoire intensely soapy and sharp. I’d love a galbanum softened slightly by a faint vanilla and florals, but I don’t hold my breath here. I’m imagining it along the lines of Scent by Issey Miyake, that pale-ish galbanum. Not bad at all, but could have used a little more oomph. I’ll stick to EL Private Collection for my green fix.

  10. maggiecat says:

    I truly like this scent, though it always smells dated and 80’s-ish to me. I’ll certainly try the new version and hope that what I love of the original is stil there!

  11. Filomena says:

    I still have a bottle of Ivoire that I bought in Paris in 1981. It still smells pretty good after the dry down.

  12. MCocteau says:

    Knowing Interparfums, they are not at all into vintage fragrances…

  13. eminere says:

    Gorgeous bottle. Although in my mind “ivoire” does not recall to mind a green floral chypre.

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