Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud ~ new fragrance

Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud fragrance bottle

Jo Malone has launched Velvet Rose & Oud, a new addition to the Cologne Intense series:

Darkest Damask Rose. Rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline. Magnetic.

Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud is a limited edition, and is available in 100 ml Cologne Intense for £95.


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  1. Abyss says:

    Rose and oud…that’s original.

    • ChocolatEyes613 says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with your sarcasm.

    • Robin says:


      But admit I have never tried any from this series, & for all I know they’re fabulous.

      • Abyss says:

        They aren’t. JM added Amber & Gingerlily to this line up (100ml only, though!) and that’s the nicest of the lot but the rest did nothing for me.

        • Robin says:

          I just saw that, & do love Amber & Gingerlily. Good to know the rest aren’t compelling because obviously I lacked the energy to chase after them ;-)

  2. mough says:

    I chased after every one and ended up trading each one away. Meh. I kept the Dark Amber.

  3. djron91 says:

    This perfume is perfect for those who detest oud. Odds are it will totally disappear after the first 10 minutes.. :)

  4. thenoseknows says:

    Unlike the rest of the Pack… I LOVE the Whole Line of Jo Malone… Each and Every Scent is a New Wonderland for me… this sounds DECADENTLY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

  5. Merlin says:

    I’m not a big fan of Jo Malone in general but I do like the cologne intense series. Bergamot and Oud is really nice and I also like the Amber and Patchouli. Those two are my favourite. In fact Amber and Patchouli is the only patchouli scent I DO like. Still, they’r a bit out of my price-range…

  6. mitsouko says:

    Rose and Oud …..Oh how original ! *LOL*

  7. Perfumista8 says:

    I love the Dark Amber & Gingerlily (I bought it after 2 tries) and like the Rose Water & Vanilla (not enough to buy it yet). It’s nice but a little too sweet and I’m head over heels for KM Loukhoum so that fulfills my need for almondy/cherry/vanilla.
    I think the intense line is very different from the “usual” JM frags. With these, they are not playing it so safe – there’s more experimentation. So, I’ll at least give this on a try. If it comes anywhere close to Kilian’s Rose Oud I’d be a very happy girl. That’s probably being overly optimistic, isn’t it?

    • Being a By Kilian Rose Oud lover myself, I can confirm that the Jo Malone rose oud does not hit that spot. But the newish Black Rose Oud from Trish McEvoy is shockingly By Kilian-like, and for half the price, so check that one out.

      • Jonette says:

        I haven’t tried any Killians yet. I have Montale Roses Petals and Roses Musk (and also Black Aoud). If you’ve tried these, could you let me know how they compare with the Killians?

  8. Joe says:

    I won’t chase it, but I wouldn’t mind trying it.

    I do love whenever there’s a new entry for you to tag with “please no more oud.”

  9. bluegardenia says:

    i detest oud. i’m completely perplexed by its popularity. even when its natural, it smells to me like some sort of sharp chemical feces. popular or not, it makes me physically ill. just saying.

    • Jonette says:

      Years ago, a wealthy Kuwaiti admirer brought me several kinds of oudh and expected me to swoon. I thought it was horrible! (He couldn’t believe my reaction, poor man.)

      Now, I’m in love with Montale oudh fragrances, so go figure!. I’ve gone back and sniffed the oudh my friend gave me and still don’t like it, but maybe if I applied it with another fragrance it would appeal. I haven’t had the nerve yet, because it’s so long-lasting and I don’t want to be scrubbing at my wrist all day!

  10. Ayala says:

    I actually enjoyed the Rosewater & Vanilla. It’s well executed, even though the name doesn’t sound very interesting or original.

  11. eminere says:

    Don’t mind giving this a sniff when it comes out.

  12. cologneluvr says:

    I for one, love the combination of Rose+Oud, and am extremely anxious for this to come to the States, I WANT IT!!!

    • cologneluvr says:

      My apologies, I wanted to add, this season, starting late last season, has been my absolute favorite because this has been my dream buying time with EVERYONE coming out with a rose+oud combination. I even love the Ferrari Essence Oud and am waiting anxiously for it to arrive here in the USA, haven’t been able to find it yet and the Ferrari website doesn’t offer it yet… :(

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