Bois 1920 Oltremare & Come L’Amore ~ new fragrances

Bois 1920 Oltremare

Italian niche line Bois 1920 has launched Oltremare for men and Come L'Amore for women, two new limited edition fragrances.

Oltremare (shown) ~ "A masculine fragrance that immediately evokes the sea breeze and the smell of the waves that lap against the rocks. Notes that blend together and create unique harmonies, reminiscent of the winter sea when the waves crash against the coast creating magnificent contrasts with the surrounding wild countryside." Notes include lemon, lime, sweet orange, bergamot, tea, red tea, Paraguayan tea, geranium, violet, hyacinth, rhubarb, juniper berries, sandalwood, ambergris, white musk and patchouli.

Come L’Amore ~ "Come L’Amore, which translates as “How to love”, is an intense and enveloping women’s fragrance that evokes vivacious and unforgettable sensations, things that can’t be forgotten even with the passing of time. An ode to femininity and the magic alchemy that a meeting can unleash, leaving an indelible mark in our memory."

Bois 1920 Oltremare and Come L'Amore are available in 100 ml Eau de Toilette, and can be found at First in Fragrance in Germany (€150 each).

(via first-in-fragrance)

Update: the notes for Come L'Amore include tangerine, freesia, mirabelle plum, white tea, jasmine, gardenia, seringa blossom, lily, rose, pink pepper, atlas cedar, benzoin, white musk, storax and ambroxan.

Another update: see a review for Oltremare.

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  1. Joe says:

    Hi, Robin. Funny, I just bought a secondhand bottle of Oltremare on Friday, and over the weekend I was looking to see if you had an announcement about these two LEs.

    Note that they’re also available at Barneys in the USA.

    I sniffed this and received a sample at Barneys in January, but I finally gave it a proper wear on Friday and was so smitten that I did an evilbay search — voilà, a 98% bottle is mine at a decent reduction off the $220 retail price. As I told friends, it’s a great “citrus plus” scent. I really like a few of the Bois 1920 scents. I also got steal of a deal on a bottle of Vento di Fiori late last year.

    • Joe says:

      I should also say that for all those maritime, seaside, and aquatic references, it doesn’t contain those often “offending” aquatic or ozonic notes. ;-)

      • Dusan says:

        Congrats on your bottle, Joe!

    • Labben says:

      Joe, can you detect the rhubarb note in it?

      • Joe says:

        I would have to say I don’t. It’s very well blended.

    • Robin says:

      Joe, I think I am very late on these! But some of the US retailers still don’t have them.

      Congrats on a great buy, the full price is really a wee bit much.

      • Joe says:

        The thing I realized that kind of burns me up is that buying from First in Fragrance, even with shipping (but once VAT is deducted) turns out to be less expensive (in this case) than buying domestically from Barneys! That kind of thing is annoying.

  2. datura5750 says:

    Beautiful bottle also!

  3. Labben says:

    Hi Robin,
    Are there no notes available for Come L´Amore?
    Btw, “how to love” would translate to “come amare (I am not a native speaking italian though)”. “Come L´Amore” in English would probably be “Something like love”. I also like a few of Bois 1920 scents, so I wouldn´t mind sniffing both these two.
    Joe, congrats; great buy!

  4. Dusan says:

    Mmmm Oltremare sounds terribly sniff-worthy!

  5. dolcesarah says:

    Laden or labben,

    What’s your favorite Italian niche Line?

  6. parfumnut says:

    I fell for Come L’Amore and purchased a bottle from Min NY, one of the best fragrances in my collection.

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