Rochas Les Cascades de Rochas ~ new fragrance

Rochas Les Cascades de Rochas

Rochas will launch Les Cascades de Rochas Eclat d’Agrumes, a new fresh scent for women inspired by a Parisian fountain in summer, in May.

Les Cascades de Rochas was developed by house perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez; notes include Sichuan pepper, mandarin, bergamot, pineapple, mango, white flowers and musk.

Rochas Les Cascades de Rochas Eclat d’Agrumes will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. maggiecat says:

    So pineapples and citrus fruits can be found in fountains in Paris in May? May is “summer” ? Who knew?

    Sorry. In a snarky mood today. This may well be a delightful scent. Just not feelin’ it….

    • poodle says:

      Maggiecat, I thought the same thing when I saw pineapple and mango. Lol. Not my idea of a Parisian fountain.

    • Robin says:

      Well, you don’t want stale water & algae, LOL…

  2. Ericgmd says:

    Ahh the curse of the house of Rochas under P&G. They will never get the name and reputation back.
    How sad…

    • Robin says:

      They certainly don’t seem to be taking any bold moves in that direction, do they? Then again, I didn’t even smell Muse.

      • Ericgmd says:

        Robin, it’s always a bad sign when you search for a fragrance on Ebay and you don’t find any.
        Try to do an Ebay search for the 2 words “Muse Rochas” (in any category)
        Muse may very well have been discontinued already.

        • annemarie says:

          You are right about the eBay search. How weird. It is not on the Rochas website either. Muse must have come and gone within a blink of the eye. Well, well, I’ll try and sample this new one.

        • Robin says:

          Oh, but I don’t think they brought Muse to the US at all. And not sure they’ll bring this one either.

  3. Anne from Makeupwoot says:

    They had me with the pepper and mandarin, lost me on pineapple and mango, and had me groaning at white musk.

  4. nancyg says:

    As long as they keep making Eau de Rochas I don’t care if they make anything else…

    • Emily says:

      Yes, and Femme!

      • Emily says:

        (I now own enough backup bottles of Byzance that I’ve come to terms with its discontinuation.)

  5. Dilana says:

    A note on sichun peppers. The real sichun peppers (which I doubt is what is in the juice) is not related to the “hot” peppers used in Mexican cuisine. It has a smoky smell, and can be a stimulant. It is the key flavoring in a famous dish called “Pock Mocked Woman’s tofu” (supposedly after the street vendor who developed it), a delicious sort of Chinese chili.
    It does not evoke Parisian Fountains or white flowers.

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