Chopard Enchanted ~ new perfume

Chopard Enchanted fragrance advert

French house Chopard has launched Enchanted, a new fragrance for women. Enchanted is meant to be a 'fairy tale become reality' and to turn the wearer into a princess.

Enchanted was developed by perfumers Jean Christophe Hérault and Dominique Ropion; the notes include plum, jasmine, cashmeran and patchouli.

Chopard Enchanted is available in 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. Anne from Makeupwoot says:

    Hmm… I’m not jazzed by the ad copy, but the notes sound intriguing. I’ll put it on my sniff list! :)

    • Robin says:

      I am not at all sure if this is going to be distributed in the US, but we’ll see.

  2. FragrantWitch says:

    I seriously doubt it will make me feel ‘princessy’ but I do like a plum note and I am also a fan of patchouli. Once upon a time, I used to spray Casmir every time I saw a tester but always found it to be ultimately too sweet. Maybe I will have better luck with this!

    • Robin says:

      I seriously doubt I’d like to feel princessy! But I like plum sometimes too.

    • prism says:

      i really like Casmir. its sweet, but in a mellow, warm fruit stew-esque way on my skin…

  3. maggiecat says:

    How many grown women really dream of feeling like a princess? But I’d try this if I saw it anyway (for the jasmine, not the princess vibe!)

  4. bluepinegrove says:

    Fairy tales are Grimm, and I don’t want to turn my reality into one of those.

    • LaMaroc says:

      Lol! That’s what I was thinking.

  5. Omega says:

    When I think of the word ‘enchanted’, I think of a good amount of patchouli in there, we’ll see. This looks like something I would wear possibly. Don’t care for that ad, lol. The ad and dress look a bit dated? Idk.

  6. ChocolatEyes613 says:

    The bottle looks beautiful, and the notes sound pleasing enough. However, I think Enchanted will turn out to be a Thierry Mugler Alien knockoff. Dominique Ropion was the perfumer for Alien, and Chopard Enchanted has very similar notes.

  7. Bela says:

    I think there are already too many women who behave like princesses. I came across one yesterday in a store. So entitled! Someone should create a perfume that would bring some women back to earth a bit. It could be called Grounded or smthg like that.

    Sorry, I have no opinion on the perfume. Just fed up with the brainwashing.

  8. TexasSnow says:

    Princessy Plum? Not sure if want…much of Chopard’s offerings feel almost sticky to me. I have tried and tried to like Casmir but no dice.

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