Robert Piguet Casbah, Mademoiselle Piguet, Notes & Oud ~ new fragrances

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The Robert Piguet Nouvelle Collection will include five new fragrances developed by perfumer Aurélien Guichard. The first, Bois Noir, we announced yesterday; the other four are Casbah, Mademoiselle Piguet, Notes and Oud.

Casbah ~ "Robert Piguet Parfums invites you for a magic carpet ride to Morocco with Casbah, an evocative and mesmerizing fragrance. Inspired by Marrakech, Casbah blends the warmth of Moroccan spices with the austere elegance of Atlas cedarwood and rounds out the composition with cool iris. Modern and elegant, Casbah has plenty of twists and surprises. The warm whispers of black pepper and nutmeg introduce the delicate green melody of angelica root. The effervescent opening then softens into a heart of iris embraced by tobacco leaves. Cedarwood provides a polished backdrop for the intricate smoky floral accord, while the incense wrapped around the salty vetiver makes for a smooth finale."

Mademoiselle Piguet (shown) ~ "She is delicate and irresistible, innocent and sultry, part Lolita and part Louise Brooks. With Mademoiselle Piguet, Robert Piguet Parfums has chosen to pay tribute to both the romantic and sensual associations of orange blossom. Mademoiselle Piguet is a new generation floral fragrance, but its alluring character makes it a perfect addition to the Piguet family of feminine masterpieces. The radiant Mademoiselle Piguet captures the beguiling beauty of orange blossoms, from their bright verdancy to their rich warmth. The exhilarating citrus prelude suggests a lighthearted character, while the smoky sweetness of tonka beans lends Mademoiselle Piguet a sensual touch. Clinging to the skin like warm silk, Mademoiselle Piguet enchants with its gentle and charming scent."

Notes (shown) ~ "As with music, a great perfume is more than the sum of its notes. However, in contrast to musical melody, the quality of perfume notes is essential for a memorable experience. Notes de Robert Piguet is a tribute to some of the most exquisite materials in the perfumer’s palette, a fragrance of exceptional harmony and beauty. The high pitched prelude of bergamot and clary sage sets the stage for the gentle aria of orange flower and geranium. The exhilarating start leads to the sonorous timbre of oakmoss and tonka bean. The dark tones of costus further deepen the composition, while the green clarity of vetiver lends it an elegant counterpoint. Warm and luxurious, Notes de Robert Piguet is a kaleidoscope of sensations."

Oud ~ "Oud, a rare resin released by Aquilaria tree species, has a fragrance of such haunting beauty that it has inspired many legends and stories. Robert Piguet Parfums creates its own fairytale by weaving an opulent tapestry of oud and precious aromatics. Hot like desert winds and smooth like heavy silk, Oud de Robert Piguet is a glimpse into another world and an invitation to partake in a beautiful fantasy. Like Scheherazade’s tales, Oud de Robert Piguet takes its wearer on an enchanting journey. Saffron and myrrh accent the leathery warmth of oud, while patchouli, with its bitter chocolate note lends a rich complexity. The smoky guaiac wood provides a sumptuous backdrop, against which the honeyed sweetness of woods anointed with incense appears even richer. The cool vetiver notes temper the darkness of the composition, resulting in an elegant and mysterious fragrance."

Robert Piguet Nouvelle Collection Casbah, Mademoiselle Piguet, Notes and Oud are scheduled to launch in June. I will update with sizes and concentration when I can.

(via press release)

Update: see a review of Robert Piguet Casbah.

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  1. juicejones says:

    I want these to succeed. I tried Fracas 25 yrs ago because I had read it was the chosen scent of successful women. Well, not this one. I found my success with Bandit. I am still drawn to these little black bottles. Can’t wait to try all of them!

    • Robin says:

      I am glad to see them doing something new after all the reissues.

  2. ladymurasaki says:

    I feel pulled toward Casbah. I love Morocco and it would be nice to find a fragrance that could transport me back to Marrakech. Mademoiselle and Notes also sound interesting.

    • Robin says:

      And I am taken w/ the Mademoiselle. They all sound good though.

  3. Let’s hope they do a coffret of these. (Yeah, right, I know). Pretty much all of these sound interesting.

    • Robin says:

      Or even a sample set! But yeah, not likely.

    • mutzi says:

      I wish more companies/perfumers would do a “Discovery Collection” like By Kilian. I would love tiny bottles of all the Piguet scents, old and new. That would be a mini set worth buying.

  4. Martitia says:

    “Notes,” while hardly an auspicious name, sounds like it should ring my bell. Will likely buy unsniffed – Bandit would love to see some family.

  5. dissed says:

    Bois Noir and Casbah, please be as good as you sound.

  6. Abyss says:

    Could they have crammed any more stuff into Casbah? I’m at a loss as what to expect from it; it sounds like it should be called Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

    I don’t care for oud and Mademoiselle Piguet and Notes descriptions are not really grabbing me so I guess Bois Noir is the one that I’ll be most interested in trying. Still, descriptions often count for little so I’m hoping that Piguet did a good job on all of them.

  7. Emily says:

    If I can just refrain from buying Casbah and Bois Noir unsniffed, I will consider that a win. And Mademoiselle, too, since I seem to be on an orange-blossom kick lately. I do want to try Notes and Oud, but they’re probably not going to inspire any lemmings.

    And I’ll second the request for a coffret.

  8. KateReed says:

    My sister would love Mademoiselle, I’d bet. And Notes sounds good to me, depending on how the geranium comes through. I always get complemented when I wear orange blossom.

  9. mitsouko says:

    Mademoiselle- this is the one I am interested in considering the orange blossom kick I am on right now. It sounds gorgeous.

    • norjunma1 says:

      I’m with you @Mitsouko. I’ve yet to find the orange blossom frag that makes me swoon, although I want to like the note. Since Futur is what turned me on to jasmine, I’m hoping Mademoiselle will do the same for me orange blossom.

    • kuromi says:

      I am on an orange blossom bender lately too! Hope this new one fulfills promise. Where can we sample?

  10. SmokeyToes says:

    The Casbah and Oud (although it is getting used in everything) sound exciting. I’m a huge lover of Bandit, Visa and DH-so I am really excited in trying the new scents. Do we know if they’ll be released in extrait?

  11. marios.georgiou says:

    Do you thing that although unisex, NoteS can be easily used by men? Is it consider more masculine or feminine?

  12. Zakkarah says:

    Hi all!

    Sample pack now available from their website:

    Ciao from Stockholm

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