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Coming to My Senses by Alyssa Harad

Alyssa Harad's (yes, our Alyssa!) Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride will be published by Viking this June:

At thirty-six, Alyssa Harad thinks she knows herself—bookish, terminally shopping-averse, not prone to extravagance. But when a few stray clicks lead her into an unknown world, packages with exotic labels begin showing up in her mailbox and Harad finds herself beguiled and transformed by her voyage into a seductive underworld of scent. If only she could put off planning her wedding a little longer. . . .

Candid, elegant, full of lush description and humor, and peopled with marvelous characters, Harad’s memoir takes us from a private museum of rare essences in Austin, Texas, to the glamorous fragrance showrooms of Manhattan, and finally to a homecoming in Boise, Idaho, with the women who watched her grow up. This intimate journey into what it means to be feminine ultimately celebrates the many ways there are to come to our senses.

You can pre-order Alyssa's book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Apple's iBookstore, or presumably anyplace else you might buy books.

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  1. Liesl says:

    The book looks wonderful. Can’t wait to read it. Many congratulations, Alyssa!

  2. AnnS says:

    Congrata Alyssa!!! Let me know when you are going on the library book tour, and we’ll get you all set up with a smelly table too. (I’ll bring the smellies)!! I look forward to reading this. ~Ann

    • Alyssa says:

      Sadly, there is no official “library tour,” Ann. (Because that sounds like SO much fun…) But if you and your library want me to come I would certainly be certainly be up for trying to work something out!

  3. MelissaJane says:

    I am beyond happy for Alyssa and waiting for my pre-order to come through. I love her writing! This book will surely be passed from sister to sister, girlfriend to girlfriend!

  4. mals86 says:

    I’ve been looking forward to it for some time now – actually preordered the book on Amazon along with something else and then needed the something else quicker than June so canceled the order. But I fully intend to reorder – can’t wait to read this!

  5. RusticDove says:

    How exciting! Congrats Alyssa! I’m so looking forward to reading this book that all of us here can relate to on such a personal level.

  6. Rappleyea says:

    WOO HOO! I’ve pre-ordered my copy. A discussion of this will be a GREAT Lazy Poll! Just sayin…

    Well done, Alyssa! :-D

    • RusticDove says:

      I pre-ordered mine this morning too! Great idea for the poll. ;-)

  7. Jessica says:

    So exciting!! I’ve just pre-ordered my copy. Congratulations in advance, A!!

  8. moore says:

    Congrats Alyssa! What good news!!! That makes me happy. :)

  9. Alyssa says:

    Thanks so much, everyone! And an extra special thank you for ordering in advance. It can make a big difference in the amount of attention the book gets, so I am really grateful!

  10. JolieFleurs says:

    I pre-ordered it awhile back, and can’t wait to get it!

  11. Kitty says:

    Just received “Perfume Lover” this morning & per-ordered “Coming to my Senses!”. Can’t wait to read both

  12. Knit1CurlToo says:

    Sooooo excited! Just pre-ordered my copy, and can’t wait to read it. Congratulations Alyssa!!!

    (BTW, liking Rappleyea’s suggestion for the poll.)

    • Knit1CurlToo says:

      Forgot to ask; I ordered a hard copy (on the chance that I may some day meet you in person and can get an autograph), but does it make a difference to the author it it’s ordered for Kindle instead?

      • Alyssa says:

        Both hardback and digital are splendid options and both are very helpful to the success of the book. Thanks very much for asking.

        I would love to meet you and sign your copy! Any chance you’ll be in New York or Austin in mid-July?

        • Knit1CurlToo says:

          New York is a possibility, but Austin is highly doubtful. (I’m in Wisconsin.) Any chance you’ll be passing though Chicago?

          • Alyssa says:

            There is, actually, an outside chance of Chicago. I will cross my fingers!

  13. amarie121 says:

    I just preordered the book. Living in Austin, I am intrigued! I cannot wait to read about this “private museum of rare essences”… And I also cannot wait to have my book signed by the author. Keep us posted about appearances. (I am rooting for the Cedar Park Barnes and Noble, personally!):-)

    • Alyssa says:

      Right now I’m scheduled at Bookpeople on July 12. We are planning to make it a delicious, interactive event with things to smell and taste, so hopefully that will tempt you downtown from Cedar Park! (And hey, I’m happy to go to B+N if they invite me! Give ’em a call. ;-) )

  14. bluepinegrove says:

    Another pre-order! Can’t wait to read your book, Alyssa.

  15. Tama says:

    Congratulations again, and I’ll be seeing you soon!

    • Alyssa says:

      You will! So looking forward to handing you your Yosh Han Sottile cocktail!

  16. dee says:

    Hooray Alyssa! I’m so excited for this launch… and the book is SO good! NST’ers, please go pre-order a copy. You won’t regret it :)

  17. Alyssa says:

    Thank you again, everyone!

  18. Omega says:

    Nice, great job Alyssa!

  19. Haunani says:

    Yippee!!! Can’t wait!!! :-)

  20. mariotgomez says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting you this week over a scented dinner.

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