CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts ~ new fragrance

CB I Hate Perfume 7 Billion Hearts

CB I Hate Perfume has launched #205 7 Billion Hearts, a new smoky vanilla fragrance:

There are now or will shortly be seven billion people on this planet. Seven billion souls hoping and dreaming. Seven billion hearts beating. One of them inevitably beats for you. As Elizabeth Bishop so rightly put it, somebody loves us all. When we feel despondent or lonely and in need of some comfort, we need to keep this in mind.

Vanilla is one of the few flavors/fragrances truly loved the world over. Its subtle sweet smokiness has come to instantly signal comfort, kindness, home, love. But the planet cannot provide enough vanilla to satisfy our hunger for it. Much is synthetic and the rest extraordinarily expensive. However, when you are fortunate enough to encounter true vanilla, you realize there can be nothing like it and you understand its value.

7 BILLION HEARTS is blended from very fine Vanilla absolutes from Tahiti and Madagascar with a base composed of smoky resinous notes. As the perfume warms on the skin, the vanilla slowly emerges through a veil of smoke. The effect is enticing, warm and delicious.

CB I Hate Perfume #205 7 Billion Hearts is available in 15 ml Perfume Absolute ($225) or 100 ml Water Perfume ($200).

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  1. ladymurasaki says:

    Sounds yummy! If only I were in the US so that I could sample this… and a few others by CBIHP.

    • RobWales says:

      Ladymurasaki –
      escentual in Cardiff stocks most of the CB range, and does mail order.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks! Liberty of London also used to stock some of the range, but don’t know if they still do.

  2. Absolute Scentualist says:

    Yum. And I actually sort of like the ad copy.

  3. Julia says:

    I have several CB IHP fragrances that I purchased from a boutique that was closing and I got a really good deal on them. I didn’t know they were this pricy. Maybe it’s a special price for a special new perfume? This one sounds very lovely and I want to try it. Most do the fragrances I’ve tried from him are more atmospheric or novel than something I can easily wear. But I do love vanilla fragrances, my favorite smoky vanilla was Tihota which I just couldn’t bring myself to buy. Maybe this will be the one?

    • Absolute Scentualist says:

      I know what you mean about Tihota, Julia. Though I eventually did cave and buy it (and a couple years later even a backup bottle) since it and SDV are the most wonderful vanilla perfumes I’ve ever tried. Smokey vanilla/amber/honey gets me almost every time, so despite the pricing, I’m going to invest in samples in the hopes of finding another stunning vanilla and my first CB I Hate Perfume as well. This looks so nice! :)

    • Robin says:

      I have not done a price survey over there recently, but this is way more expensive than what I’ve paid in the past for their fragrances.

      • Dave Anthony says:

        The other water perfumes I have purchased were closer to $60, not $200!

        He must have used some expensive oils…

        Either way I loved visiting his store in Brooklyn and smelling all the things!

  4. Aparatchick says:

    Atmospheric is a good word for his work, Julia. I love several of his scents – I was wearing Fire From Heaven the other day (a beautiful smoky scent) and find it very wearable. On the other hand, In the Summer Kitchen brings back vivid memories of my grandparents’ house, and I love that but wouldn’t wear it as a perfume.

    I love a smoky vanilla, so I’d like to give this one a try. And hurray! for any ad copy that assumes its readers will appreciate Elizabeth Bishop.

  5. plume says:

    Sad to see CB aiming for luxe-brand pricing. Even the finest vanilla absolutes rarely exceed $100/oz – to see $200 for 15ml doesn’t seem to fall in line with his anti-perfume-industry aesthetic.

    Hope the scent measures up to the price. And the strength. He’s not necessarily known for the strongest concoctions.

    • poodle says:

      The price is a bit high even though it does sound nice. I’d love to smell it but I’d have to be head over heels for it to spend that much.

    • pigoletto says:

      I was going to say – is this some special LE, or have they just hiked the prices up by a massive amount? I don’t remember them being about 2 times lower in price when they started?

    • Robin says:

      I finally went to check. In The Library is still $75 for 100 ml Water Perfume, so the price must just be so high for this new one.

  6. Oh lord, I’m going to have to but this one.

    PLANNING to smell it first!

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