Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur Collection ~ new fragrances

Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur

UK-based lingerie brand Agent Provocateur will launch a new trio of flankers in April, comprising lighter, fresher, more modern versions of their Agent Provocateur, Maitresse and L'Agent fragrances.

Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur (shown) ~ Meant as a daytime version of the original Agent Provocateur, with notes of citrus, red fruit, muguet, orange flower, myrrh, vanilla and tonka bean.

Maitresse Eau Provocateur ~ The notes include acacia, apple, rose, jasmine, iris, amber, sandalwood and tonka bean.

L’Agent Eau Provocateur ~ A fresh floral with bergamot, green leaves, mandarin, apple, melon, peach, rose, jasmine, tuberose, magnolia, freesia, ylang ylang, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber crystals.

The Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur fragrances will be available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

 (via yourbeautyassistant, diarydirectory.blogspot)

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  1. Bela says:

    Aaaaaaargh! ‘Eau Provocateur’!! The word ‘Eau’ is feminine; ‘Provateur’ is the masculine form of the adjective. It’s nonsense. They called their other flanker ‘Eau Emotionnelle’ and that was grammatically correct. They’ve gone stoopid in the meantime. :-(

    • Robin says:

      Sorry :-(

      • Bela says:

        Not your fault, R.

        I was so upset that I left a whole syllable out of Provocateur. LOL!

        • Bela, you were understandably provoked – or provd, even!

          I am a fan of original AP, Strip and L’Agent, Maitresse not so much. Emotionelle is also pleasant for daywear. But oh boy, the muddle of more pink bottles could tip me over the edge!

  2. Dilana says:

    Hmm. Agent Provacateur is the one scent, that I can not think of myself respectably wearing in any situation where I would want to be respectable.
    (Of course, there are those occasions when one doesn’t want to be respectable at all, which is why I have a small bottle).

    I don’t think I want a watered down version for the office. To me that is like an alcohol free beer or a vegatarian “steak”. Why bother?

  3. Absolute Scentualist says:

    I thought L’Agent was light enough, regretably, given its potential out of the vial. And I love the original AP just because it’s loud and doesn’t care. I don’t inflict it on everyone, but sometimes wear a small spray under my shirt when I go out and it is a refreshing counterpoint to the sea of fruity florals.

    • Robin says:

      I never tried the L’Agent, & can’t remember now if I’ve tried Maitresse or not. I do like the original AP though.

  4. KateReed says:

    How can a company that launched thier first fragrance 12 years ago not be modern enough? They need to be more modern? Seriously, WTH?

    • Robin says:

      I know, but the original AP fragrance is probably now seen as old fashioned.

  5. Paisley Flowers says:

    More flankers, more l’eau. What did we say yesterday, Robin? :D

  6. imapirate says:

    I have to add my 2 cents on this one- I find L’Agent pretty unique. It’s vanilla, smoke and rubber. I hated it for the first hour, and fell in love. I actually tried it at Heathrow on a transfer, and had forgotten what I had spritzed. Midway, thru my flight back to NYC, I had discovered I loved it, and had to back-track thru the other Agent Provocateur scents to figure out what it was. It’s probably a bit to heady for the office. I can’t imagine what an “eau” might be like

  7. Nile Goddess says:

    Good news, especially for Maitresse. I’ve got one big one small flacon of Maitresse EDP and may I mention they kindly threw in a pack of strip poker cards at Heathrow too. But the fragrance gets a bit irritating after one hour, and is not nearly kinky enough to live up to its name. Possibly a lighter version would clear some of the funk and reveal unexpected depth.

  8. clover says:

    i find both eau provocateur and eau l’argent quite different from their edp versions. especially eau l’argent, it is more of an aquatic floral with no smoke, bit of a common smell. eau provocateur has the same spiciness as agent provocateur, but no smoke either, instead it has more fruit notes which makes the fragrance more fresh, but still balmy. i find it a nice alternative to the edp for younger women who are not ready to wear the heavier scent. to me it is just as sexy if not even a little more sexy than the original, perfect for my age being my early twenties.
    i hope this is not just a limited summer edition as they can work for autumn and spring too.
    eau provocateur has no diva sillage and the longevity isn’t the best. the scent is linear as well. but it is nice while it lasted.

  9. gcicero says:

    Do you know if these are LE like strip or permanent?

    • Robin says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t know. Nordstrom still has them if it’s any help.

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