DS & Durga + Joya Staghorn Sumac ~ new fragrance

DS & Durga + Joya Staghorn Sumac

Indie brands DS & Durga and Joya have collaborated to launch Staghorn Sumac, a new limited edition fragrance:

Windswept grasslands of the Great Plains. The inner air of a Dakota teepee. Accords of bison grass, wild lily & staghorn sumac sheathed in prairie earth and air.

David Seth Moltz, the “nose” behind D.S. & Durga and Staghorn Sumac, describes the scent as part of “a botanical and historical survey of the Great Plains, its people and its wild plants. With this scent, I wanted to shed light on America’s rich botanical history.”

DS & Durga + Joya Staghorn Sumac is available in 37 ml Eau de Parfum, $120.

(via press release)

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  1. kb2003 says:

    I smelled this at the Elements Showcase a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Very dry, sharp, grassy. The sumac shows up as both tart (like the purple spice ground from its pods) and a bit vegetal-earthy. Overall it has a nice ‘big sky’ feel to it that brought me back to my childhood on the plains of north Texas.

  2. NicoleH says:

    I bought a bottle and received it the other day. I love it, it has that D.S. & Durga antique-y feel coupled with earth and air. And the bottle and packaging is gorgeous!

  3. AnnieA says:

    To paraphrase the King of Italy: You can describe men’s cologne’s all you want, but they’ll still smell the same…

  4. olenska says:

    DS & Durga, Joya, and Margot Elena have some of the most attractive and creative packaging I know – and it is SO nice when the scents inside match the beauty & innovation of the design.

  5. nozknoz says:

    I like their stories a lot better than the usual drivel, too!

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